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Martin MichalekMartin Michalek

web performance consultant — Frontend developer and designer for over 20 years, now specialized in solving the most challenging performance problems facing any complex website, online app, or e-commerce platform. Web performance consulting and audits. Author of several books.

Martina GalandovaMartina Galandova

translator, interpreter, and founder of a translation agency — A translator and interpreter, and founder of a language agency offering all-purpose translations and interpretation between English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Slovak, and Estonian. Express services 24/7.

Lucie StrechovaLucie Strechova

senior event project manager and a globetrotting producer of exhibition stands and showrooms — Impress your clients and business partners with a perfect exhibition stand or showroom at an international trade fair, conference, etc. The full service includes planning, design, production, hiring, installation, and stress-free execution.

Josef AntosJosef Antos

web designer and web developer — Designing and developing modern websites and online stores, based on WordPress or custom-made CMS including professional SEO support. Over 100 projects completed since 2016. Web development, design, management, loading-speed improvements and hosting.

Pavel KasparPavel Kaspar

PR consultant specialized in public and media relations — Smart PR and media strategies across dozens of media channels and touchpoints, since 2006. Full service includes public and media relations, marketing and advertising, social media, copywriting, media production, and event management.

Jiri UrbasekJiri Urbasek

senior iOS app developer and mentor — Development of apps for the Apple iOS platform since 2009 (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch’s watchOS, and macOS). Mentoring services and code reviews for junior developers. Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering and top-notch clients like SKODA.

Richard KozaRichard Koza

web designer, coder, and PHP developer — Providing complex support and development of websites, e-shops and other web applications written in PHP (Symfony, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, as well as custom-made). Software development for business needs, Linux servers, VPS, and web hosting.

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If you're looking for a guidebook that introduces you to the practical use of AI tools (especially LLMs like ChatGPT) in the workplace, check out the new release Co-intelligence. It's written by Ethan Mollick, who teaches business and innovation at the University of Pennsylvania.

Unlike other authors, Mollick doesn't exaggerate or promise miracles. Instead, he soberly describes the challenges and opportunities of current technology and outlines strategies you can build on in the coming years.



When updating your professional profiles or CVs, the mention of hobbies can be a double-edged sword, says Jenny Holliday. Historically, hobbies were used to give a personal touch and showcase other skills. However, they can also serve as distractions or even become embarrassing if not chosen carefully.

Instead of listing 'hobbies,' which can seem immature, consider framing them as 'interests and achievements' to maintain a professional tone. It’s important to reflect on whether these interests are relevant to your work and if they truly reflect skills that add value to your professional profile.

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