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Ivana HrubaIvana Hruba

English-Spanish-Czech translator specialized in legal texts and localization of products or websites — General translations of English, Spanish and Czech texts, certified translations of legal documents, and the localization of products, apps and websites (including large team projects). Also consultations and training in intercultural communication.

Pavel SimerdaPavel Simerda

multi-skilled developer specialized in solving complex problems — Developer for solving complex problems, often related to open-source technologies and software. A provider of open source-related professional services since 2008, including tailored and advanced workshops for developers.

Martin Fabian RusekMartin Fabian Rusek

graphic designer and artistic painter — Working as a freelance graphic designer and artistic painter since 1999: product catalogs, websites, branding and logos, product designs and packaging, merchandise, trade fairs, etc. Original artistic paintings for private collectors and galleries.

Lenka PaprokLenka Paprok

sloganist and name-maker — I invent catchy names, brands, slogans, taglines, and domains for companies and entrepreneurs. Initial analysis of company communication, documents and competition + a set of suggested ideas at a fixed price.

Petr PouchlyPetr Pouchly

business development consultant and designer of business strategies — Senior expert on business development and especially business transitions from one level to another, bringing the tools and know-how entrepreneurs need in order to succeed. 25+ years of experience, from corporations to nonprofits.

Jan RezacJan Rezac

senior web design consultant and supervisor — Empowering companies and institutions to develop websites that outperform the competition by meeting specific and measurable goals: to sell, present, persuade, etc. Evidence-based approach, over 20 years in business, top clientele like LG, Minolta.

Jan KratochvilJan Kratochvil

software and product localization expert, trainer and consultant — Working in the IT sector since 1999, specializing in German-Czech localization projects and providing a broad range of services for all markets in Central Europe. Software and product localization projects, training and product support.

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May 13


Serbian cover of The Freelance Way has just arrived from Publik Praktikum, to be published later this year as Put Frilensera.

Note the yellow balloon on the cactus (or whatever that is) in the back — a subtle joke that any freelance business is both inflated by our passionate optimism and fragile, just as all humans are ❤️

May 12


This article about freelance pricing argues that the so-called “double thank you” test (when both parties of the business transaction thank each other in the end) is relevant for evaluating freelance pricing. But unfortunately, it is not — due to cultural differences.

In many countries, including some in Europe, we may politely thank a provider, even if we are not satisfied with their service (it can be dubbed a “thanks and bye” approach). A real affirmation would be only when the customer buys again. In other words, “double thank you” is not a reliable indicator in freelance pricing.

May 11


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