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Jan Barborik — multi-skilled WordPress and Shoptet specialist


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I attended Jan’s workshop with great interest. Even a layperson can benefit from his introduction to the creation of a website by acquiring a domain due to his very advanced work with WordPress, and especially the modular tool, Divi. Jan’s kind and illustrative method will encourage the listener to develop further, and as well give them direction. Any layperson tends to struggle with the flood of information and does not immediately know what is important and what is not. Jan gives directions and priceless advice.

Ondrej Neff
renowned publicist and a pioneer of the Czech internet

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For a long time, I worked on the redesign of the company’s website with Jan only. I was convinced that he was the one who could really give me quality work and support in managing my site. He built a fully functional, clean, and well-arranged website.

Veronika Preti
ompany owner at Ateliér fotografické praxe

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