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Robert MarekRobert Marek

creative director, filmmaker & certified drone operator — Filmmaker specializing in creative commercials and visually stunning videos for services, products and brands. Creative director, video producer, and founder of a production agency, capable of covering the whole production process from A to Z.

Marc A. ParmentierMarc A. Parmentier

future-oriented business consultant specialized in business development, staffing, and tech — Business consultant and strategist with 25 years of experience in sales, 22 years in recruitment, and 15 years in SaaS industry. Helping clients to stay competitive, boost sales, hire the best talent, and be future-oriented as well as future-proof.

Antonin BuresAntonin Bures

UI consultant and UI designer of apps and websites — Graphic design for websites and applications with a focus on outstanding user experience. Freelancing since 2013 as a visual, frontend and UI designer, as well as a consultant. Collaborative approach to work with clients using powerful no-code tools.

Adam TrojakAdam Trojak

graphic designer specialized in branding and web design — Expert in designing awwwsome websites and tailor-made logos, including their visual communication. Holder of 3 Art Directors Club awards for web design and Golden Lemur PR awards, working with global brands such as Kinder, Budweiser and Becherovka.

Katerina LubasovaKaterina Lubasova

personal coach providing online coaching sessions — Brain-based coaching for individuals, couples, as well as working teams, product developers, etc. Original self-help coaching games. Extensive international experience both as a personal coach, Scrum Master and Agile Coach.

Katerina HlobilovaKaterina Hlobilova

certified English-French-Czech translator and interpreter — Translating and interpreting services, including court certification, in English, French, and Czech. General and expert-level texts, as well as large-scale translations with a team of colleagues. Master’s degree in translation and interpretation.

Kathleen KettlesKathleen Kettles

psychotherapist qualified in Ericksonian psychotherapy, reverse therapist and coach — Psychotherapist and life coach based in Scotland, working with clients from all over the world via phone and video calls to restore their motivation, confidence, energy, performance, and health. 15 years of practice, including sports professionals.

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January 14


American CNBC regularly covers freelance success stories in the Side Hustle section of their Make it business portal. Here’s one example: This 26-year-old quit her engineering job to pursue her side hustle full-time and brought in $170,000 in one year

January 12


Reddit ‘antiwork’ forum booms as millions of Americans quit jobs, Financial Times report. Antiwork “encourages followers to work as little as possible in traditional jobs or abandon them altogether for self-employment, with the goal of prioritising leisure time.”

The r/antiwork thread on Reddit surged from 180,000 members in October 2020 to 1.6 million as people reconsider their career options for the post-covid era — a major trend also covered by the State of Independence 2021 report.

Our take: Antiemployment would be a more precise term (though less catchy), but it is too soon to tell anyway. The boom of various forms of freelancing (including gig work) has been prophesized many times since the 1990s, but the numbers of self-employed were falling for decades or stagnating at best. Naturally, it is much easier to start freelancing than keeping at it successfully for five or ten years.

January 10


Unsplash is “the Internet’s source of freely-usable images powered by creators everywhere” — in other words, a growing database of images that any freelancer may use on a personal website, social media, etc. It is far from perfect but also far better than grabbing images without permission elsewhere. Good service!

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