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Radek ZmitkoRadek Zmitko

illustrator, graphic designer and trainer — I design advertising materials both for print and digital media, and I believe in the power of illustrations. As a generalist, I can design almost anything from pixel art to apps and billboards, and have been doing so for my clients since 2007.

Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Contact: +420 603 822 074

Martin GavandaMartin Gavanda

Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud architect, VMware specialist, and instructor — I'm an experienced Microsoft Azure & Amazon Web Services cloud architect focusing on cloud adoption, migration, and optimization. My expertise includes on-premises infrastructures on the VMware vSphere platform and providing technical training.

Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Contact: +420 776 319 830

Vita ValkaVita Valka

web and graphic designer, UX consultant — I’m an efficient designer you can count on in for creating UI and websites. During my 21 years as a professional, I’ve been working with major brands like Coca-Cola, Toyota, 3M, Red Bull, or Bosch, and created over 450 websites.

Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Contact: +420 608 705 644

Zuzana BilkovaZuzana Bilkova

manufacturer of wool duvets and bedding in a traditional workshop — Besky is a traditional workshop in Beskid Mountains manufacturing wool duvets and bedding of the highest quality, handmade from 100% natural materials and wool supplied by local farmers. Founded in 1992, it has served 30,000 well-rested customers.

Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: EU
Contact: +420 608 455 600

Marian FriedlMarian Friedl

musician, music producer, composer and publicist — Award-winning musician and multi-instrumentalist, active in several genres including free jazz, contemporary avant-garde, world and folk music, as well as symphonic and other projects. Recorded over 20 albums with outstanding musicians and producers.

Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Contact: +420 737 978 928

Eva SkornickovaEva Skornickova

investment advisor and lawyer specialized in data privacy, cybersecurity, and GDPR — Eva helps her clients in implementing security-by-design and data-privacy principles, in launching new products and services, conducting privacy and cybersecurity due diligence on potential partners, as well as raising capital for business growth.

Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Contact: +420 602 655 008
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If you are running a coworking space, or you are a freelancer working in one, here are some ideas for improvements: What are the signs of an advanced freelance economy and how can they be supported by coworking spaces is the title of Robert Vlach’s 15-minutes talk for the international Coworking Symposium online conference that presented some early takeaways from our research of European resources.

May 28


If you work in a noisy environment or travel often and still want to focus fully on your work, an excellent aid would be headphones with a noise-canceling feature, which suppresses sounds and surrounding noise. There are many models available on the market. However, when it comes to the noise-suppressing quality as well as reviews and our experience, Sony’s product line beats the rest of the pack, especially with the latest model WH-1000XM3.

The headphones are wireless and can be paired with your laptop or mobile via Bluetooth. A stereo mini-jack cable is also included as an option if the battery runs out — it can play up to 30 hours per charge. Touch controls are fairly intuitive. For example, if you touch the right earpiece, the Quick Attention feature suspends any playing music and let environmental sounds in so that you can hear or reply to someone without needing to take the earphones off.

These are not the cheapest noise-canceling headphones, but since they are already selling for quite some time, you may be able to buy them with a large discount. A drawback for some people might be a less sensitive microphone if one wants to use these headphones for calls. Still, for work in a café, busy home, coworking space, on a plane or a train, it’s a perfect choice.

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