Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.

advocate and real estate lawyer

Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: Europe
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If you are looking to buy or sell a property without risks and stress, contact me. I am an advocate with 15 years of experience, specialized in property law. For this area of legal expertise, I was identified as one of the 10 key experts among the Top 100 Czech and Slovak women of 2021 in the legal industry.

My team has helped thousands of clients with purchase agreements when buying or selling apartments, houses, or land. We also provide legal services to real estate agencies and developers and work with the best professionals in the real estate business.

I have a postgraduate degree LL.M. (Master of Laws) from the University of Passau, Germany, and a Doctor of Laws degree from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague. I am the co-author of the book New Civil Code (Czech Republic) and also collaborated with the Verlag Dashöfer publishing house on an online commentary about the Business Corporations Act. Currently, I am also participating in the commentary for the part of the Czech Civil Code dealing with real estate. I have published articles in many magazines, and since 2016 I have also been writing articles for my Czech blog about real estate.

After many years of cooperation, I merged offices with my fellow advocate Jan Zajicek, and founded the law firm Realitni advokati. Together with other colleagues, we provide a wide range of services online including the processing of complicated real estate deals.

  • Purchase and sale of real estate (houses, apartments, land)
    • preparation or review of complete documentation (my contracts are unconditionally accepted by banks)
    • negotiating terms with the counterparty and bank
    • legal due diligence for real estate
    • personal assistance with signing contracts and signature authentication
    • application for entry into the land registry
    • legal custody of the purchase price
  • Legal services for real estate agencies and developers
    • comprehensive legal counseling
    • brokerage, reservation, purchase and other agreements
    • agreements regarding construction and financing
    • legal custody of the purchase price
    • preparation of the application for entry into the land registry
    • training (the basics of property law for real estate agents, GDPR and real estate, Anti-Money Laundering acts, etc.)
  • Legal services for property owners, investors, HOAs (Homeowners Associations) and housing associations
    • lease agreements for apartments, buildings, and commercial premises (for both owners and tenants)
    • mortgage agreements
    • finding a solution for complicated transfers
    • preparing, commenting on and negotiating the terms of contracts
    • founding documentation, statutes
    • property owner’s declaration
    • other legal affairs

Service prices are pre-agreed. The remuneration is set at an hourly rate of 110 EUR (including VAT) with an indication of the maximum price for the first, usually the most time-consuming work (1st draft or review of contracts, analysis of the situation, etc.). You will find discounted prices in service packages. I do not charge for an initial consultation by phone of up to 10 minutes.


  1. Specialization and expertise — We specialize exclusively in property law, and real estate transfers are my daily business. We know the greatest risks of these types of deals, and we will ensure a safe transfer process for clients based on quality contracts.
  2. Experience with real-estate development agreements — Buying an apartment in a new building is often the riskiest. Furthermore, contracts tend to be complicated, and their modification requires experience. We have checked (and fixed) many of them.
  3. Service packages at guaranteed prices — We offer several packages of services, varying in scope and price. Each client can choose the option that suits them best. We never start working without the client having a clear idea of ​​how much our services will cost them.
  4. Speed and availability — We deliver documents to clients within a few working days; We also offer the possibility of express service for an additional fee. We are available to our clients on the phone and by email.
  5. Purchase agreements without errors — We stand by the factual correctness of our contracts. The contracts we draw up are unconditionally accepted by the land registry offices and banks (in the case of mortgage financing).
  6. Substitutability — We work closely with other colleagues, experienced specialists in property law. That means that a lawyer will always be available to our clients even in case of an unexpected illness or vacation of any colleague from our team.
  7. Secure custody of money — Releasing money from our custody is always subject to the approval of 2 lawyers. Naturally, I comply with all other statutory requirements.
  8. Professional liability insurance — We have above-standard insurance for our professional liability, in the amount of 100,000,000 CZK (approx. 3,700,000 EUR).
  9. Cost control — Each client is informed about the number of hours we have worked and the current price of our legal services.
  10. Signature verification — Clients do not have to sign contracts at the office or with a notary. We provide official authentication of their signatures within some packages.


  • In 2021, I was named as a key expert on property law in the Czech and Slovak Republics
  • I co-founded the independent law firm Realitni advokati, specializing in property law in 2017
  • Advocate at the global legal consulting company Rödl & Partner (2012-2016)
  • Advocate for the leading real estate agency CPI Group (2010-2012)
  • In 2009, I finished my postgraduate studies (LL.M. degree) at the University of Passau in Germany, and also passed the bar examination.
  • Lawyer at the Prague based law firm Glatzova & Co. (2009)
  • Doctor of Laws degree from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague (2007, JUDr.)
  • Trainee lawyer in a small law firm (2005-2007)
  • Graduation from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague (2005)
Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.

Contact details

Ilona Cernochova, LL.M.
Stepankova 10
155 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 606 301 369
(my assistant)
VAT ID:CZ8053123067

Firsthand recommendations

Ilona Cernochova is simply the real estate advocate of dreams. She helped us with one major real estate transaction and did a 100% professional job complete with a full legal interpretation, which made the whole matter easy for us to understand. She is also kind, willing, and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.

Robert Vlach
Robert Vlach business consultant and founder of

Ilona Cernochova and I dealt with several properties (purchase and lease). The contracts were always prepared quickly. The cooperation is such that I send the contract for inspection, and I can forget all about it because I know I’m going to get a perfect result. Ilona has extensive knowledge of real estate law, and in one complicated purchase, she protected us from forfeiting several hundred thousand crowns as a booking deposit. The owners received a higher offer after signing the reservation agreement, but they did not want to return the deposit and tried to make sure that we did not sign, which would result in forfeiture of the deposit. Thanks to Ilona, ​​it didn't happen, and we finally have our property.

Dominika Spackova

Ilona Cernochova is the best thing that could have happened to me on the real estate market. I was selling a building plot with a mobile home and then buying a farmhouse with a large plot of land. All that without a real estate agency, only with support from Ilona. She took great care with the preparation, checking, and consultation of the contracts. She provided the lawyer's escrow and guided me through the whole bureaucratic process. The counterparty never had any comments on her proposals, which significantly accelerated the process. When I couldn't manage something, she was always there for me (both on the phone and by email). I also really appreciate that all the administration was done remotely, without the need for unnecessary face-to-face meetings. I'm almost sorry that I don't buy or sell real estate more often. I give Ilona the highest recommendation because working with a real professional is a real pleasure.

Luboš Moravec copywriter and researcher for domestic tourism, landscape expert
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