Privacy protection

Your privacy matters, and is built on this principle

The single most important privacy protection here is that whether you are a freelancer listed in our directory, or a potential client approaching that professional, your communication is always direct and therefore private. Unlike with other freelance marketplaces, our directory is open, so that you can contact all of our members directly through the contacts listed in their public profiles and without any interventions from our side or on our part. You may establish as many new business contacts as you like and we won’t even know about it! is funded solely by membership fees, which gives our members, as well as their clients, total independence to act and negotiate on their behalf, without paying any commissions or being subjected to our oversight. This singular approach greatly reduces any need to store personal data.

We only keep the data necessary to maintain individual member profiles and meet any relevant legal obligations like keeping invoices for the membership fees, tax records, etc. These records are not sensitive in nature, but they are still being protected as such. They can only be accessed by the authorized members of the core team or authorized tax advisors, and are never shared with any other third parties.

The traffic of the website as a whole is being measured by Google Analytics. Apart from that measurement, we don’t track individual website visitors nor our members and their behavior on the website. In addition, we don’t store IP addresses of our members or newsletter subscribers nor any other sensitive personal information.