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Radek Zmitko — illustrator, graphic designer and trainer


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Radek cooperated very well with me. Although the assignment of the illustration and any creative work are often very general on the part of the client and the end result is not very clear, in this case Radek very quickly understood my needs and completed the work within a few days exactly according to my ideas. Before I expected completion and within the budget we set at the beginning of the partnership. I definitely recommend working with Radek. I'm already looking forward to the next job.

David Lörincz
Facebook advertising specialist

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Radek and I collaborated on the creation of an illustrated website and infographics. The collaboration was great from start to finish. After we gave Radek the assignment, he understood exactly what we needed and translated our thoughts into beautiful illustrations. I appreciate that he thinks about the design not only from a design point of view, but also from a user point of view. We will definitely continue our mutual cooperation and I can definitely warmly recommend Radek to everyone.

Katka Shibal
IT manager at Czech Health Interactive

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I have been working with Radek on mobile applications since 2013. I have tried several graphic designers and illustrators, but Radek suits me best. He brings fast and productive ideas to our projects, which he also implements. I am very satisfied with his work.

Petr Markvart
IT Developer at Famiredo s.r.o.

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Radek Zmitko graphically processed small images for our website for us, as well as very original animation. He prepared both of these projects very quickly and constantly changed them to our full satisfaction. Communication with him was problem-free, fast and due to the result of the work also very beneficial. I can only recommend working with him.

Andrea Parisi, M.D.
Spanish Codaqua Fundacion
+420 724 373 155

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We collaborated on the development of storyboards and cartoons. Very good graphic skills and fast responses. I recommend.

Radomir Sglunda
Adash s.r.o.

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We received a recommendation for Mr. Zmitko purely by accident, when we needed to redesign the graphics for the mobile application, and I cannot evaluate the cooperation other than positively. In addition to the redesign, Mr. Zmitko and I finally did graphics for the flyer, 2 × sales box design, roll-up and other things. Pros: extremely fast negotiations, very pleasant and professional communication, provided us with all the source data, part of the creation in the online mode.

Ondrej Hamala
Timpex spol. s r.o.

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We can highly recommend Mr. Zmitko. He worked on the cover graphics of our book. The agreement was quick, everything paid according to the agreement and the graphics are very good — he has good ideas. Cooperation continues on the basis of this experience.

JohnDoe Family s.r.o.
publishing company

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Radek Zmitko invented the whole visual for our school. He dealt very gently and creatively with the assignment, which is to interest a wide range of people from parents to children. His work was always delivered in a very high quality and on time, he always incorporated all our ideas without any problems and he really listened to our idea when creating. We are glad that we can continue to cooperate and complete the face of our school.

Michal Frainsic
headmaster at Planeta elementary school

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If you are looking for a handy and reliable graphic designer, then Radek is the right man. He can advise and look at things with the customer's eye – i.e. he can create a proposal, but also think and advise if you already give him a finished vision. It happened to me several times that the assigned things had to be done in a short time. Radek is reliable in this respect as well. He communicates quickly and can capture the essence of the task during a short phone call. In addition, the assigned work is his priority and he is able to complete the task in a short time. I have been working with Radek for almost 2 years, both on projects at work and for my own project. With a calm soul, I can recommend Radek.

Jiri Taras
project lead +420 776 155 845

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I have worked very well with Radek and he continues to work for us. Together we prepared several hundreds to thousands of banners for performance campaigns, as well as infographics for press releases or visuals and GIFs for social networks. If the assignment is somewhat unclear on my part, he does not always hesitate and ask. In addition, they always try to meet the delivery time as much as possible (which in my opinion is usually lightning fast). And I appreciate Radek's reliability the most — he will never forget to deliver something to you in time and he will remember himself. That's why I can really highly recommend Radek.

Lenka Riger
marketing manager at Mutumutu

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Radek Zmitko prepared a clever CI redesign for our school. He also prepared a new website, which is now simple, clear and, above all, responsive. Thanks to this, students have easy access to the necessary information from their favorite phones. In addition, it is now with a content management system, which is why we can manage it ourselves and easily update, for example, the gallery of student works.

Katerina Homolkova
educational counselor, head of the subject commission of vocational subjects at secondary schools

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We have been using our logo and corporate identity (business cards, stationary) designed by Radek since 2010. They reflect well our focus and we get many compliments on the unique, powerful, and memorable design. Radek was extremely patient and professional working with us on every little detail of multiple revisions until it reflected exactly what we wanted. A pleasure to work with and we would love to work with him again on upcoming projects.

Cynde Margritz
CEO at Peak Neurofitness, LLC

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The course and cooperation with Radek was perfect. And by that I mean both with a person and with a graphic professional. Specifically, we worked together in the Affinity Designer program. If you have a business plan and plan to go on a journey of a graphic artist or marketer and work in this program, the course is definitely useful. Despite the fact that I already had some basics, Radek showed me practical tricks that save time and I learned a lot of new things both in the program and in the overall field. Thank you very much Radek and I recommend him to everyone else.

Radek Vais
college student, beginning businessman +420 725 649 819

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I collaborated with the graphic artist Radek Zmitko on a smaller game application, the development of which I led. It was our first collaboration and I must say that I was very satisfied. I would like to emphasize the easy agreement and smooth communication between Radek and other members of the development team. Not all design issues were resolved when we started the project together. Thanks to various designs, we got a visual look that fulfilled my ideas. Radek often contributed to the creation of his own inventions, it was also clear that he is not processing graphics or AI for the first time. I have already recommended him to other people and I continue to recommend him.

Tomas Sykora
executive at TechSophia s.r.o.

Robert Vlach

Radek Zmitko has produced a number of original illustrations for our blog about freelancing, and I would like to endorse him here for his strengths: He’s a professional who knows how to work with assignments, drafts, and feedback. He is reliable and always delivers on time, even checks whether his email with files has been received. He handles all communication with ease, and it is a pleasure to work with him. But most of all, he creates beautiful pictures!

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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