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Martin Krajicek, PhDMartin Krajicek, PhD

video editor — Video editing, post-production and post-processing for clients from all over the world. Video reports, documentaries, event teasers, promotions, online courses, educational videos and e-learning, product videos, video portraits, vlogs and interviews.

Lubomir MoudryLubomir Moudry

English to Czech translator specializing in Life & Earth Sciences — Proficient translator with an unusual professional background. Translated texts amounting to over 10 million words since 2005: agriculture and forestry, zoology and biology, environment, travel and tourism, healthcare, EU agenda, non-fiction books.

Jan OnesorkJan Onesork

senior SEO consultant — Well-established SEO consultant with 15 years of experience, focused on helping B2B companies, SaaS businesses, and content sites to reach their goals on U.S. or global markets. Technical SEO, keyword research, SEO strategy, and content production.

Vera NesvadbovaVera Nesvadbova

copywriter specialised in copy for websites, microsites, landing pages and digital media copywriting — Cambridge C2 English Proficiency native-level copywriter. Customer focused copywriting for websites, SEO copywriting, sales copy for landing pages, English proofreading, and social media content strategies. 22 years living in the UK.

Jan KoudelaJan Koudela

business designer — Empathetic approach combining design thinking and hard business strategies. Focused on business plans, brands, and strategies including yearly goals and action plans for achieving them. Principle-oriented expert, facilitator and mentor.

Eva KneblovaEva Kneblova

market analyst and researcher — Market analyst, researcher and marketer with 17 years of experience in global market research and strategic marketing. Quantitative and desk research, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Top clients include KPMG, Société Générale’s KB, etc.

Adam ZbiejczukAdam Zbiejczuk

senior social media consultant specialized in connecting people and projects — Strong expertise in two areas: 1) Advanced use of LinkedIn for boosting online presence and building professional networks. 2) Social-media industry within Central and Eastern Europe. Surfing online waves of CEE for 20 years, from LinkedIn to TikTok.

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August 11


Some time ago,’s founder Robert Vlach sat down with Elina Jutelyte for a masterclass session. The expanded transcript of the interview highlights has now been published, covering Robert’s origins story, as well as How to Start Freelancing, Freelance Pricing, The Freelance Way book, and more:

“Because we have these pros and cons that bring up strong emotions when freelancing, it is very important to build a system in your business that supports you whether you are feeling great or down at the moment. That’s actually one of the reasons why I wrote The Freelance Way. I wanted to help freelancers to be much more systematic in preparing themselves and their business for moments that are unexpected or unprecedented, since these have to be handled well in order to keep the business going.”

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