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I've been a part of this freelance community since 2011 (first on the Czech site + now on, and it was a fundamental step on my way to becoming a freelancer. I benefited greatly from their news and blog articles, personal meetings and think-tank sessions with other freelancers, as well as from presenting my services in their freelance directory. The return on my initial investment in membership was almost instantaneous. It helped me to overcome my initial fears of going freelance. My profile has been a vital part of my personal marketing ever since, and I also take my membership in this community as a sort of public commitment to do great work of the highest quality. Becoming one of the first registered members of was, therefore, a logical next step towards approaching new clients all over Europe.

Jan Barborik
multi-skilled WordPress and Shoptet specialist

The community vibe around Robert Vlach and all his projects, including, is empowering. I'd be a lonely employee somewhere in the corporate world if Robert had not been around, guiding me in my own freelancing career. He and the open-minded community of passionate entrepreneurs and fair people, building their small businesses, have helped me position myself better for any upcoming project.

Vita Valka
web and graphic designer, UX consultant

As an employee, I had often felt the need for greater independence, so I tried to get some projects as a freelancer. I had a website, and I was trying to get jobs through various freelance marketplaces or Google Ads. None of this proved to be too successful or profitable. Though I was at first dissuaded by a paid membership, I finally decided to register at, the Czech precursor to Only then, did quality clients slowly start to approach me. Now, several years later, it is actually my only source of customers, and my business just keeps growing. Registering on the new portal was a no-brainer — so here I am, reaching out to the whole of Europe.

Ondrej Novy
senior developer of Android apps

I've been a member of this freelance community since 2009 and had been collaborating with its founder Robert Vlach for two years already before that. Despite having the chance to observe the evolution of this project since its inception ( the Czech part if this,, was founded in 2005), I am still amazed by its humble universality. At first glance, you may see just a typical directory of freelancers, no big deal, right? But in reality, it is so much more! By becoming a member, you will become a part of a community of fascinating people, whom you can also meet in person at events, organized both offline and online. There's also a regular insightful newsletter about freelancing, interesting projects, and people. And if you are seeking inspiration, or you have been doubting your career choices, this community will connect you with successful professionals who are open to sharing their experience and business know-how freely and without restraint. Let me be honest here: I'm an artist, and being a member of this community hasn't turned me into an entrepreneur. And that's precisely what's best about this project: It simply helps me to become the man I really want to be.

Marian Friedl
musician, music producer, composer and publicist

Mira Vlach is a great gateway to doing business across Europe. It provides me with a credible and professional presentation of my business activities abroad.

Mira Vlach
project manager and project management consultant

Ivana Hruba helps me reach out to foreign clients without having to pay for any PPC campaigns or having to compete with large companies.

Ivana Hruba
English-Spanish-Czech translator specialized in legal texts and localization of products or websites

Petr Kaduch

Whether you are a freelance veteran or beginner (my case), I recommend with all my heart! Founded and invented by Robert Vlach, it brings me the wonderful possibilities of recommending and sharing contacts or portfolios with professionals from many industries. For me, the portal has opened new possibilities and collaborations with clients. Thank you so much!

Petr Kaduch
business consultant and crisis manager

Martina Galandova has allowed us to present our services on the European market, beyond the Czech Republic where we are based. Besides the fact that this step brought us new clients,’s team was very helpful with registration and professional promotion. It is a fruitful collaboration for us.

Martina Galandova
translator, interpreter, and founder of a translation agency

Barbora Baronova, PhD

Whenever I need to present my work to someone, I list my profile right next to my website. Then I don’t have to explain the value of my work because it’s pretty obvious at first sight of my profile — it has a major influence on what clients approach me and how.

Barbora Baronova, PhD
award-winning independent publisher and literary documentarian

Kamila Zahradnickova is an all-inclusive platform: helpful community, curated know-how, and a premium stamp of credibility for your services. While benefiting from the supportive think tanks and networking, you stay in complete control of your work agenda and fees. Profile on is a must-have for any independent professional in Europe.

