Lubomir Moudry

English to Czech translator specializing in Life & Earth Sciences

Lubomir Moudry
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
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I am a proficient translator of English, a native Czech speaker who was deeply involved in the zoo industry for over 28 years. I worked as a zoo animal keeper and head-keeper, a zoo director and a member/manager of zoo industry associations. I designed and managed projects and raised funds to make them come true. I have acquired a variety of skills and expertise in a multitude of fields and segments.

All of this has given me a basis for becoming a translator with a highly versatile background.

As a freelancer, I have translated texts amounting to over 10 million words since 2005. These are the most dominant fields and industries I have covered:

  • Agriculture and forestry — technical papers, articles for professional journals, studies, catalogs, approval materials, product presentations
  • Zoology, biology, and conservation of species — specialized websites, books, technical papers, breeding manuals, conservation campaigns, digital presentations and materials for information centers, etc.
  • Environment — protection, general environmental impact assessments, environmental surveys, articles for professional journals, etc.
  • Travel and tourism — websites and catalogs, mobile guides, presentations of visitor centers, promotional leaflets, etc.
  • Healthcare — veterinary drug approval materials, catalogs, treatments, products, etc.
  • EU agenda — grants and projects, complete construction dossier for PHARE funded projects, project applications, reports, etc.
  • Non-fiction books — over a dozen publications, mostly in the fields listed above

I can translate (or check the translation quality of) your texts in my special fields. I am an active user of CAT tools, which may be of great assistance in your projects. I can assist or manage your public presentation in Czech, whether it involves translating or checking texts translated by others for your company websites or your social media posts. Feel free to ask me to assist your copywriters.

Finally, if you happen to work in my niche, I can also assess your zoo industry plan or project outlines from my point of view to provide you with some feedback that you may appreciate. I can even travel to attend a site check. I can review your docs and drafts and email you my feedback.

Professional bio and education

In 1982, I started my zoo career as an animal keeper. Some years later, I switched from managing animals to managing people and animals. In this career stage, I learned a lot about how a zoo is operated in general and what specific zoo jobs involve. International communication began, too, as I processed my university thesis, which was impossible without getting in touch with experts from abroad. I combined everything in 1992 when I was happy to start my zoo director job in a small park in Decin, Czech Republic. Then came 15 very busy years.

Managing a zoological park isn’t about knowing everything about animals. You have staff, you have technology, you have construction companies. You have visitors, big and small, you have tourists, you have a local community. You have to pay bills, you have to file applications and do all kinds of paperwork. You have business abroad, you have business in house. You consult lawyers, you speak to politicians, you communicate with the media. You have to see things, smell things, feel things, and touch things. Your closest friends include your chief curator, your financial officer, your technician, your vet and the head of your security. It’s a hard day’s night, eight days a week. But you’ve got all your preps and training done if you turn into a translator eventually.

This happened in 2007: A zoo director became a linguist. I capitalized on my previous career stages to provide highly technical translations in my special fields. Simultaneously, I managed the office of the Czech-Slovak association of licensed zoos for two years and took a year-long break managing another Czech zoo in Usti nad Labem – all of this included international activities and communication as well.

Education: Degree (Master equivalent) in Applied Animal Science and Management at the University of Agriculture (now Czech University of Life Sciences), Prague, Czech Republic, EU

Lubomir Moudry

Contact details

Lubomir Moudry
Loveckovice 85
411 45
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 604 910 726
VAT ID:CZ6306211659

Firsthand recommendations

Lubomir was always working very fast, and delivering good quality results on the first attempt. I am planning to continue working with Lubomir on translations projects in the future.

Jonas Straumann Paw-Treats GmbH

We cooperated with Mr Lubomir Moudry many times and I was always satisfied. Quality, flexibility, good price.

Petr Blazek Agrotip Blazek

I highly recommend cooperating with Lubomir. Nothing is a problem, he is very quick (night and weekend work included), proactive, professional and thinks about translation from your point of view.

Gabriela Dlouha Czech University of Life Sciences
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