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June 12


Let us introduce you to Impact Hub Dresden, which runs two unique coworking places, where our international freelance meetup takes place next week.

Here’s their intro from our invitation:

“Impact Hub Dresden is a proud member of the international Impact Hub Network. It operates two beautiful coworking spaces known as Hauptbahnhof and Galerie/Zentrum, both close to each other by walking distance. They boast a perfect central location and ideal working environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and transformative organizations. You may enjoy carefully designed office space with flexible membership plans, friendly community atmosphere and memorable events.”

In other words, a perfect workplace for freelancers 💜

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June 11


In this older but very relevant article, Nick Maggiulli presents how to think about time in relation to economic activities, such as investing or freelancing, and money through the lens of maintaining long-term health.

Maggiulli explains that even a moderate investment of time in exercise (e.g., four hours a week) can yield substantial benefits, adding years of healthy life, which, as we all know, is crucial for us independent professionals.

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June 10


Our international freelance meetup at Impact Hub Dresden on June 20–21 is almost here!

Register for free — and check out the program of the event on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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June 6


What (not) to do when a potential customer won’t disclose their budget? First of all, avoid drafting a proposal without sufficient information, says Matthew Fenton, who offers some valuable recommendations in the article.

"As a soloist, your time is your inventory. And a proposal is a significant investment of your time. Before writing one, identify the budget owner, the buying process and the fee expectation. Always."

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June 5


Here’s a video invite to our upcoming international freelance meetup in Dresden (Germany) on June 20–21, presented by Robert Vlach, founder of and best-selling author of The Freelance Way. Robert will hold a debate on freelance business and a workshop on pricing at the event.

Registration is free. See event page on LinkedIn or Facebook for details.

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June 3


“Successful freelance pricing is not a one-off calculation. It is a continuous process of gathering intelligence and being bold in acting on it,” explains Robert Vlach in the latest editorial of our newsletter. Read it in full on his Twitter or LinkedIn.

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May 31


German Freelancermap published a highly anticipated Freelancer Study 2024 which rightly belongs among Europe’s top surveys focused on freelance economy.

Even though it is not statistically representative (85% respondents were men, 74% senior experts, €98 hourly rate on average), it offers invaluable insights into livelihoods of more affluent European freelancers. Here are some highlights:

  • 57% had a gross revenue of over €100,000 (31% over €150,000)
  • €60,508 was the average net profit
  • €1,098 is set aside on average each month for retirement
  • 42% have only one client at a time
  • monthly income fluctuate by more than 25% for 42% of the respondents
  • 40% rely on active project acquisition (i.e. active sales and marketing)

See the final PDF report for more data, insights, beautiful visuals and graphs, and quotes by the panel of selected experts.

Great job, Freelancermap and Stefania Volpe nailed it again!

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May 27


Robert Vlach was a guest on Freelancers: Next Gen podcast hosted by Matt Dowling of the UK’s Freelancer Club. The result is a fantastic, broad-ranging interview of the two figures shaping the current freelance discourse on important issues—from freelance advocacy and policy (from Matt’s side) to turning increased demand into better business deals and conditions, preventing stagnation in freelance pricing, and more. Listen on Spotify:

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May 24


"Whether you’re a freelancing guru or someone who has just started out on their own, the one thing you’ll need to keep in mind as you manage finances is a bank account," says Stefania Volpe at the start of her insightful article for Freelancermap. In it, she provides an up-to-date overview of bank accounts for freelancers, especially in Europe, and shares some valuable tips for managing business finances effectively.

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May 22


Are you at the beginning of your freelance career? It is a journey that offers great freedom, but also comes with its own set of challenges. Dan Thornton outlined some common mistakes and how to avoid them. Here are a few of them:

  • No planning or preparation
  • Taking on bad clients
  • Not looking after your physical and mental wellbeing
  • Forgetting about backups and security
  • Being scared to invest or outsource

Find more in his article.

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