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Pavel UngrPavel Ungr

heavy-duty SEO consultant — Senior SEO executive consultant since 2004, specialized in technical SEO. Analysis, data-driven decision making, and smart strategies created specifically for each client. Worked with major EU brands like Peugeot, Social Bakers, Tchibo, and Hornbach.

Alzbeta LandsbergerovaAlzbeta Landsbergerova aka Bety Berger

graphic designer — Experienced graphic designer focusing on logo design & brand identity, illustrations, packaging, prints and DTP. 10 years of studies and a Master’s degree in Graphics Design. Highly proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Adam ZbiejczukAdam Zbiejczuk

senior social media consultant specialized in connecting people and projects — Strong expertise in two areas: 1) Advanced use of LinkedIn for boosting online presence and building professional networks. 2) Social-media industry within Central and Eastern Europe. Surfing online waves of CEE for 20 years, from LinkedIn to TikTok.

Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.

advocate and real estate lawyer — Legal services for buyers, property owners, real estate agencies, homeowners and housing associations. 15 years of law experience, Master of Laws degree from the University of Passau, Germany, and Doctor of Laws from Charles University in Prague.

Kamila ZahradnickovaKamila Zahradnickova

behavioural design expert and consultant — Apply behavioral insights to your business: Support your brand and products with a solid base of research evidence, and make better decisions for your company. Primary and secondary research, product and service design, marketing strategies.

Martin KavkaMartin Kavka

newsletter consultant and evangelist, specialized in content newsletters and subscription platforms — Content newsletters and their development in terms of content creation, marketing and growing a base of loyal subscribers on proven subscription platforms that can also be used for monetizing the newsletter content.

Martina GalandovaMartina Galandova

translator, interpreter, and founder of a translation agency — A translator and interpreter, and founder of a language agency offering all-purpose translations and interpretation between English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Estonian. Express services 24/7.

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40 One-Sentence Email Tips article by Josh Spector has some really good points. For example:

  • Your inbox works for you — not the other way around.
  • People who say “email is dead” and “kids don’t use email” forget kids won’t always be kids.
  • You don’t need to sign your name at the end of your email — the recipient knows who it’s from.
August 3


The Slovak edition of The Freelance Way translated as Na voľnej nohe has been published! The book is now available for purchase from Absynt publishers and all quality booksellers in Slovakia.

Overall, The Freelance Way has an outstanding rating of 4.5 (out of 5) on Goodreads — recommended by 9 out of 10 freelancers ;)

August 2


Ever wondered how real artists work? The celebrated songwriter Nick Cave described it bluntly in his answer to fan mails:

“Like most people with a job, we just go to work. It never occurs to us not to work, there is never a moment when we don’t work because ‘we are not feeling it’ or ‘the vibes aren’t right’. We just do our hours… The most important undertaking of my day is to simply sit down at my desk and pick up my pen. Without this elementary act I could not call myself a songwriter, because songs come to me in intimations too slight to be perceived, unless I am primed and ready to receive them. They come not with a fanfare, but in whispers, and they come only when I am at work.”

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