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December 7


Investing in the Gig Economy was a topic of a recent Motley Fool Industry Focus podcast, debating mostly the two contenders for the top dog position among global freelance platforms — the current market leader Upwork and its rising rival Fiverr. According to podcast hosts, the growth opportunity for both is still huge: “Fiverr … thinks less than 5% of freelancers are hired through online channels like Fiverr and Upwork.”

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December 4


Meet our new star member: Elina Jutelyte is a senior event manager and consultant. She’s also a freelance angel behind the Freelance Business Community, Freelance Masterclasses, and the recent Freelance Business Month, 2020’s largest online event for freelancers in the world.

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December 2


Fun fact: Steven Pressfield’s literary agent Sterling Lord is 99 years old (!), he is still working (!!) and old enough that he made the original deal for Jack Kerouac’s On The Road novel in 1948 for $900 (!!!). O-M-G.

This whole Marie Forleo’s interview with Steven is pure gold — Steven Pressfield: How to overcome resistance & why talent doesn’t matter (also on YouTube).

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November 30


BBC explains Why reskilling won’t always guarantee you a new job. While the data suggest it’s not a working economic policy for employees and low-wage workers, it is also quite a risky strategy for freelancers pushing into a few in-demand skills.

“When they [Marcela Escobari at the Brookings Institution] studied real-world job transitions, they found most didn’t require retraining. It was more about picking the right industry to move into, either because their existing skills were a good match or demand was high in their area.”

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November 26


If you are a freelance IT expert working in development, networking, security, administration or support, Sandworm is a highly recommended book to read. Wired’s Andy Greenberg goes beyond the usual hacking and data-privacy breaches and delivers a stunning description of modern cyber-warfare that represents a genuine threat to businesses worldwide as well as civilians. It’s an engaging book about a future that is inevitable because it is partially already here, but rarely written about. If you read it, it will undoubtedly raise your awareness of broader IT security concerns — or at least make you way more suspicious of any email attachments :)

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November 25


As Bitcoin nears its all-time high price of $20,000 per BTC, here is Investopedia’s newly updated summary of how does Bitcoin mining work for laypeople. Is it just another crypto bubble? Many experts now believe that this time it’s different but Bitcoin is still far from a safe bet.

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November 23


Russian freelancers are already widely known for their prowess in cyber-warfare (read Andy Greenberg’s great book Sandworm). But now they are pulling away in a wholly new area: Cyber-farming 🤣

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November 20


Freelancing is the simplest approach to doing business. You don’t need an artificial brand and the capital needs are very low, but there’s a catch,” explains Robert Vlach in a new interview that also covers topics like productivity, money, and growth.

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November 18


Following last week’s recommendation of the Spanish Canary Islands as EU’s best winter getaway for freelancers and remote workers, here is a practical Work From Gran Canaria online guide including a list of coworking spaces in Las Palmas and tips for starting a local freelance business. Winter is coming 🌞

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November 16


If you prefer Windows over Mac for work and need to buy a new laptop soon, the latest generation of HP EliteBook 800 G7 Series would be a great choice for almost any freelance business.

EliteBook product line offers quite a big bang for your buck – including ultra-slim aluminum design, all-day battery, excellent keyboard, a fingerprint reader, fast NVMe SSD drive, and Windows 10 Pro OS with built-in BitLocker encryption. There are models with 13.3”, 14” or 15.6” quality matte displays and powerful AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs to choose from.

Our experience with the EliteBook 855 G7 Ryzen 7 model as well as reviews are great. The only issues to look into are HP’s battery swelling (preventable by a BIOS setting) and rare-but-possible tilted display fitting (just check it upon unboxing). Also, buying an HP Care Pack for a worldwide next business day onsite service is a sensible buying consideration.

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