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Mira Vlach — project manager and project management consultant


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Mira Vlach worked for our company as a Project Management Specialist from 2010 to 2012. His role was mainly to oversee large strategic projects, their time frames and deadlines, and ensure reporting to management abroad. It was definitely thanks to his contributions that the projects were completed on time, to a high standard and within the planned budget. He also helped to enhance the project environment of the company. When working with Mira, not only did I appreciate his excellent level of English, but also his expertise, flexibility, and his ability to efficiently work independently while providing an unbiased view of the relevant matters. Over time, he has won my trust and I can strongly recommend his services.

Ing. Karel Lanzendörfer
Head of Strategy and Development, Green Gas DPB, a.s.

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Mira Vlach led a two-day training in project management for our implementation team leaders. We appreciated his ability to adapt the training exactly to our needs and his ability to engage the participants using an interactive approach. All participants unanimously rated his performance as excellent.

PhDr. Ing. Daniel Kožený
CEO at CIVOP s.r.o.

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Mirek significantly helped us when we were developing our largest project. The project was developed over the course of three years and we unfortunately only invited Mirek to join us when organisation of the project started to go off the rails. It was as easy as pie for him to lay out the plans so that we could get the project under control again. Thanks to regular meetings under his leadership, it remained under control. I will be truly grateful in the future if he sets aside some time for us when we have another large project to collaborate on.

Ing. Tomáš Hojgr, MBA
CEO at RELIGIS s.r.o.

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In the past, I have worked mainly in the management of large international sporting events. In 2014, I completed training and received a certificate of Manager of large projects and programmes. In this training, I received several interesting tips from real-life practice but the certification was based on a large amount of paperwork and complex procedures that can only be realized in large projects valued at tens or hundreds of million Czech Crowns. I, however usually manage a large number of smaller projects where administrative red tape can be quite a burden. For two years, I was struggling to find a balance between my intuitive style of project management and the necessary paperwork and administrative procedures I learnt in the certification course. In 2017, I went through Mira’s training which gave me the exact solution I needed: simple working procedures, specific project document templates, and on top of that, a significant amount of practical guides for a variety of fields, such as construction, IT, or event management. Taking into account all his helpful suggestions for productivity and project manager development, I must say Mira’s training has been the most beneficial training I have attended over the past several years.

Jiří Sládek
Project Manager in Sports and IT, Chief Coordinator of World Championship in Football Tennis 2016

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Mira Vlach led a two-day training in project management for our project management staff. He was able to introduce the basics of project management in an intriguing and diverse way despite the various levels of knowledge of the trainees. The cooperation was impeccable, and I can wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Ing. Jana Machová
Head of Business and Product Development, VOP-026 Šternberk, s.p.

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The best training is the one when time flies and you are eager to try and test the new learning you have acquired in real life the next day. I had this exact feeling after attending Mira’s project management training. The structure was well thought out and it was very practical, with a large number of immediately applicable suggestions and great handouts. Moreover, there was a welcoming and positive atmosphere in the training. I recommend it to anyone who has to deal with both work and personal projects and feels that they need to improve their project management skills.

Mgr. Hana Valentová
editor, copywriter, consultant, and proof-reader

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Mira is one of the most professional people I have ever met. I am amazed by his attention to detail which he provides his clients and I really admire him for this. I have completed his project management course and later consulted him on a project-specific problem. Mira dedicated his time to the issue at hand and found a suitable solution. Thank you, Mira!

Mgr. Pavel Pichler
Consultant and Project Manager for Tourism Development

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I had the opportunity to work with Mira Vlach in connection with project management training that we had organised for the staff of innogy Zákaznické služby s.r.o. He was reliable, flexible, always ready to help, and provided professional consulting services during the workshops and especially during the preparation stages. I consider Mr. Vlach to be an experienced trainer who specialises in project management. His dedication is reflected in his approach to the training itself, namely in his approach to writing the course content, to which he has clearly dedicated a lot of time and attention. Also, the attendees responded to the training positively; my colleagues especially appreciated the opportunity to practise their project management skills throughout the training.

Adriana Homolová
People Development & Diversity Specialist, innogy

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I wanted to introduce the OKR methods in so that we could start putting ideas we were just discussing into practice. We hadn’t acted on the ideas nor had we taken any steps to put them into action. With Mira, we described the ideas, set up specific objectives and set off on the journey to achieve them. Thanks to his supervision and regular inspections, we were able to achieve our goals in the first period, which helped our team take a huge leap forward.

Vlastimil Ott
CEO at s.r.o.

Robert Vlach

Mira is not only my brother but also one of the most professional experts in project management out there. His consulting work is always solid, based on careful observations and analysis, and better yet — he excels in managing projects too. Mira managed several important projects and events for my business, and the delivery was always perfect. I also admire his work in raising awareness of project management, especially The Project Club, that he has established as a major meetup series for his colleagues in the project management industry. If you need a PM consultant or trainer rooted in business practice, Mira is your (and mine) best man.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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