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April 22


How did the freelancers from the British platform YunoJuno fare? Katey Gregory's article summarizes the main outputs from the regular Freelancer Rates Report, which presents insights into day rates and project lengths — based on 98,000+ YunoJuno freelance contracts.

As the survey shows, day rates have risen slightly year on year, averaging £379 per day despite the challenging economic conditions. Meanwhile, project length has fallen slightly to 24 working days.

The report delves into the day rates across 15 disciplines. Among the top-earning fields are strategy (£497 per day), market research (£488), and data (£473). You can download the full report in PDF at the bottom of the website page.

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April 19


If you're looking for a guidebook that introduces you to the practical use of AI tools (especially LLMs like ChatGPT) in the workplace, check out the new release Co-intelligence. It's written by Ethan Mollick, who teaches business and innovation at the University of Pennsylvania.

Unlike other authors, Mollick doesn't exaggerate or promise miracles. Instead, he soberly describes the challenges and opportunities of current technology and outlines strategies you can build on in the coming years.

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April 18


When updating your professional profiles or CVs, the mention of hobbies can be a double-edged sword, says Jenny Holliday. Historically, hobbies were used to give a personal touch and showcase other skills. However, they can also serve as distractions or even become embarrassing if not chosen carefully.

Instead of listing 'hobbies,' which can seem immature, consider framing them as 'interests and achievements' to maintain a professional tone. It’s important to reflect on whether these interests are relevant to your work and if they truly reflect skills that add value to your professional profile.

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April 15


Speaking of longevity science, the practice is what makes a master, right? One of them is undoubtedly the legendary investor Edward Thorp. At 91, he’s jogging, doing pushups, playing tennis, and thinking strategically about extending his lifespan even further. In a rare Bloomberg interview (worth registering to get behind the paywall), Thorp describes his regimen and outlines his take on risk prevention, arguably the cornerstone of his longevity practice. Indeed, most freelancers can benefit from his career-spanning insights.

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April 15


Longevity is a major topic for career freelancers (as discussed from the business perspective on Wisepreneurs). However, the scientific side of longevity and lifespan is much more complex and inconclusive. There’s a great and sobering conversation about it between Max Lugavere, author of the Genius Foods and other books, and his guest, Charles Brenner, a biochemist who conducted the breakthrough research on NR (which led to the development of Tru Niagen, a leading NAD booster). Available on Spotify and YouTube:

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April 10


Many creative professionals face their inner critic — a voice filled with self-doubt and criticism that emerges during the creative process. This voice, as Jessica Abel says, often hinders creatives by perpetuating feelings of inadequacy and fear, leading to procrastination and a decrease in self-confidence. Contrary to the popular approach of silencing or combating this inner critic, she suggests a more empathetic and understanding stance. Inspired by Nicole Lewis-Keeber's work, a former clinical therapist, Jessica proposes that the inner critic should be viewed as your protective mechanism, rather than an enemy.

"Compassion towards your inner critic will allow you to make decisions for yourself based on your goals, and not your fears."

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April 9


Elina Jutelyte, the founder of Freelance Business, has published the most complete list of independent freelance communities that we’ve seen since … well, ever!

At, we’re proud to be featured on her list of 30+ diverse freelance communities from all over the world. These communities are indeed far less numerous than freelance platforms and job boards, highlighting the rarity and value of such independent networks. As Elina nails it: “It illustrates how difficult it is to maintain an independent community and make it a financially viable activity.”

Note: As a complementary source, take a look at our list of 450+ European resources for freelancers.

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April 8


Kat Shepherd wrote an article for YunoJuno about the basic strategies of pricing freelance work from the perspective of clients, especially when prices are negotiable. She suggests considering various factors, including the freelancer's experience, skills, expertise, project complexity, potential ROI, location, and the project's duration to set appropriate rates for both the client and the independent professional.

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April 5


Robert Vlach was a guest on the Australian business podcast Wisepreneurs with Nigel Rawlins. They discussed freelancing in broader terms, but especially with regards to career strategy and longevity, pricing and negotiations with clients.

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April 5


We would like to invite you to our two upcoming international freelance meetups, where you can network with other freelancers, debate freelance business with Robert Vlach, and enjoy the beautiful coworking environment:

Co-organized with Impact Hub Barcelona and Impact Hub Madrid as a part of our Freelancers On the Road meetup series, these meetups aim to establish contacts and exchange experiences between European freelancers, to support local freelance communities and coworking spaces as an ideal environment for collaboration and networking.

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