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Josef ZapletalJosef Zapletal

developer of mobile apps for iOS and Android — Developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, using modern technologies and the latest methodologies. Complex services incl. consulting, design, graphic layout, development, marketing advice and support. University degrees in information technologies.

Jitka TazberikovaJitka Tazberikova

marketing manager and consultant — Independent marketer for brands and branded products, managing the complex processes behind seemingly simple results. Degree in Marketing Management and experience with international brands since 2005 (e.g. Unilever, Walmark, Merck).

Martin KavkaMartin Kavka

newsletter consultant and evangelist, specialized in content newsletters and subscription platforms — Content newsletters and their development in terms of content creation, marketing and growing a base of loyal subscribers on proven subscription platforms that can also be used for monetizing the newsletter content.

Kamila ZahradnickovaKamila Zahradnickova

behavioural design expert and consultant — Apply behavioral insights to your business: Support your brand and products with a solid base of research evidence, and make better decisions for your company. Primary and secondary research, product and service design, marketing strategies.

Veros Kaplan, PhD.Veros Kaplan, PhD.

Linux server administrator, AWS architect, and Python/Django developer — Senior Linux administrator with experience in architecting, deploying and operating Linux systems in both on-premise and cloud environments. Python/Django development, and AWS deployment. Degree in computer science and PhD. in Geoinformatics.

Jan KyzlinkJan Kyzlink

UX/UI designer specialized in digital products — Visual design for websites, online platforms, mobile apps, or HMIs. UX/UI design, digital audits, consulting and mentoring. More than 120 projects for clients all over the world and excellent references: T-Mobile, Skoda Auto, Siemens, etc.

Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.

advocate and real estate lawyer — Legal services for buyers, property owners, real estate agencies, homeowners and housing associations. 15 years of law experience, Master of Laws degree from the University of Passau, Germany, and Doctor of Laws from Charles University in Prague.

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June 18


How Innovation Works by Matt Ridley is a book that delivers 100% on its title. His writing is well-researched, engaging and full of applicable insights — if you happen to be anywhere near an innovation.

However, Ridley warns that Europe, in particular, has stalled: “Of Europe’s 100 most valuable companies, none – not one – was formed in the past forty years. In Germany’s Dax 30 index, just two companies were founded after 1970; in France’s CAC 40 index, one; in Sweden’s top fifty, none at all.”

June 17


This may seem unrelated to freelancing, but unfortunately, it isn’t. Europe is quickly losing its grip on global markets, while “China and America dominate like never before,” writes The Economist about The new geopolitics of global business:

  • “America and China account for 76 of the world’s 100 most valuable firms. Europe’s tally has fallen from 41 in 2000 to 15 today.”
  • “America accounts for 24% of global GDP, but 48% of business activity. China accounts for 18% of GDP, and 20% of business. Other countries, with 77% of the world’s people, punch well below their weight.”
  • “Of the 19 firms created in the past 25 years that are now worth over $100bn, nine are in America and eight in China. Europe has none.
June 16


A funny insight from our regular newsletter cleaning — this happens all the time:

  1. Some subscribes to our newsletter.
  2. A half year later, that mailbox doesn’t exist. New freelancer, perhaps?

We’ll be sending out our next issue on Monday, June 21 😉

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