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Mira Vlach
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Let me be blunt: Project management is no easy subject. Yet if we put methodologies, complex tools and diagrams aside for a while, it’s not hard to see the substance of it all. We live in a complicated and unpredictable world, where project management empowers us to accomplish challenging goals. The method, the tools, or your management approach may vary, but we all share the same desire to complete that great piece of work, right?

That is why I, as a project manager, consultant, and trainer, help companies, organizations and professionals to employ project management (PM) according to their needs, resources and management style. Here’s why you should work with me:

  1. You get simple, useful, practical, and results-oriented recommendations, which will enable you to save time and money from occasional risky leaps of faith.
  2. You fix weak spots with established best practices synthesized from my vast professional experience, current trends, as well as robust PM methodologies (PRINCE2, PMBOK, etc.).
  3. You may hire me to guide you through a specific project, or I can train and help you to develop a whole project management system, fine-tuned to your needs.
  4. You can improve your overall success rate in managing your own or clients’ projects.
  5. You will save time wasted by researching PM methods, books, manuals, certifications, apps or software solutions, not to mention unorthodox alternatives. I can cover all of that for you and deliver useful expert advice supported by solid analysis and arguments.

As for my professional background — I’ve worked with over 100 clients (see below) and trained almost 1,000 people in project management since 2006. I have a Master’s degree in Systems Engineering (2004) and PRINCE2 certification (London, 2005). I’m a member of two international associations, namely IPMA (since 2006) and PMI (since 2008). I’m also a founder of The Project Club, one of the two largest series of PM meetups in Czechia (80+ events since 2010). All and all, I dedicated my entire professional career to mastering project management in various environments.

I am available for remote or in-person collaboration for a base hourly rate of €110 (excluding expenses and VAT, where applicable). With new clients and larger companies, I do mostly consulting and training. Beyond that, I can offer a full range of PM services as well as full-service support (analysis, consulting, PM implementation, training, and ongoing support). I also keep working as a project manager and team member in selected projects. Feel free to send me your inquiry or reach out to me to arrange a call. I’d be happy to discuss how I can help you.

Project management events and meetings

A regular project management consultation at the Krnov City town hall (Mira Vlach on the right) Giving a talk at UX Monday (MSD, Prague) Lecturing on OKR and project management at the PM Open Space in Prague (Mira Vlach)

Selected references for my consulting and training services

Commonly provided project management services

  • help with choosing the right project management software for your projects or company (for example Basecamp, MS Project Online, Asana…) and its subsequent implementation
  • project management training and mentoring
  • establishing a practical system for project management (establish the essential rules, introduce best practices, and supervise implementation)
  • help with scaling PM best practices to your organization’s size, culture, needs, and projects
  • formally writing down the project methodology and managing its rollout
  • fine-tuning of your project templates and checklists
  • implementing the OKR (Objectives & Key Results) framework in your organization to accelerate and control its development
  • providing a fresh perspective as an outside expert and being an experienced partner in the formation of your “management architecture” where projects are included
  • connecting you to the right people (e.g. potential employees, experts, peers with a unique experience to share, investors, consultants, etc.)
Mira Vlach

Contact details

Mira Vlach
Korunni 43
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 774 182 840

Firsthand recommendations

Mirek significantly helped us when we were developing our largest project. The project was developed over the course of three years and we unfortunately only invited Mirek to join us when organisation of the project started to go off the rails. It was as easy as pie for him to lay out the plans so that we could get the project under control again. Thanks to regular meetings under his leadership, it remained under control. I will be truly grateful in the future if he sets aside some time for us when we have another large project to collaborate on.

Ing. Tomáš Hojgr, MBA CEO at RELIGIS s.r.o.

Mira is one of the most professional people I have ever met. I am amazed by his attention to detail which he provides his clients and I really admire him for this. I have completed his project management course and later consulted him on a project-specific problem. Mira dedicated his time to the issue at hand and found a suitable solution. Thank you, Mira!

Mgr. Pavel Pichler Consultant and Project Manager for Tourism Development

Mira is not only my brother but also one of the most professional experts in project management out there. His consulting work is always solid, based on careful observations and analysis, and better yet — he excels in managing projects too. Mira managed several important projects and events for my business, and the delivery was always perfect. I also admire his work in raising awareness of project management, especially The Project Club, that he has established as a major meetup series for his colleagues in the project management industry. If you need a PM consultant or trainer rooted in business practice, Mira is your (and mine) best man.

Robert Vlach
Robert Vlach business consultant and founder of
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