European freelance platforms — 467 resources in 35 countries

We want to make networking and crossing borders much easier for freelancers in Europe. That is why we have created this directory of European freelance platforms, communities, groups, marketplaces, and websites. The most recent update was on May 22, 2024.

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Russia, supported by Belarus, has invaded Ukraine and is committing war crimes against its people. Therefore, we have disabled links to all freelance platforms in Russia or Belarus, and canceled membership for any freelancers based in there. We stand with Ukraine 💙💛
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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  • — The largest open directory of 1,000+ freelancers (including foreigners and expats) and a huge business community addressing 150,000+ Czech freelancers via it’s blog, videos, podcast and strong social-media presence. Offline activities include regular trainings and networking events as well as a unique freelance think-tank.
  • FreeMe — a support platform for freelancers; combines events, courses, and coaching
  • Na volné noze — the Czech edition of The Freelance Way
  • Od UCO k ICO“From student ID to business ID” is the very first general full-semester university course on freelancing in Czechia, and possibly in wider Europe. Its first run has been launched on October 5, 2020, in collaboration with’s Robert Vlach.
  • — a list of independent consultants
  • Volnonožci F≈M — a very active local freelance community based in Frýdek-Místek, organizing meetups and other events
  • — a platform for independent IT professionals and project matchmaking
  • — Czech branch of the German marketplace of freelance projects
  • — Czech localization of the international marketplace of freelance projects
  • Jak podnikat — An established online guide on taxes and essential administration for the self-employed in Czechia. Although it’s not directly related to freelancing, there’s a forum to post questions and discuss business issues.
  • Mimo koleje — a small directory of creative professionals
  • Profeeto — an online marketplace of consultants and other professionals
  • — a freelance marketplace with semi-anonymous listings (don’t miss the funny introductory video on their homepage)
  • Popcorn Jobs — a small closed marketplace for freelance as well as full-time work, mostly in IT
  • WP lidé — a list of WordPress professionals, mostly freelancers
  • Klapp — a matchmaking app for independent professionals to meet like-minded solopreneurs and grow a work network
  • — a freelance marketplace focused on developers, photographers, designers, content writers and marketing specialists (also available globally)
  • Xolo — a business-as-a-service company offering plans based on Estonian e-Residency
  • Remotify — freelance management platform that provides payment and administrative services to freelancers and businesses
  • Rimuut — Virtual Company provider (i.e. service reseller) for freelancers
  • List of platform companies in Finland — a very comprehensive list and classification of platform companies registered in Finland that mediate work, compiled by Jere Immonen of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
  • Ferovalo — a platform connecting interim managers and other independent experts with clients
  • FREE! Talent — marketplace for services
  • Freelancer Guide for Immigrants
  • Friii
  • Gikker — a website that connects performers and events
  • Gixon — a community-based platform/app for people to discover and book music artists for events
  • HR Commercial Community — community and marketplace for HR professionals
  • Konkari — a service connecting experienced business professionals and companies (welcomes professionals and companies with international background, registration is currently only in Finnish)
  • Nerot — online platform with thousands of freelancers and advertising agencies
  • Solved — expert marketplace of 20,000 experts and expert organisations in cleantech, environmental sustainability and urban solutions
  • Tyontekijoita — a freelance marketplace
  • UKKO
  • Valokuvaajat — a marketplace for photographic services with 300+ professionals from all over Finland
  • Art, life & entrepreneurship — arts-oriented course at Aalto University
  • Eezy Kevytyrittäjät — a virtual company provider (i.e. service reseller) for freelancers, who subsequently receive client payments as a salary
  • MAJ — a directory of beauty professionals
  • Matchmade — content creators marketplace for sponsored deals + blog
  • Minduu — a directory of therapists


Russia, supported by Belarus, has invaded Ukraine and is committing war crimes against its people. Therefore, we have disabled links to all freelance platforms in Russia or Belarus, and canceled membership for any freelancers based in there. We stand with Ukraine 💙💛
United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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  • — 1st open directory of European freelancers + freelance news and resources
  • Euro Freelancers — an influential consulting group behind the EU Affairs Freelancers Association (EAFA), led by Marco Torregrossa
  • European Freelancers Week — annual pan-European event for celebrating independent work
  • Freelance Business Community — a nexus between freelancers, freelance job givers, solutions and products providers targeting independent professionals, founded by Elina Jutelyte (includes blog, newsletter and events such as Freelance Business Month)
  • Freelance Business Month — an annual event organized by Elina Jutelyte’s Freelance Business Community in October, connecting the global freelance ecosystem
  • Gig Economy Data Hub — arguably the best collection of gig economy data out there
  • ResArtis — a global network of quality arts residencies for artists and creative professionals, based in Netherlands
  • The Friendly Freelancer — a supportive newsletter for creative freelancers co-written by Selma Franssen and Linda A. Thompson
  • 7N — international consultant agency focused on top 3% digital experts
  • AppJobs — an international gig-work platform for part-time, weekend, and student app-based jobs with offices in Sweden and Poland
  • Chabber
  • CodeControl — an international freelance platform managing 650+ freelance developers, based in Germany
  • Comatch — a consulting marketplace for independent management consultants and industry experts
  • Domestika — online courses and other resources for creatives (US-based but with a strong international membership base including Europe)
  • European Forum of Independent Professionals — an informal network of individuals, communities, initiatives, networks, associations, organizations, cooperatives, and companies interested in enhancing the position of freelancers in Europe
  • Freelancermap International — a freelance platform that connects companies with freelancers and contractors in the IT industry; they also publish annual market studies and a blog about freelancing
  • IMMA Collective — a community of independent consultants and aspiring freelancers who are building meaningful, profitable, and sustainable solo businesses, together (based in Italy)
  • Inex One — an international expert network marketplace based in Sweden
  • Outvise — online talent marketplace for telecom, media and technology freelance experts (based in Spain)
  • ProZ — a well-known platform and marketplace of language professionals
  • Right People Group — a platform connecting companies and organizations to external IT & business consultants
  • Riverflex — a talent pool specialized in freelance consultants in digital consulting and interim management, with offices in the UK, Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey
  • Tasker — international platform for engineers, matching them with engineering tasks and tech-oriented clients; based in Netherlands
  • Teamway — an international platform for forming on-demand remote teams of freelance software developers, based in Denmark
  • The Society of Freelance Journalists — an international Slack community of almost 3,000 journalists, editors and content creators (based in the UK)
  • Uptalen — a marketplace of European freelance software developers, designers and project managers, who can be hired for tech projects
  • Worksome — an international freelance platform connecting companies with external workforce, based in Europe + blog
  • European Coworking Assembly
  • Free Trade Europa — a think-tank dedicated to support free trade and platform economy in Europe; it also includes a podcast The New Gig about the future of work
  • GoodLancers — a subscription-based international marketplace based in Poland
  • Independent Diplomat — a non-profit enabling senior professional diplomats to be available as mentors (based in Geneva, Brussels, and New York)
  • Outsized