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Our mission is to help all European freelancers with their business. is the first open directory of European freelancers. Anyone can join us, and you can contact (or hire) all of our members directly without any interventions from our side.

We treat freelancers as independent professionals: They pay no commissions. There are no intermediaries. No bidding wars. No oversight. Our members are free to negotiate on their own terms and set prices any way they like.

While we respect and protect everyone’s privacy, we don’t put up any paywalls nor restrict website access for anyone. The whole of can be indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing, and later found through relevant keyword searches. What also helps, is that we are the only freelance platform, where all profiles are written by experienced copywriters.

In essence, we are strong believers in the collaboration of European professionals, free markets, and the open Internet. That is why we also maintain the largest list of European freelance platforms and publish world-class freelance news carefully selected from hundreds of quality sources.


We started way back in 2005 by launching one of the largest national freelance communities in Europe, which is presently helping 200,000 Czech freelancers to grow their business. Later, in 2012, we launched the first European think-tank for freelancers in Prague and finally, in 2020, expanded the scope of our activities to Europe as a whole by launching is fully owned by its founder Robert Vlach, a senior business consultant and author of a bestselling book The Freelance Way. Logo of is registered and protected as the EU trademark no. 018556040.

The operation of is sustainably profitable thanks to membership fees and its development has been financed solely by the owner, without any subsidies, grants or other investors. Independence is indeed a vital part of our DNA :)

Our team

Our team consists of experienced freelancers who enjoy empowering others to be more successful, independent and fulfilled in their work: