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October 13, 2022


Once in a while comes an article that explains some simple-yet-powerful idea of personal time management extremely well. Focus on Projects, Not Tasks, by our star member Mark McGuinness is one of those:

“We won’t remember [Beethoven, Picasso, Shakespeare, etc.] for the tasks they ticked off their to-do lists, only the major works they produced.“

Although written mainly for creatives and artists, Mark’s advice is also useful for other freelancers who find themselves distracted or spread too thin.

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October 11, 2022


New McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey suggests there are 58 million (or 36%) independent workers in the USA.

That’s a huge number but also quite controversial: The category of “independent workers” grouped freelancers (both full-time and part-time) together with contractors (including those with a single client and likely to be misclassified employees), as well as gig and temporary workers who are rarely truly independent (of their platforms or other intermediaries). In other words, the classification treats all sorts of precarious work as “independent”, which is misleading and results in overblown estimates of freelance work.

The full report has not been released. However, it is quite obvious that the new survey represents a step down from the older, highly-regarded and methodically superior 2016 report Independent Work by McKinsey Global Institute.

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October 7, 2022

DAG VAN DE FREELANCER’s founder Robert Vlach presented the opening keynote at the Dag van de freelancer conference (aka Day of the freelancer) in Brussels yesterday — a fantastic event organized by the joint Belgo-Dutch freelance community (Unizo, NextConomy, and Jellow) at a coworking center with an auditorium for 200 people. Gathering so many friendly freelancers in one place… what a blast!

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October 3, 2022


The groundbreaking DALL-E 2 AI image generator opens for all, giving creatives worldwide an opportunity to play with its new exciting AI technology.

Upon signing up, you get 50 free credits during your first month, and 15 free credits will refill every month after that + you can always buy additional credits.

Example: Here’s the Dalle2-generated image of “a freelance copywriter walking in a city street full of people” — do you like it?

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September 29, 2022


From 14 to 21 October, European Freelancers Week 2022 will take place, and you can easily join in. Just choose from the dozens of events coming up across Europe that week, or organize one of your own (even online).

We recommend #EFWeek every year because it's a really great way to connect with the local or international freelancing community.

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September 28, 2022


The Kindle edition of The Freelance Way from HarperCollins is currently available for only $5.49 — a superb time-limited offer! (In Netherlands, it’s €3.80 for the ebook.)

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September 26, 2022


Stable Diffusion is another hugely popular AI model for generating images from a text prompt.

What makes Stable Diffusion different from other text-to-image AI generators like Midjourney, DALL-E 2 or Imagen, is that it is open-source and you can install it on your computer — or try it for free in the cloud-based DreamStudio.

Meanwhile, so-called prompt engineering is ever more discussed as the career of future. Well, it may just as well be the “googling” of the future.

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September 23, 2022


We haven’t published any news for a week, but for a very good reason: We’ve been busy finishing the new website of our Czech freelance community which was released yesterday. It’s been a year or so in the making, adopting many new features that we first tested here on

Na volné noze is one of the most active freelance communities in Europe, currently supporting over 250,000 Czech freelancers, self-employed, and small-business owners in their business.

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September 15, 2022


Serbian translation of The Freelance Way has just been published as Put frilensera!

Trivia: Serbians altered Robert Vlach’s surname for better pronunciation. They do the same, for example, with J. R. R. TolkienDž. R. R. Tolkin in Serbian 🧙‍♂️

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September 12, 2022


Freelancer Study 2022 produced by (an international freelance platform based in Germany) surveyed 2,610 freelancers in 79 countries. The data sample was not statistically representative (83% were men, 72% had a college/university), but the report is worth reading anyway. Here are some highlights:

  • $98 average hourly rate (10% charge $150+)
  • $5,376 of start capital on average
  • 68% had gross revenue over $50K in 2021 (67% gross profit over $25K)
  • #1 reason to go freelance: Independence (named also as the #1 benefit)
  • Top 3 disadvantages of freelancing: Project acquisition, Irregular income, Late payments
  • Top 4 success factors: Expertise, Experience, Network, References
  • #1 beginner mistake: Hourly rate too low

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