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Jaromir DvoracekJaromir Dvoracek

infrastructure solution architect and project manager — Senior engineer specialized in infrastructure systems architecture and development, as well as project management supported by a team of experienced IT professionals. Expert in high-availability data pipelines and private server clusters.

Pavel MarešPavel Mareš

senior UX/UI designer of information systems, websites and apps — Complete analysis, design, and testing of highly professional solutions in the development of (internal) information systems for medium and larger companies, websites, online stores and apps. Over 10 years of professional experience.

Dominika SpackovaDominika Spackova

slow-business management consultant — Slow is the new black. Using a slow-business management system, you can run your business profitably, sustainably, and without losing your nerve. Working with professionals, freelancers, and small-business owners since 2011.

Petr KaduchPetr Kaduch

business consultant and crisis manager — Passionate about helping others and bringing the world’s finest business know-how to struggling companies on their way to excellence. Versatile crisis management with 10+ years of corporate experience with Verizon, Expedia, ING, SAP, Packeta, etc.

Martin MichalekMartin Michalek

web performance consultant — Frontend developer and designer for over 20 years, now specialized in solving the most challenging performance problems facing any complex website, online app, or e-commerce platform. Web performance consulting and audits. Author of several books.

Martin KolarMartin Kolar

front-end coder, developer and consultant of websites and web apps — Advanced front-end coding focused mainly on speed (loading times, data transfers, JavaScript performance), producing HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript templates fine-tuned to perfection. Front-end consulting support, code reviews, mentoring, and supervision.

Petr Studeny, JDPetr Studeny, JD

certified German-Czech interpreter and translator — German-Czech and Czech-German certified translations of all types. Uncertified specialized translations (legal, economic and technical). Officially certified and uncertified interpreting services. Top references, 30 years of professional experience.

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For a non-scientist, searching on Google Scholar tends to lead to more frustration and questions than good answers. This is where AI-based research tools like and come in to help. Both allow users to search many millions of scientific papers using natural-language queries and present the best results with comprehensive summaries and citations. They are far from perfect, but they are definitely worth bookmarking in your browser.

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