Jaromir Dvoracek

infrastructure solution architect and project manager

Jaromir Dvoracek
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: Europe
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech, Slovak
Listed in: Development & Tech

I am a senior engineer specializing in infrastructure systems architecture and development, as well as full-scale project management supported by a team of outstanding IT professionals at my agency Takmento. In other words, I will make sure that we build your infrastructure on time while fulfilling all goals, expectations, and business requirements. I stay focused on business priorities while managing your projects so that everyone involved is productive and satisfied.

You may hire me and my Takmento colleagues as your cloud tactical unit. We are here to set up your development and production environments within weeks, making sure everything is secured, automated, maintained, and ready for a global scale. Contract us for a few months and we will build, migrate or upgrade your infrastructure. Our tactical unit will join your ranks on-demand, carry out a successful operation and arrange the hand over. We always finish what we have started.

Our two top specialties are high-availability data pipelines (like auctions, market and bidding systems) and private server clusters with application environments — ready-made for full automation and global scalability, all with code documentation and delivery guarantees covered by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and up to 24/7 monitoring.

What sets us apart from most other teams, is that we sign contracts where we guarantee delivery, regardless of the usual obstacles and externalities. We take full responsibility for our part of the implementation, and guide your team members through all the pitfalls. We are sysadmins you can trust.

Feel free to contact me right away via email or our contact form to get the conversation started. Introduce me to your challenge, and I’ll be happy to take care of it for you.

Our tech stack to scale up your projects

  • Linux OS — Linux is our passion, from low-level optimizations of the network stack to high-level cluster technology with microkernel images.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux — We're coming from the Red Hat Linux camp with guaranteed stability and security, especially valued when it comes to government contracts.
  • AlmaLinux (CentOS) — We know RHEL-compatible distributions inside out and automate all of our installations with Ansible.
  • OpenShift Container Platform — We integrate OpenShift, and its advanced security policies in audited environments, especially for government projects.
  • Kubernetes Container Orchestration (K8s) — A well-configured Kubernetes cluster enables you to have scalable development and production HA workflows. Orchestrated with Terraform.
  • Docker Containerization — We always create your Docker images in a repeatable and maintainable way, saving you many hours of development time weekly.
  • Helm package manager — We use helm charts for packaging your applications and custom setups automatically and dependably.
  • Ansible Automation — We install every server, cluster node, VPS, and container with Ansible to keep your infrastructure scalable and future-proof.
  • Gitlab CI/CD Pipeline — We design your Gitlab pipelines, including dependencies, Docker builds, tests, rollbacks, user rights and K8s Pod configurations.
  • Amazon Web Services — We architect AWS infrastructure where high availability without any outages is the top priority. Orchestrated by CF or Terraform.
  • Azure Cloud Computing — Azure is a traditional, VPS-based approach to the cloud. We use Azure Automation or Terraform for orchestration and documentation.
  • PHP, Node.js, Elixir, Go, Java, Ruby, Python — We make sure that the application environment is secured, maintained, and scalable while keeping developers productive.
Jaromir Dvoracek

Contact details

Jaromir Dvoracek
Solna cesta 309
Uherske Hradiste
686 01
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 910 121 613
(9 am to 4 pm CET/CEST)
VAT ID:CZ10953477

Firsthand recommendations

Takmento team helped us create a stable cluster, finalize the kubernetization of the app and also took part in the challenging migration to production. Working with them, we were pleased with the agility and swiftness of the implementations. I also appreciate the expert technical knowledge of the whole team, be it in networking, K8s or developing asynchronous and distributed systems.

Vojtech Rysanek CTO,

Our eCommerce website was under a heavy load caused by our successful social media campaign. We didn't know what to do until we got a recommendation to contact the Takmento team. They quickly migrated our eCommerce solution to a new server and optimized our database, so the next heavy traffic load was a breeze. As a bonus, our sales department reports effectiveness improved thanks to decreased intranet response times.

Stanislav Malek Owner, SMT Creatoys
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