Pavel Simerda

multi-skilled developer specialized in solving complex problems

Pavel Simerda
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: EU
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
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I am a multi-skilled developer specialized in solving complex problems, often related to open-source technologies and software — a field in which I’ve been providing professional services since 2008, including tailored and advanced workshops for developers.

My job is to dive into specific problems in operating systems or applications, and find the right tools and solutions. I am able to fix complicated issues or errors and develop missing components. I also document everything and hand it over to your developers.

Do you produce or modify hardware? Develop real-time applications, or network apps that require parallel data processing? Do you need your developers to stay focused on their daily tasks, or to quickly understand an entirely new field?

Here’s an overview of my development-related skills:

  • Linux hardware drivers
    • Devices and buses
    • Embedded hardware peripherals
    • Network interfaces and switches
  • Telecommunications and networking
    • Network protocols
    • Optimized network traffic
    • Network hardware configuration
  • Real-time systems and applications
    • Soft real-time on Linux
    • Scheduler, interrupts and latency
    • Interprocess communication
  • Parallel applications
    • Synchronization and communication
    • Lockless data structures
    • Tuning and optimization
  • Tools and infrastructure
    • Build systems and development automation
    • Code management and continuous integration
    • Automated testing
  • Preferred technologies
    • Programming languages — C, C\+\+, Rust, Python, Haskell
    • Operating systems — Linux, UNIX, embedded systems
    • Databases — PostgreSQL, SQLite

What I do and for whom

  • Workshops for small development companies and teams, in-person as well as online. For example, I organized a series of workshops on porting applications from the QNX real-time operating system to Linux, or workshops on kickstartíng new hardware.
  • Consultations for leading Linux distributors and their customers. For example, I have consulted on various open-source projects related to network communications or customization of common open-source application software.
  • Analyses for development teams, managers and architects. For a Linux distributor, I prepared an analysis of the network configuration tools used, including specific shortcomings, available alternatives and remediation options.
  • Help with open-source technologies for anyone who asks for it. I have helped companies and individuals with open-source technologies. I've worked with them on perf and eBPF in the Linux kernel, Git for code management, transactions and locking in PostgreSQL, CUPS print server adaptations, or modifications to Linux distributions Fedora/RHEL, SUSE, and OpenWRT.
Pavel Simerda

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Pavel Simerda
Datachange, s.r.o.
Na Folimance 15
Czech Republic, European Union
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