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April 12


U2 has released a song titled Walk On Ukraine, played and sung by Bono and Edge. They have joined an ever-growing number of independent artists in support of Ukrainians suffering under the Russian invasion.

Last week, another legendary band, Pink Floyd, released its first new song in 28 years, Hey Hey Rise Up, to support Ukraine.

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April 11


Joe Pulizzi, who popularized the term content marketing years ago, suggests a new term for professionals who earn a living by creating content — content entrepreneurs. He describes a content entrepreneur as a person who, quote:

  1. Delivers consistent information to a group of people, with plans to build a loyal audience and then monetize that audience over time.
  2. Creates content to build a long-term, successful business (not as a hobby).
  3. Begins primarily on one channel (as a podcaster, a blogger, a YouTuber) and then diversifies into many channels.
  4. Generates revenue from their audience in multiple ways.

Our take: We would prefer the term contentpreneur as an alternative. But Joe is right that creator economy is a much broader term that also includes people who create content as a hobby, as well as makers who, for example, sell handicrafts on Etsy (i.e., they are involved in creator economy but are not content creators). As he writes: “Terms are important.”

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April 8


Pink Floyd has released their first new music — in 28 years! They and many other independent artists all over the free world are rushing to support Ukrainians in their fight for freedom and dignity.

Can we now get a new Harry Potter book from J. K. Rowling, please? 😊

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April 7


The Problem: Email takes too long to respond to, resulting in continuous inbox overflow for those who receive a lot of it.

The Solution: Treat all email responses like SMS text messages, using a set number of letters per response. Since it’s too hard to count letters, we count sentences instead.

That’s the key idea behind the microsite that can be linked from an email signature or footer. Also known as Five — or Four, or Three, or Two.

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April 6


Do you want to learn coding? Stop right here: freeCodeCamp is an amazing free resource with over 40,000 graduates since 2014 and more than 5 million subscribers to their YouTube channel packed with tutorials and technical courses.

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April 4


Creative Boom has published a list of 20 independent magazines that every creative should have on their coffee table — as a source of inspiration:

“As any creative professional will tell you, the more inspiration we can soak up, the better. But as we can't get out and see the world as much as we'd like, it's nice to have the world come to us.”

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April 1


Oliver Burkeman, who writes books and The Imperfectionist newsletter about personal productivity, has recently introduced his 3/3/3 technique. Every normal working day, his intention is:

  • to spend 3 hours on his most important current project, having defined some kind of specific goal for the progress he aims to make on it that day;
  • to complete 3 shorter tasks, usually urgent to-dos or “sticky” tasks he’s been avoiding, usually just a few minutes each (he counts calls and meetings here, too); and
  • to dedicate time to 3 “maintenance activities”, things that need his daily attention in order to keep life running smoothly.

Simply powerful, right?

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March 31


#CreativeShelter provides creative industry jobs (incl. freelance ones) for refugees arriving in Czechia, Poland, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia:

“After the recent tragic events in Ukraine, we are witnessing thousands of people heading to central Europe looking for a temporary shelter. Not only do they need our help with transport and accommodation, they will also need to find a job that will provide them with money, give them a distraction from the terrible events at home and engage them in life in their new (temporary) shelter … We, as creative industry professionals, stand with those fleeing to safety.”

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March 31


Another popular personal productivity approach among freelancers is the Most Important Task strategy (or MIT). It aims at prioritizing 1-3 key tasks a day towards accomplishing your most important goals. There are countless variations of MIT, e.g. by Leo Babauta.

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March 29

THE 90/90/1 RULE

“For the next 90 days, your first 90 minutes at work, make it focused on your single most important project,” explains Robin Sharma the principle behind The 90/90/1 Rule for people who struggle with focusing on their real long-term priorities. One of the simplest personal productivity methods out there.

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