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manufacturer of wool duvets and bedding in a traditional workshop

Zuzana Bilkova
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Besky is a traditional workshop in Beskid Mountains manufacturing wool duvets and bedding of the highest quality, handmade from wool supplied by local farmers. It is the happy ending to my story that began ten years ago in the mountains far, far away — back in my hometown under the Beskid hills. One day I heard that the local manufacturer of wool bedding was about to close down. Such a loss! I decided to buy and save the dying workshop. It took me a few years, but today we have over 40,000 happy customers and the new Besky brand with its range of high quality products.

Besky products

This is me: Zuzana Bilkova & 🐑 The Besky workshop, where we manufacture our wool duvets Irena, a pillar of our Besky team Sheep in Beskydy Mountains, the origin of wool we use in Besky products Good morning, with Besky wool duvet Sheep wool — light as a feather Family set of Besky products for 2 adults and 2 children: wool duvets & pillows, etc. Family set of Besky products for parents with a baby (wool duvets, pillows, etc.) Wool duvet Besky Wool duvets Besky (light, classic, and warm) Big wool pillow Besky Wool pillows Besky (small, medium, and large) Wool wrap Besky for a baby Wool pillow Besky Premium with extra filling Sheep wool used in Besky Premium products (detail) Sheep wool used in Besky Premium products Wool pillows Besky Premium (small, medium, and large) Wool duvets Besky Premium (light, classic, and warm) Wool filling for pillows (Besky Premium) One of the well-preserved historical machines at our traditional Besky workshop Wool (duvet) will make you happy and smiling all day long

Besky products

Our products look like regular duvets or pillows, but they differ in their high quality and filling. There are no plastic hollow fibres inside, only carefully cleaned and combed wool from Beskid sheep — the best natural material to warm you up in winter and cool you down in summer, which is also perfect for kids and people with allergies or asthma. Besides, it smells beautifully and unlike plastic fibres, it radiates the energy of life.

Wool is exceptionally durable. You don’t need to wash it and yet with proper treatment it lasts for decades. Our wool duvets, quilts and pillows are 100% natural, recyclable products made from local renewable resources, causing no damage to the environment.

Besky workshop in a nutshell

Besky is a traditional wool bedding workshop, producing handmade duvets, pillows, etc. Our production started back in 1992 following a centuries long history of wool crafts in the foothills of the Beskid Mountains.

Zuzana Bilkova bought the workshop in 2010 from the previous owner and founder Mr. Baca. It was shortly after her graduation and she left her first job during the probation period to take over a business that she knew nothing about, along with all its original employees. She modernized and moved the workshop to a larger space to improve the quality and production capacity as well. In 2014, she was awarded as The Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year in the Moravian-Silesian Region and in 2018 was recognized as the Czech Woman of the Year in the Business category. She lives in the Beskids with her spouse and two little daughters, loves mountains and her wooly business.

Workshop & Showroom — If you ever travel to the Beskids Mountains in the north-eastern part of Czechia, bordering with Poland and Slovakia, you can visit the Besky workshop & shop in person. It is located in the town of Frydek-Mistek, not far from the city of Ostrava, well known for its industrial heritage. We have most of our product in stock and can also take orders for custom made duvets and pillows. We are open all working days from 7am to 5pm.

Wool Origin — We cooperate with dozens of local area farmers and sheep breeders in the Beskid Mountain region. During the shearing season we buy their raw wool so that it can be carefully cleaned and combed at our workshop in order to be suitable for our wool products.

Visiting Tours — It may be one thing to sleep like a sheep, but it is entirely something else to see how those beddings are made by hand in our workshop, not to speak about trying it for yourself. We are always open to group visits and tours and the present workshop was intentionally designed to make the whole production as visible as possible for visitors. Just make sure to arrange your visit in advance, the demand is pretty high.

Zuzana Bilkova

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Zuzana Bilkova [ map ]
Palkovicka 2284
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 608 455 600
VAT ID:CZ8354054962

Firsthand recommendations

The production of wool duvets in the Beskid Mountains has a long history and this workshop is one of the last traditional establishments… Sheep wool warms you up in winter, keeps you dry in summer and is good for diseased joints and people with eczema.

Hospodarske noviny leading Czech newspaper on April 13, 2015

The best small entrepreneur in the Moravian-Silesian Region makes duvets of sheep wool… We truly appreciate that she saved and kept the traditional production of sheep wool duvets and pillows. Zuzana Bilkova perfectly blends practice with theory and the old with new.

Zivnostnik roku highly respected Czech small business awards, October 2014

Zuzka’s duvets are just amazing and naturally we have them in our own home.

Pharm.D. Margit Slimakova the most influential Czech expert on health and nutrition, July 24, 2018
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