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Kamil Beer — Atlassian Certified Expert and consultant specialized in Atlassian apps like Jira or Confluence


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I appreciate Kamil’s deep knowledge of Atlassian tools and ecosystem, backed by many Atlassian certifications. He is also delivering regular trainings for Atlassian tools which had great feedback from attendees.

Filip Franek
Product Owner at Vodafone

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I’ve worked with Kamil on several projects creating content (mostly blog posts and ebooks) about Atlassian’s hot topics of the day since a year ago. He’s definitely on my “favorite copywriters” list as I enjoy working on the content he creates. He’s knowledgeable, devoted, and really professional as he’s always open to feedbacks and collaboration when it comes to the review/ editing part of the process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kamil to anyone who is looking for a great writer who knows his stuff. He’s great to work with and I look forward to any opportunity to work with him again!

Manoosh Majdzadeh
IDalko — Platinum Atlassian Partner for Belgium and France

Ladislav Vitous

Kamil has (not only) one fantastic ability. No matter how ambitious and difficult his plans are, he will do maximum to make them happen. If you want someone enthusiastic who will not leave you hanging, he is the right partner for you.

Ladislav Vitous
PPC consultant and manager

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Kamil is a great Atlassian expert and also amazing person to work with. Thanks to Kamil I have seen my colleagues get passionate about Atlassian software and excited about solutions they came up together. Kamil is great with clients because he knows exactly how to give them the best solution they are looking for. He is also an open-minded, reliable and kind person.

Anna Brazdova
Senior HR Advisory Partner at Barclays Bank

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During the development of our Robolytix application, we solved problems with the fact that management was used to project management and developers to scrum. During consultations with Kamil, we found a solution that suits everyone. Working with Kamil was a great experience.

Tomas Sykora
Product Owner at Robolytix

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When our company decided to start using Atlassian products such as Jira and Confluence, the task of transitioning seemed overwhelming. We didn't even know where to begin, so we went looking for a knowledgeable guide to point us in the right direction. Kamil Beer was the right person for the job. He educated us, he gave us expert advice, and he helped us to set up a system that is tailored to our particular needs. Kamil is a consummate communicator who is well trained in the art of active listening. I recommend his services to anyone who needs help setting up their project management system using Atlassian software products.

Daniel West

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Kamil is very capable and educated in the Atlassian area, he helped us with the implementation of the whole Atlassian stack in high availability (Data Center). I was always happy to work with Kamil. His reliability and enthusiasm is very good for the team spirit. He makes things happen and is independent.

Tomas Hermanek
CTO at CoreIT

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I have met with Kamil at the migration of Scrumdesk project to Jira. There were more than 100 tasks transferred, too much for manual rewriting. There is no official interface between Scrumdesk and Jira. Kamil initiativly has prepared a template for CSV import and tuned with me the input parameters until have it successfully imported. He was active, willing to help, smart, proposing alternatives. Glad to cooperate with him.

Stanislav Racinsky
Web Analyst at Vodafone

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In 2020, Kamil merged our department's old Jira 6.0 platform onto the main Vodafone Jira instance, where he showed his dedication and knowledge regarding Jira migrations. I recommend working with Kamil on similar projects.

Martin Endrizal
BI Applications Operation Manager at Vodafone

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Kamil has a great determination to always transfer his amazing visions and ideas to the most perfect end. As a leader he is very hard-working and selfless person. Working with him was great and uplifting experience and I hope that I am gonna work with him in the future on more projects.

Lisa Martinovska
Lead Designer at Foxdeli

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