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Jaromir Dvoracek — infrastructure solution architect and project manager


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Takmento team helped us create a stable cluster, finalize the kubernetization of the app and also took part in the challenging migration to production. Working with them, we were pleased with the agility and swiftness of the implementations. I also appreciate the expert technical knowledge of the whole team, be it in networking, K8s or developing asynchronous and distributed systems.

Vojtech Rysanek

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Takmento team took over an undocumented project, analyzed its weaknesses, replaced outdated parts, and secured our on-prem setup without disruptions to our company's operation. Now they monitor and maintain our infrastructure, automation and documentation included, and everything works like a charm. I especially value the substitutability of their team members and quick responses at all times.

Mgr. Pavel Stratil, MSc.
CTO & CSO, Fenix

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Our eCommerce website was under a heavy load caused by our successful social media campaign. We didn't know what to do until we got a recommendation to contact the Takmento team. They quickly migrated our eCommerce solution to a new server and optimized our database, so the next heavy traffic load was a breeze. As a bonus, our sales department reports effectiveness improved thanks to decreased intranet response times.

Stanislav Malek
Owner, SMT Creatoys

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I have an eCommerce project selling niche products all over the world. We have been cooperating with Takmento for many years, and our server infrastructure has been exceptionally durable the whole time. We even successfully survived a recent fire in the OVH server house with just a short outage. I especially appreciate that the Takmento system administrators are always available and willing to help.

Jan Safranek
CEO, Eqiware

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I have been working with Jaromir for several years now. He has a very in-depth knowledge of both the business and technical side, which I benefit from in our consultations. When Jaromir promises something, it is done. His team helped me with several startups already. I appreciate his result-driven orientation and the functionality of the technical solutions, be it servers, clouds or data. Highly recommended.

Jiri Ettler
CEO & Founder at Harvestimo

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Jaromir is a very knowledgeable person and I highly recommend him to any business and IT trainings. I did not expect Jaromir to be the best person to bring the most useful tools and know-how during his workshop to my development team. We are looking forward to meeting him in Cambodia again.

Steven Phich
Executive Director at BNI Global

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Recently, I cooperated with Jaromir on couple clients and I was very impressed. Not only he outstands in crisis interventions as a business strategist, but he is great in people leadership as well. Business-wise or person-wise, Jaromir’s super-skill is to distill what to focus on and how to prioritise. Even though he thinks businesses through in all their complexities, his solutions are seemingly simple, straightforward helpful and they come out immediately.

Michaela Richardson
UX Researcher at ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

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Description of the Jaromír's work is absolutely correct. Recruit him If you have any technical problem that you are unable to solve by yourself. I hired him for server migration and solving internal problems with development part of the project. It's a joy to put your feet up and watch as problems begin to have a solution.

Lukáš Marek
CEO of BoxNow

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Jaromír has impressed me by the combination of his technical, business and marketing skills. He commmunicates very well, through knowledge can quickly find the problem and start to troubleshoot. I think Jaromír is able to help in solving many problems.

Michal Fiala
EPOFIS IT s.r.o.

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Jaromír proved to be a skilled professional in application deployment. His 24/7 availability and enthusiasm for problem solving helped us put our application back on its feet. After a few months we contacted Jaromír once again. That time we were handling a big set of data. The technologies that we were using for data transformation were on the edge of its performance capabilities. Jaromír suggested some analytical and technological changes that were not hard to implement. After 3 weeks of development we greatly extended the data transformation potencial of our system.

David Kaštánek

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I did not expect such benefits from meetings with Jaromir. He is able to understand the project in a very short time, find the core needs or bottlenecks and help to find the solution with full respect of the capabilities of the project team. Always looking forward to the next cooperation.

Tomas Madle
General Manager, DESO development

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Jaromir is a wonderful person. His main super power is to look not only at isolated problem, but on the problem with context. It means that when you have luck and Jaromir becomes your couch or a friend, he can not only help you with your work, but with your self as well. By asking just the right questions he can push you to your completing your goal. Jaromir is very positive person with the sense for inter-personal relationships, he is very focused and goal oriented. It was a pleasure to work with Jaromir and I am grateful for everything he taught me. And also, he is an excellent cook :-)

Vojtech Kurka
CTO & co-founder at Meiro

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Jaromír is very bright person. It's a pleasure to work with him and his company. They always find the right solution for your particular demands.

Marek Dobrý

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Jaromír is straight thinking, open mind person with drive in making a system solutions. His wide knowledge cross the platforms and overview cause his work very fast and efective. But for me the most appreciate of his abilities is to motivate and improve the performance, efectivity and personal grown at all of his team and co-workers. He is the guy I will love to work with every time it will be possible.

Filip Ambrož
Senior Delivery Lead at Enrian Partners

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