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Jan Onesork — senior SEO consultant


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Jan has been an integral part of our team for the better part of a decade. I depend on him for top-tier work and results. What sets him apart though is his easy-going manner and ability to explain complex topics in a layman's fashion to clients.

Ezra Cohen
CEO of LucidCircus

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Jan is a true SEO expert for global projects with further specialization in the US market, which is for us crucial. During our cooperation, he guided us through a complex set of processes in the proper implementation of SEO principles, both technical and on-page. He continuously searches for new possibilities for improving our project. He also helped us a lot in setting the SEO tracking and analytical tools. The results of his recommendations and work very pretty straightforward. Organic traffic is by far the biggest source of traffic to our website with a very good conversion ratio to the primary CTAs. This just proves that Jan was a good choice for our project.

Ondrej Fridrich
Marketing Engineer at IDEA StatiCa

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Jan is a true professional with an extensive knowledge of how SEO works. Even today, we still continue to build our SEO strategy on his audit.

Tomas Zapletal
CEO of Worldee

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Jan is the first person I go to for SEO advice. Without question, Jan is the most knowledgeable SEO consultant I have ever worked with in my 15+ year career! He is truly an expert at SEO (and general user experience advice), and he reminds us of this on a daily basis. Every time I speak with Jan, I learn something new (and valuable). From small questions about content strategy and URL updates to large budget website redesign projects, our first instinct is always to ask Jan for his advice: "How will this impact our SEO?" He always responds quickly with a detailed and comprehensive answer. Beyond his expertise, he's just a nice guy always looking out for our company's best interest. I'll randomly get emails from Jan with suggestions for little improvements we can make (which often lead to big impact!). He'll send me trends he's seeing around the internet that we can use to inform our online strategies, or notify me about a specific page on our site that is under- or over-performing and some suggestions on how to capitalize on the opportunities. Jan's expertise is one of the prime reasons why organic website traffic to has grown 112% in the past 5 years.

Josh Okun
Digital Director at Child Mind Institute

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What I appreciate most with regard to the whole cooperation is that the result included not only comprehensive and professional keyword research, but also a set of recommendations and tips regarding their implementation. I also believe that our cooperation will continue in the future.

Karel Figlar
Director of Digital Marketing at Kentico Software

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I am extremely satisfied with Mr Onesork's work. For my art-oriented website, he has done an initial analysis and keyword research so far. I can highly recommend him for his enthusiasm, extensive experience, reliability, professional approach and top-notch work. I also greatly appreciate his advice in the related areas that were originally not the subject of our cooperation.

Silvie Mahdal
pencil artist

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Jan helped me with the keyword research in the English version. At the beginning, we clearly defined the objectives and everything else that Jan required for his work. Everything seemed clear and organized... then we waited for the results. An extensive table with several sheets, words and zillion numbers came back – it was scary! What are we going to do with all that? Luckily, Jan really knows what he's doing, and after an explanation that took two hours, and thorough presentation of everything that appeared in the table, my initial panic began to subside and was replaced by the sense of clarity I felt at the beginning. Jan's calm voice and smile helped me to understand everything, and we were ready to move on to the next step in our project. It's difficult to find someone on the Czech market who is able to do foreign analysis and understand the language perfectly at the same time. We will certainly continue our cooperation with Jan. He is going to help us with the technical SEO supervision of our new website. I'm looking forward to it, because I know it will turn out great again and I know I can count on him.

Magdalena Ondrusova
Marketing Specialist at TON

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