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David Maj — senior developer and architect of IT solutions, websites and apps


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I got a chance to work with David and I have to say it was real pleasure from very beginning. He is one of the guys who simply knows how to create great things. David is always ready and willing to help, give advice or discuss problems. I can honestly recommend him to every possible project, because he is always ready to do his best.

David Kotyza
Senior SharePoint Developer

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I met David on a project SharePoint migration. It was a very interesting experience. Seeing someone who, despite the numerous problems the project has successfully managed to finish. I liked his approach to solving problems and how he tried to solve everything.

Adam Novotný
Lead IT Business Analyst for automotive area at eMan

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I worked with David on one mid-sized Sharepoint project. His passion for details, communication with productive outcome and emphasis on extensibility of the code as well as providing general solution for very specific problem is what I will always seek in developers I work with.

Michal Pristas
Senior Software Engineer at Elastic

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It was honour for me to work with David for a while. He is technically strong, team oriented, enthusiastic about his work, a good team-leader, system architect and developer.

Jan Adámek
Software Developer at Sphairon GmbH (a Zyxel Company)

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I had a chance to cooperate with David for more than 3 years on several complex projects. David is a highly skilled programmer and analyst. He was always able to find the best solution according to the project requirements. As a team leader he provides an advice and also a guidance to his colleagues. David was a great colleague and also a good person to work with.

Tomáš Kavecký
Staff Consulting Architect, EUC Practice EMEA at VMware…

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I cooperated with David for more than five years on daily basis. David is highly skilled professional with great knowledge in programming and architecture who was always able to find the best solution and solve every challenging issue for every project we've developed together. He is also highly appreciated amongst his team as a skilled leader who is always available to consult or even participate on problem solving across other active projects in company and pushing projects forward. For me personally, cooperation with David was a great experience and if there will be any chance to cooperate again in near future – it's going to be one very easy decision.

Michal Pajgrt
Team leader at Trim Technology

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I worked with David on one SharePoint project. David is great specialist. He is excellent leader of the team, he can quickly understand the problem and found the best solution as well as apply it. He has great analytic abilities as well as leading ones.

Nikola Georgiev
Azure Specialist (Project Management) at Microsoft

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I worked with David on a number of projects as a web designer. Working with him was very pleasant. Whenever we solve something, he approaches problems very proactively. His knowledge exceeded the scope of application development. He is also able to participate in things related to internet marketing or SEO optimization. We are still in contact to each other and always when I have a problem I know who can help me. Thank you.

Jaroslav Krumbholc

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I met David on one project in Czech Republic. What really impressed me and why I like to cooperate with him is his ongoing effort to improve himself. He is coming up with new procedures how to do things better. Everytime you talk to him you can feel the desire to work and you know, that he always tries to do his best.

Jorge Checo
Fotógrafo en

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While I was working with David, I really enjoyed the time. We were actively changed our experience and I've learned so much. His enthusiasm, knowledge and sense for detail is so inspiring. This is what I want to thank for.

Zdeněk Heller
Architect at Stratox Cloud Native

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I worked with David on several projects and it was always very pleasant cooperation with him. He is a strong team player with an eye for detail. He always tries to understand customer needs and to deliver what a customer really wants.

Tariqul I. Tariq
Chief Technology Officer at MIADVG LLC

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During our time together at MagicWare I valued David a hard-working, knowledgeable and self-motivated software engineer. No task was a problem for him, from interacting with the client to coding to maintenance. On a personal level, David is easygoing and a nice guy to be around of. I would love to work with him again.

Andrei Badea
Software Engineer

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David is a detail-oriented developer who also sees the big picture. I can recommend his work if you need a reliable ASP/NET/Windows developer.

Jan Horna
Non-serial technology entrepreneur

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