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Ales BurgetAles Burget

English-French-Spanish-Czech interpreter and translator — Interpreting and translations between English, French, Spanish, and Czech (all combinations), specialized in the areas of technology, industry, politics, business. Over 10 years of experience and top references such as O2, Veolia or Renault.

David KrasenskyDavid Krasensky

German-English-Polish-Czech-Slovak interpreter and translator specialized in ICT and transportation — Expert interpreter for your business calls, events or meetings in Vienna, Prague, Brno, Bratislava, and elsewhere. University degrees in Technology of Rail Transportation and Mathematical Informatics, 25 years of experience and 120+ translated books.

Jan de Graaf, PhDJan de Graaf, PhD

business consultant for European trade with Asia, specialized in the food industry and China — Business consulting executive for international companies and their business development and expansion in China as well as other East Asian markets. Working in Asia since 2001, more than 15 years in China.

Lenka BartosovaLenka Bartosova

German-Czech interpreter and translator — German-Czech and Czech-German translation and interpretation services for companies, institutions and individuals, including proofreading and text editing. University degree in language studies and extensive professional experience.

Tomas DundacekTomas Dundacek

developer of web apps and online stores in Ruby on Rails and React.js — Developing web apps and online stores with an emphasis on usability and functionality, using Ruby on Rails, React.js and PostgreSQL as core technologies. Degree in Informatics and over 9 years of experience as a software developer and a team lead.

Martin KolarMartin Kolar

front-end coder, developer and consultant of websites and web apps — Advanced front-end coding focused mainly on speed (loading times, data transfers, JavaScript performance), producing HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript templates fine-tuned to perfection. Front-end consulting support, code reviews, mentoring, and supervision.

Lenka MartinkovaLenka Martinkova

certified German-Czech translator and interpreter — Providing professional German-Czech and Czech-German interpretation and translation services since 2002. Specialized in business and technology, law, and humanities. Certified as a sworn interpreter by the Czech state.

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Today, Masaryk University in Brno is launching the second run of Od UCO k ICO (i.e. From student ID to business ID), the first general full-semester university course on freelancing in Czechia and wider Europe.

Over the next 3 months, students will meet a diverse lineup of experienced freelancers, who will not only debate important topics (such as pricing, business negotiations, personal productivity, and teamwork) but also share their origins stories.

March 1


The Online Labour Index created at the Oxford Internet Institute presents a simple indicator of “online freelance labour” measured through the five largest English-language gig platforms. While it is far from being representative for the whole freelance economy, it displays a recent trend towards hiring more workers online.

February 26


The future of freelancing isn’t better platforms — it’s no platforms, claims Benek Lisefski in his article, gentlemanly opposing the platform-centric predictions. Both sides have their points, though: The market share of freelance platforms keeps growing, but it is still quite low, and as Jon Younger openly puts it, “95% of freelance work comes through relationships and reputations, rather than digital pipes.“

February 24


Serbian freelancers and online workers keep protesting against the over-taxation of up to 80% imposed by their government, as explained in this 3-minute video. You can also find a comprehensive English summary of their struggle in a blog post calling for international support ✊

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