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Jan Romportl, PhDJan Romportl, PhD

senior AI consultant — Independent expert with 20 years of experience in AI as a researcher, entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker. PhD in Artificial Intelligence, 7 years as a director and chief data scientist at O2 AI Centre. Services include AI strategy and audits.

Alzbeta LandsbergerovaAlzbeta Landsbergerova aka Bety Berger

graphic designer — Experienced graphic designer focusing on logo design & brand identity, illustrations, packaging, prints and DTP. 10 years of studies and a Master’s degree in Graphics Design. Highly proficient in using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Lubomir MoudryLubomir Moudry

Czech writer and English to Czech translator specializing in Life & Earth Sciences — Proficient translator with an unusual professional background. Translated texts amounting to over 10 million words: Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, Healthcare, Species/Plant Biology & Conservation or Travel & Tourism, and other fields.

Pablo Maldonado, PhDPablo Maldonado, PhD

automation and data analytics trainer and consultant — Online and in-person workshops of process automation in low-code tools and programming languages and tools like R, Python, or SQL. 30+ clients in 10+ countries: Shell, Renault, PwC, O2, etc. Author of several books, holds PhD in Applied Mathematics.

Eva KneblovaEva Kneblova

market analyst and researcher — Market analyst, researcher and marketer with 17 years of experience in global market research and strategic marketing. Quantitative and desk research, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Top clients include KPMG, Société Générale’s KB, etc.

Jan RezacJan Rezac

senior web design consultant and supervisor — Empowering companies and institutions to develop websites that outperform the competition by meeting specific and measurable goals: to sell, present, persuade, etc. Evidence-based approach, over 20 years in business, top clientele like LG, Minolta.

Tomas CernovskyTomas Cernovsky

certified social media and online marketing consultant — Expertly executed campaigns and social media management on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, with an extension to online marketing as a whole incl. strategies, PPC ads, etc. Experience with top brands such as O2, Skoda, and Heineken.

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November 25


Personal time management is an area dominated by freelancers. As independent professionals, we are so highly motivated (and financially incentivized) to increase productivity that we come up with many inventive ways to do so.

Here’s just another example. Strawberry Nevill’s article How to Take Charge of Your Time in 4 Steps thinks of time in personal-energy units: “Most of us think of our workday in terms of time. But our raw material isn’t time, it’s energy.”

The author points out that once we think of our work in terms of energy, rather than time, we shift our focus to energy preservation and distribution rather than working a certain amount of time. It then leads to more realistic time estimates and improved overall balance.

November 22


Are freelancers recession-proof? Sarah Duran argues in her article that we are:

“When you work for other people, you put your life in their hands. When you lose your job, you lose your only source of income, your benefits, and your livelihood. Freelancers are naturally more resilient than the average 9–5 employee because we’ve built flexible, decentralized business models that mean we never rely on income from just one source; we have decreased our dependence on the opinions and control of others.”

The article also outlines some strategies related to Nassim Taleb’s concept of antifragility (hit up your network, diversify everything, don’t plan too long in advance), with a nod to companies seeking to hire more freelancers if the recession worsens.

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