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Kristyna Mothejzikova — graphic designer and illustrator, creative soul interested in biology and science


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I have worked with Kristyna for over two years now, designing logos for computer science conferences (google "PLDI", "ICFP", "POPL"), she works quickly and has a good sense of what is appropriate for the venue. It is a pleasure to work with her.

prof. Jan Vítek
Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University, Boston, USA

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Kristyna Mothejzikova is a creative artist with a smart sense of humor and an exceptional ability to relate to her clients. Kristyna is committed to providing only the best work and she can easily tailor her art to a variety of customers. It was a true pleasure to work with her when she designed a beautiful logo for the Czech and Slovak School of North Carolina. I gladly recommend cooperating with her.

Marta McCabe, PhD
founder and president of Czech and Slovak School of North Carolina; visiting lecturer in Czech at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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The Prague Office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation has developed a very fruitful cooperation with Kristyna Mothejzikova over the past few years. Our first cooperation was the Czech version of the Soil Atlas, where Kristyna showed not only her great skills and flexibility as graphic designer, but also a careful eye for any unclarities or errors in the text as well. It has always been a pleasure cooperating with her.

Klara Schovankova
programme coordinator at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Prague

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Kris was fantastic to work with. Very creative, very responsive. She took my scattered list of ideas/needs/wishes and in a few days produced a beautiful logo — better than I could have imagined. The best feeling I got from working with Kris was that she seemed as interested in making a nice logo for my project as I was. That was great. She might never see the logo used, but for a brief few days we were team members both equally interested in the present & future success of the project.

Ben Greenman
PhD student of programming languages at Northeastern University, Boston

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