Kamila Zahradnickova
behavioural design expert and consultant

Martin Kavka

For me, is a totally amazing concept. It brings the idea of a well-connected local freelance community to a wholly new international level. What’s important, it enables me to meet excellent professionals, benefit from their openness and have the privilege to look over their shoulders to take pieces of their business know-how with their consent. I can’t imagine a better opportunity to grow for anyone with an ambition to evolve as an independent professional. That’s absolutely the greatest benefit for me as a member of this community, which intertwines with most of my professional life: If we are looking for a new team member, for a consultant, for one-off or long-term help, I always turn to this freelance community as my first choice. If I were to advise my past self as a beginning entrepreneur, one of the recommendations would be: Don’t wait and join them right away (and participate in all their events and meetups). Thanks Robert, in, you have conjured a small miracle!

Martin Kavka
newsletter consultant and evangelist, specialized in content newsletters and subscription platforms

Mónica Fidalgo

It's great to have a platform where freelancers can advertise themselves and where clients can find them easily. That is why I have joined and I recommend it to every freelancer. Sign up!

Mónica Fidalgo
online Spanish teacher and language coach

Jakub Res

Opportunities don't happen, you create them — such as by joining As well as significantly improving your visibility on the Internet, the website gives you a sense of belonging to a vibrant and inspiring community where a can-do attitude is the norm.

Jakub Res
English–Czech translator, interpreter and copywriter, specialized in business, law, and marketing

Pavel Lorenc

Thanks to Robert Vlach and online support he provided to a Czech freelance community that had grown around him, I have been able to find the necessary information, support, contacts and clients for growing my freelance business. scales all these benefits even further. It opens doors of international freelancing for me. I’m excited for any new opportunities that I meet thanks to

Pavel Lorenc
e-learning designer and consultant

Jaromir Dvoracek

I needed to create a brand new website with my freelance services to back my ongoing offers and negotiations. But, unfortunately, the new website would take weeks of my time at best! So instead, I found a respected freelance portal, The user experience is fantastic: I just explained what I do, and I've got a copywriter-level profile online in just a few days.

Jaromir Dvoracek
infrastructure solution architect and project manager

Pavel Minar

When I started freelancing, my first clients were my friends. And as my business grew, so did my client list. But only in the Czech Republic. So registering on was the next logical step in my business. Thanks to I have the opportunity to reach clients all over the world.

Pavel Minar
IT consultant specialized in Google Workspace as an authorized Google Cloud Partner

Zuzana Bilkova

I love my profile for more than being a clear and representative online business card, ranking at the top positions in search engines. It is also an exclusive passport to a freelance community of admirable professionals. is extremely helpful for me as a businesswoman, thanks to Robert Vlach’s passion and enthusiasm for supporting individual members in their business development. It’s great to be a part of it!

Zuzana Bilkova
manufacturer of wool duvets and bedding in a traditional workshop

Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.

I joined right away after its launch. It has enabled me, simply and quickly, to approach new international clients. Last but not least, membership prices and conditions are very friendly, not to mention great member support. I definitely recommend as a place to be!

Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.
advocate and real estate lawyer

Dominika Spackova is a great way to connect with the international community and audience. My profile was professionally written, and when presenting my work internationally, showing my profile is always the first option.

Dominika Spackova
slow-business management consultant

Lucie Strechova is a platform rare to find. Unique, extremely well organized and run by an amazing professional Robert Vlach who really knows his business very well and makes sure you always get most of your profile. My decision to join was one of the crucial ones in my professional career. Thanks to this platform & cooperation with Robert, I have received cooperation offers that opened new horizons for me. If you want to be part of something bigger, part of something that really makes sense in your professional growth, then you should not hesitate any longer and join I can only highly recommend it!!!

Lucie Strechova
senior event project manager and a globetrotting producer of exhibition stands and showrooms

Radek Hrachovec

Since leaving my corporate career in 2010 and becoming a sole trader, I was dependent on any kind of promotion of my brand. I finally realized that the most effective way is having quality references. Being listed on a trusted portal like gives you a nice kick of trustworthiness you definitely need. Thanks to my profile and brand grow on the European level. Going beyond our home country is something we should all embrace. The world is full of clients. Thank you!

Radek Hrachovec
loyalty marketing consultant