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April 10


Many creative professionals face their inner critic — a voice filled with self-doubt and criticism that emerges during the creative process. This voice, as Jessica Abel says, often hinders creatives by perpetuating feelings of inadequacy and fear, leading to procrastination and a decrease in self-confidence. Contrary to the popular approach of silencing or combating this inner critic, she suggests a more empathetic and understanding stance. Inspired by Nicole Lewis-Keeber's work, a former clinical therapist, Jessica proposes that the inner critic should be viewed as your protective mechanism, rather than an enemy.

"Compassion towards your inner critic will allow you to make decisions for yourself based on your goals, and not your fears."

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April 9


Elina Jutelyte, the founder of Freelance Business, has published the most complete list of independent freelance communities that we’ve seen since … well, ever!

At, we’re proud to be featured on her list of 30+ diverse freelance communities from all over the world. These communities are indeed far less numerous than freelance platforms and job boards, highlighting the rarity and value of such independent networks. As Elina nails it: “It illustrates how difficult it is to maintain an independent community and make it a financially viable activity.”

Note: As a complementary source, take a look at our list of 450+ European resources for freelancers.

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April 8


Are you planning to involve freelancers in your project? Kat Shepherd offers some basic advice on how to approach pricing for freelance work, especially when prices are negotiable.

She suggests considering various factors, including the freelancer's experience, skills, expertise, project complexity, potential ROI, location, and the project's duration to set appropriate rates. This list will help you ensure you're proceeding in a manner that’s right for both you and the independent professional.

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April 5


Robert Vlach was a guest on the Australian business podcast Wisepreneurs with Nigel Rawlins. They discussed freelancing in broader terms, but especially with regards to career strategy, pricing and negotiations with clients.

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April 5


We would like to invite you to our two upcoming international freelance meetups, where you can network with other freelancers, debate freelance business with Robert Vlach, and enjoy the beautiful coworking environment:

Co-organized with Impact Hub Barcelona and Impact Hub Madrid as a part of our Freelancers On the Road meetup series, these meetups aim to establish contacts and exchange experiences between European freelancers, to support local freelance communities and coworking spaces as an ideal environment for collaboration and networking.

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April 2


Experienced creator Jessica Abel explains why just making more work doesn’t lead to making more money: “Leaning on MORE doesn’t lead to an increased income. It leads to plateauing and burnout,” she observes and recommends focusing more on the business side of creative work:

  • The very first question you have to answer is, what is enough income, for you?
  • Clarify your personal requirements (beyond an increase in income)
  • Use what you have at hand to design a way to work that will meet your personal needs and increase your income

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March 27


Geeky, but useful. Derek Sivers shares his efficient data backup strategy, which requires about ten seconds daily and five minutes monthly.

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March 25


"I’ve encountered far too many people who are chasing perfection before launching their new business or career," writes Dan Thornton in his short but very relevant essay where he discusses that striving for perfection at the very beginning can be counterproductive.

While attention to detail is valuable, obsessing over minor aspects can hinder progress. Success in freelancing often comes from learning and evolving, not from starting with a perfect offering.

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March 22


Ever felt the urge to explore the world without putting your work on pause? Domenico Trimboli shares how a workation, a mix of work and vacation, helped to restart his freelance business and gives a couple of pieces of advice for first-time digital nomads.

"Don’t get me wrong – I am not advocating for workations instead of vacations. I love to take a proper vacation, and you should totally do that at least once or twice per year. But if you are like me, you can’t take five 2-week vacations per year. That’s where workations come in handy."

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March 20


Freelancers, despite choosing self-employment for its freedom, often find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns that lead to boredom and burnout, says Dan Thornton in his recent article. He suggests that introducing small changes in daily routines, like altering workspaces, trying different foods, or adopting new hobbies, can rejuvenate creativity, enhance wellbeing, and prevent professional stagnation.

"You don’t need to turn your life upside down. Just plan some new experiences, even small ones. You might be surprised at how much difference it can make."

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