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Jakub ResJakub Res

English–Czech translator, interpreter and copywriter, specialized in business, law, and marketing — Providing a full range of linguistic services to businesses and law firms in Czech and English: interpretation and translation (including sworn public service certification), transcreation, copywriting and localizations of apps and websites.

Kamila ZahradnickovaKamila Zahradnickova

graphic designer, UX copywriter, and communication strategist — Evidence-based visuals, texts, brands, and communication strategies that work, based on behavioural science and best practices for designing a better customer experience. In-person as well as remote collaboration, academic background in psychology.

Jakub KantorJakub Kantor

brand maker, certified brand strategist, and branding consultant — Brand strategist and consultant ready to help you develop an outstanding brand that outperforms competitors in most measurable aspects. Level C Certified Brand Strategist certificate as well as an award from a global branding expert Marty Neumeier.

Michael PetrusMichael Petrus

illustrator, art director, and creative coach — Helping clients to stand out by using the power of comics, videos, and illustrations. Also a co-founder and team lead of the artBLOCK creative studio and coach for creatives. Working in the creative industry since 2007, on over 400 projects.

Barbora Baronova, PhDBarbora Baronova, PhD

award-winning independent publisher and literary documentarian — Working on international non-fiction literary projects or consulting them. Available to discuss self-publishing practice as well as arrange workshops on publishing. Skilled in publishing, writing, editing, journalism, copywriting, and advertising.

Mark McGuinnessMark McGuinness

coach for creative professionals — Coaching talented, inspiring and ambitious creative professionals since 1996. Author of four books for creatives and contributor to 99U’s international best sellers. Host of The 21st Century Creative podcast.

Jaroslav BaronJaroslav Baron

3D designer and Rhino modeler — Senior 3D designer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in 3D modeling, visualizations, 3D printing and support for professionals who design buildings, interiors, infrastructure, or consumer products. Working with Rhino 3D CAD software.

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BBC explains Why reskilling won’t always guarantee you a new job. While the data suggest it’s not a working economic policy for employees and low-wage workers, it is also quite a risky strategy for freelancers pushing into a few in-demand skills.

“When they [Marcela Escobari at the Brookings Institution] studied real-world job transitions, they found most didn’t require retraining. It was more about picking the right industry to move into, either because their existing skills were a good match or demand was high in their area.”

November 26


If you are a freelance IT expert working in development, networking, security, administration or support, Sandworm is a highly recommended book to read. Wired’s Andy Greenberg goes beyond the usual hacking and data-privacy breaches and delivers a stunning description of modern cyber-warfare that represents a genuine threat to businesses worldwide as well as civilians. It’s an engaging book about a future that is inevitable because it is partially already here, but rarely written about. If you read it, it will undoubtedly raise your awareness of broader IT security concerns — or at least make you way more suspicious of any email attachments :)

November 25


As Bitcoin nears its all-time high price of $20,000 per BTC, here is Investopedia’s newly updated summary of how does Bitcoin mining work for laypeople. Is it just another crypto bubble? Many experts now believe that this time it’s different but Bitcoin is still far from a safe bet.

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