Michal Rocek

accounting, financial, tax and investment advisor for foreign investors and companies in Czechia

Michal Rocek
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: EU
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech, German, French
Listed in: Business & Finance, Legal & Accounting

I am the founder and the CEO of Michal Rocek, s.r.o. based in Prague. With the support of my excellent team, we offer complex services in 7accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, audits, payroll, finance, and investments, as well as business consulting and support for foreign companies and clients operating in the Czech Republic:

  • trust funds — establishment and long-term management
  • real-estate management and maintenance — a full-service provider for foreign property owners, private investors, companies and real-estate developers (office buildings, houses and villas, rental apartments, a block of flats, etc.)
  • turn-key company founding and management in the Czech Republic
  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • accounting advice
  • tax records
  • tax audits
  • tax advisory
  • tax returns
  • tax representation
  • payroll management

I have expert education in business operations, 30 years of experience in business, bookkeeping, taxes and company management, as well as excellent references (see below).

We welcome new clients with 50 % discount for the first 6 months of service, and then bill as-you-go for the reported work only.

Long-term clients

  • AC TRADING, s.r.o. – real estate, asset management, accommodation and hospitality services
  • AK Invest, s.r.o. – retail business in groceries and household goods
  • AMK Konstruktiva, association – automotive
  • ATEO, s.r.o. – software and PC sales
  • BB MEDIKA, s.r.o. – pharmacy and medical supplies
  • BIG SISTER, s.r.o. – accommodation and hospitality services
  • BMP-CHUBB, s.r.o. – export-import, bank safes and safe rooms, security technology
  • CIZKOVSKY PAVEL, JUDr. – attorney
  • COLOSSEUM, a.s. – stock broker
  • DOMORAZKOVA EVA, MUDr. – apartment and real-estate asset management
  • E.M.C., s.r.o. – audio and video production
  • GORIZONT PRAHA, s.r.o. – logistics
  • HOTEL AMETYST, s.r.o. – accommodation and hospitality services
  • HUBATKA PAVEL – building and construction
  • HUMAN, s.r.o. – building and construction, exhibitions
  • ITRA, s.r.o. – trade
  • K5, s.r.o. – relaxation club, accommodation and hospitality services, real estate
  • KOBRIX, s.r.o. – real estate
  • LATAL ROMAN – HOGO FOGO TOUR – bus service
  • MP GEMINI, s.r.o. – export-import, sale of security equipment
  • M-TRADELANDER, s.r.o. – trade, asset management
  • MUHLOVA IRENA & MUHL PAVEL – accommodation and hospitality services
  • NADACE MATERSKA NADEJE – maternity foundation
  • PNEU TOLAR, s.r.o. – sale and service of tires
  • PNEU BOHAC, s.r.o. – sale and service of tires
  • PNEU SAFRANEK, s.r.o. – sale and service of tires
  • QUISIT, s.r.o. – real estate
  • R.S.A., s.r.o. – retail
  • RESULT PRAHA, s.r.o. – real estate, retail
  • SAARLAND, s.r.o. – accommodation and hospitality services
  • SYMOS, s.r.o. – IT, software, export-import
  • TRAVELLUX, s.r.o. – travel agency
  • TIGRIX, s.r.o. – real estate
  • VERA-REKLAMNI STUDIO, s.r.o. – advertising agency
Michal Rocek

Contact details

Michal Rocek
Zborovska 30
150 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 602 388 598
VAT ID:CZ25136691
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