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We treat freelancers as independent professionals:
No intermediaries. No commissions. No bidding. No oversight.

When you become our member with your profile listed in the freelance directory, anyone can contact you directly. You can negotiate, set prices and take on as many new clients as you like, and we won’t even know about it. Our members don’t bid against each other. Instead, they tend to cooperate or team up on bigger projects. By joining us, you may bring your freelance business up to speed on the European level as well.

Here’s what you get as our member:

  • a public profile written and updated by our copywriter (or yourself)
  • a profile text that you can use on your other profiles and websites
  • exposure to other European freelancers, professionals and businesspeople
  • the option to set up your domain as an alias forwarded to your profile
  • priority access and invites to our online events and member-only content

As a special starting offer, you can now get 3 years of membership for the price of two:

Membership application

We will send you further instructions right after reviewing your application.
We won’t use your data for any other purpose.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I pay the membership fee?
    You can pay the membership fee via a standard SEPA payment in euros from your bank account — a fast and cheap wire-transfer method offered by every European bank. You will receive the payment instructions by email right after we review your membership application. Other payment methods may be available upon request, just ask.
  • What do you need to create my public profile?
    We need your contact information, a headshot photo, and the description of your expertise or services to be used in your public profile. If you have a website in English, we can use it as a source as well. The final result will be your professional profile in plain English composed by our copywriter, or by yourself if you prefer your own style more.
  • How long will it take to publish my profile?
    It takes no more than 2 weeks after we receive your payment and the information needed to create your profile.
  • Can I update my profile anytime as needed?
    Yes, absolutely. If you need to update your profile, just contact our customer support and describe what you need. Once we finish our interface for members, you will be able to do most of the updates all by yourself.
  • Do you do translations and proofreading?
    We don’t do translations into English. We create your profile from the information you provide us with in English, which is generally the language needed for communicating with us or clients. Most profiles are written by our copywriter in plain and simple English so that they are clear for non-native English speakers. We always do basic proofreading including checks with tools like MS Word and Grammarly. This may not always be 100% correct, but we will promptly correct any reported errors.
  • Do I need to have a photo in my profile?
    No, it's not obligatory, but still highly recommended. Profiles without a photo are much less trustworthy, and even avoided by potential clients. A representative headshot photo is actually a strong incentive to attract exactly the type of customers you like to deal with.
  • How do I set up my profile’s custom domain?
    Your profile comes with a short URL address like If that’s not enough you can set up your own domain as an alias for it. Just purchase your own domain through any reputable registrar and then have it redirected to your profile’s URL address or set its DNS A record to our IP address
  • Will you be sharing my data with anyone?
    Your public profile is shared with the public and that's it. Public profiles can be accessed by anyone through the internet and you have total control of its contents, there is no other data sharing to speak of beyond that. Otherwise, we only keep the data necessary to maintain your profile and meet any legal obligations like storing invoicing records, etc. We don't share these records with anyone else and we do not track individual users on our website.
  • Can I join if I’m set up as a limited company?
    If you are a freelancer, it doesn't matter whether you are registered as self-employed, a limited company or some other kind of businessperson. You only need to have an official business registration in a country that has established trade relations with the EU and that's enough.
  • Can I join you if I am not based in Europe?
    Yes, you can. If you are a freelancer based outside of Europe that is looking to get in touch with European clients, you are most welcome. You only need to be registered as a businessperson in a country that has established trade relations with the EU.
  • Do you accept everyone as a member?
    We accept most membership applications. However, we reserve the right to turn down any application without an explanation, if we evaluate it as fake, suspicious, unethical or potentially illegal. We are friendly and open towards all freelancers, but also selective when it comes to avoiding people dealing in any kind of shady business. If you’re an honest, reliable and trustworthy professional, you have nothing to worry about. You're more than welcome to join!
  • How will potential clients find my profile?
    All profiles are being indexed by Google and other search engines, which are typically a major source of traffic for most profiles. But the sources of traffic don’t end there since your profile is a sort of a personal microsite in English. You can share your profile on social networks, use it as a landing page for PPC campaigns, have it printed on business cards, linked from your other websites, etc.
  • Can I quit any time without commitments?
    Yes, your membership does not involve any future commitments. After your membership expires, you'll be free to decide whether you want to extend your membership for another period or not. And if you choose not to renew your membership, your profile will be deleted. We are a community of independent professionals and that’s why we will always respect your freedom of choice ❤

Firsthand recommendations

Whether you are a freelance veteran or beginner (my case), I recommend with all my heart! Founded and invented by Robert Vlach, it brings me the wonderful possibilities of recommending and sharing contacts or portfolios with professionals from many industries. For me, the portal has opened new possibilities and collaborations with clients. Thank you so much!

Petr Kaduch
Petr Kaduch business consultant and crisis manager, certified SAFe consultant for agile business transformations

Whenever I need to present my work to someone, I list my profile right next to my website. Then I don’t have to explain the value of my work because it’s pretty obvious at first sight of my profile — it has a major influence on what clients approach me and how.

Barbora Baronova, PhD
Barbora Baronova, PhD award-winning independent publisher and literary documentarian

It's great to have a platform where freelancers can advertise themselves and where clients can find them easily. That is why I have joined and I recommend it to every freelancer. Sign up!

Mónica Fidalgo
Mónica Fidalgo online Spanish teacher and language coach