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Tomas MohrTomas Mohr

IT and business consultant, project and product manager — 15 years of IT management experience in both business and technical roles. Product and project management, financial, operational and IT crisis management. Also experienced in hiring, leading and coaching national and international development teams.

Mirek RohlicekMirek Rohlicek

senior web developer specialized in WordPress and WooCommerce, SEO consultant and digital marketer — Make your WordPress website or WooCommerce online store work for you, both visually and functionally, driving more online traffic, leads and sales. Full-service web development of existing or new websites. Fully focused on WordPress since 2015.

Michal StralMichal Stral

google Workspace (G Suite) consultant and IT advisor — Consulting services for Google Workspace (aka Google G Suite, formerly Google Apps) as well as for other information technologies: Google Workspace set-up and implementation for companies and small businesses. Workshops and IT consulting.

Jan de Graaf, PhDJan de Graaf, PhD

business consultant for European trade with Asia, specialized in the food industry and China — Business consulting executive for international companies and their business development and expansion in China as well as other East Asian markets. Working in Asia since 2001, more than 15 years in China.

Lucie StrechovaLucie Strechova

senior event project manager and a globetrotting producer of exhibition stands and showrooms — Impress your clients and business partners with a perfect exhibition stand or showroom at an international trade fair, conference, etc. The full service includes planning, design, production, hiring, installation, and stress-free execution.

Alzbeta LandsbergerovaAlzbeta Landsbergerova aka Bety Berger

graphic designer — Experienced graphic designer focusing on logo design & brand identity, illustrations, packaging, prints and DTP. 10 years of studies and a Master’s degree in Graphics Design. Highly proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Martin Krajicek, PhDMartin Krajicek, PhD

cameraman and video editor — Video editing and post-production for clients from all over the world, as well as remote production in collaboration with colleagues. Video reports, documentaries, online courses, product videos, video portraits, vlogs and interviews.

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Freelancers work and travel a lot as digital nomads, but paying for mobile data can be quite expensive in faraway holiday destinations. Luckily, there’s an app for that: Airalo enables you to purchase local eSIMs worldwide from local operators and have them installed on your smartphone. It’s fast, cheap, and only requires having an eSIM-enabled phone.

June 22


Adam Sandler plays a basketball team scout who quits his job and goes freelance to bet his career on a talented player. The new acclaimed Hustle movie is available worldwide on Netflix, and it once again reminds us how vital freelance experts are in professional sport. A good flick.

June 20


Payal Dhar has reviewed 3 AI writing tools (Jarvis, Rytr, and GPT-J) for The Future-Proof Freelancer series and came to a sobering conclusion in an article titled Will AI Writing Tools Replace Us Lowly Human Freelancers?:

“Ultimately, in my opinion, AI is only a threat to writers in the same way that Photoshop ’wiped out’ artists and Squarespace did away with web developers. I don’t think that we lowly human freelancers are going to be replaced by robots—but some of us might take one on as an assistant in the not-too-distant future.”

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