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Marian FriedlMarian Friedl

musician, music producer, composer and publicist — Award-winning musician and multi-instrumentalist, active in several genres including free jazz, contemporary avant-garde, world and folk music, as well as symphonic and other projects. Recorded over 20 albums with outstanding musicians and producers.

Antonin BuresAntonin Bures

digital product designer — Graphic design for websites and applications with a focus on outstanding user experience. Freelancing since 2013 as a visual, frontend and UI designer, as well as a consultant. Collaborative approach to work with clients using powerful no-code tools.

Jaroslav BaronJaroslav Baron

3D designer and Rhino modeler — Senior 3D designer with over 20 years of experience, specializing in 3D modeling, visualizations, 3D printing and support for professionals who design buildings, interiors, infrastructure, or consumer products. Working with Rhino 3D CAD software.

Daniel GladisDaniel Gladis

stock investor, author of books about value investing, and Vltava Fund founder — The founder and a director of the Vltava Fund, a global equity investment fund serving qualified investors since 2004. Daniel has been investing on financial markets since the early 1990s and has written two best-selling books about value investing.

Eva SkornickovaEva Skornickova

business and investment advisor specializing in Africa and the Middle East — Project ventures for solving food, energy, and water crisis in Africa, as well as investment and trade programs across the world. Eva brings investors, business leaders and governments together to invest and do business in the Middle East and Africa.

Vita ValkaVita Valka

web and graphic designer, UX consultant — I’m an efficient designer you can count on in for creating UI and websites. During my 22 years as a professional, I’ve been working with major brands like Coca-Cola, Toyota, 3M, Red Bull, or Bosch, and created over 450 websites.

Michal KolesarMichal Kolesar

full stack software developer — Full stack software developer with a degree in Software Project Management, working as a full-time freelancer since 2005. Completed 100+ projects, incl. those for renowned brands and clients such as IBM, Tesco, Robert Bosch, Marlboro, Rossmann, etc.

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Long-term reliability is one of the most important success factors in freelancing because clients rely on both our expertise and its delivery.

Nick Maggiulli, the author of Just Keep Buying, recently wrote about this topic. Become an uncertainty killer, he suggests, pointing out that reliable people build trust at every turn and create allies wherever they go. His career advice is as reliable as it is simple:

“Do it with everyone you work with. Practice reducing uncertainty so that it becomes second nature to you. Practice it until you become an uncertainty killer. Then watch what happens.”

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