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March 27


Geeky, but useful. Derek Sivers shares his efficient data backup strategy, which requires about ten seconds daily and five minutes monthly.

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March 25


"I’ve encountered far too many people who are chasing perfection before launching their new business or career," writes Dan Thornton in his short but very relevant essay where he discusses that striving for perfection at the very beginning can be counterproductive.

While attention to detail is valuable, obsessing over minor aspects can hinder progress. Success in freelancing often comes from learning and evolving, not from starting with a perfect offering.

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March 22


Ever felt the urge to explore the world without putting your work on pause? Domenico Trimboli shares how a workation, a mix of work and vacation, helped to restart his freelance business and gives a couple of pieces of advice for first-time digital nomads.

"Don’t get me wrong – I am not advocating for workations instead of vacations. I love to take a proper vacation, and you should totally do that at least once or twice per year. But if you are like me, you can’t take five 2-week vacations per year. That’s where workations come in handy."

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March 20


Freelancers, despite choosing self-employment for its freedom, often find themselves stuck in repetitive patterns that lead to boredom and burnout, says Dan Thornton in his recent article. He suggests that introducing small changes in daily routines, like altering workspaces, trying different foods, or adopting new hobbies, can rejuvenate creativity, enhance wellbeing, and prevent professional stagnation.

"You don’t need to turn your life upside down. Just plan some new experiences, even small ones. You might be surprised at how much difference it can make."

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March 17


Are you familiar with the 1,000 True Fans thesis? It suggests that as a creative professional, you don't need millions of fans, just 1,000 true ones who will support you. Well, Jessica Abel debunks that as she highlights the discrepancy between the theoretical simplicity of finding 1,000 fans and the real-world marketing efforts required to reach and convert a much larger audience into true fans.

While the idea has inspired many, Jessica notes, "Getting those 1,000 True Fans, and keeping them, proves out of reach for almost everybody. When dejection and self-blame set in, it’s time for a little debunking." She offers insights into the challenges and choices creatives face in pursuing financial stability through their art.

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March 15


Matthew Dowling of Freelancer Club published a great summary on what UK universities do to support student freelancers (namely at University of Plymouth, University of East London, University of Essex, Sheffield Hallam University, and University of Arts London).

See also our 2020 comprehensive review on Universities & freelancing in Europe.

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March 14


"Feeling grim about your prospects?" asks Tom May at the beginning of the article and emphasizes that maintaining a positive mindset can lead to a turnaround in the most unexpected ways.

To put a concrete spin on it, he shares a few positive stories from the creative community – moments that have helped these freelancers keep going despite the gloomy climate.

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March 11


The UK's IPSE has published its 2023 Self-Employed Landscape Report, which covers both the self-employed and freelance population.

There are over 2 million freelancers operating in the UK, an 11% increase since 2022. The results also show that 44% of the UK’s freelance workforce has been operating in this manner for over 10 years.

Here are some other interesting findings:

  • The number of freelance mothers has increased by 20% over the last 12 months.
  • Professionals aged between 50-59 represent the largest age group among freelancers.
  • The 60+ age group has also risen by 3% since 2022, which is 77% more than in 2008.
  • Artistic, literary, and media professionals continue to form the largest occupational group among UK freelancers, accounting for 16% of the total.

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March 6


If you're looking for a good newsletter for freelancers (and independent consultants), check out Matthew Fenton's Soloist Sundays.

In one of the last issues, Matt reflects on the life and wisdom of Charlie Munger, brilliant investor and professional, known also as Warren Buffett's right-hand man. He shares his personal takeaways from Munger's quotes that have guided his career as a freelancer, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, professionalism, reliability, and integrity in business.

Here's one standout quote: "I don’t know anyone I’d consider absolutely reliable who isn’t doing pretty damn well in life unless they had some truly extreme bad luck."

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March 4


American business coach Sarah Duran is launching another very interesting and free virtual workshop Delegation Decoded. It starts on March 12 and focuses on the dilemma of delegating work to a virtual assistant — how to identify the right time to engage a virtual assistant and how to delegate in a way that will have the most benefit for your work. You can register for free on Sarah's website.

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