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Milada NoxMilada Nox

Czech native copywriter and content marketing specialist — Content writer for the Czech audience, creating high-quality original Czech content for websites and online stores, ecommerce platforms, magazines, PPC campaigns, and other marketing channels. 950 projects for over 220 clients completed since 2007.

Radek OsickaRadek Osicka

heart coach — Jay Shetty Certified Life and Success Coach, helping professionals overcome negative emotions, anxiety, and stress to regain focus, motivation, and inner balance to live successful and happy lives. Individual coaching as well as team programs.

Jan KoudelaJan Koudela

business designer — Empathetic approach combining design thinking and hard business strategies. Focused on business plans, brands, and strategies including yearly goals and action plans for achieving them. Principle-oriented expert, facilitator and mentor.

Marek PechMarek Pech

PPC consultant and web analyst — PPC consultant, performance strategist, and web analyst with 5+ years of continuous work experience in designing, implementing and managing SEM campaigns. Improve your performance in Google Ads, RTB, Bing and Meta (Facebook) Ads.

Josef AntosJosef Antos

web designer and web developer — Designing and developing modern websites and online stores, based on WordPress or custom-made CMS including professional SEO support. Over 100 projects completed since 2016. Web development, design, management, loading-speed improvements and hosting.

David MajDavid Maj

senior developer and architect of IT solutions, websites and apps — Design and development of IT solutions for startups, companies and corporations — websites, information systems and apps, with long-term IT consulting and support. Over 70 completed projects since 2001 for major brands like Škoda, Peugeot, etc.

Anna AlmasiAnna Almasi

English-Polish-Czech translator specialized in marketing, law and HR — Translator from English and Polish into Czech, with a focus on marketing, law and HR. Professional experience includes hundreds of thousands of words of translated copy for clients from Central and Western Europe, as well as the USA.

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Stable Diffusion is another hugely popular AI model for generating images from a text prompt.

What makes Stable Diffusion different from other text-to-image AI generators like Midjourney, DALL-E 2 or Imagen, is that it is open-source and you can install it on your computer — or try it for free in the cloud-based DreamStudio.

Meanwhile, so-called prompt engineering is ever more discussed as the career of future. Well, it may just as well be the “googling” of the future.

September 23


We haven’t published any news for a week, but for a very good reason: We’ve been busy finishing the new website of our Czech freelance community which was released yesterday. It’s been a year or so in the making, adopting many new features that we first tested here on

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