Magdalena Cevelova, MBA

marketing witch: business mentor and marketing consultant for freelancers and small business owners

Magdalena Cevelova, MBA
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, French, Czech
Listed in: Business & Finance, Marketing & Sales

I offer online marketing consultations and mentoring based on my vast professional experience with more than:

  • 900 consulting clients
  • 27 years in marketing
  • 20 years in business as an independent consultant
  • 30 years of tarot reading

Do you want to run a successful business while living the life you want? To make money without destroying your health or crushing your soul? To be yourself in business and make the most of your gifts, talents and strengths? That’s exactly the kind of business I can help you create. I offer business consulting and mentoring for freelancers and sole proprietors in the services sector. My specialty is authentic marketing and business psychology. I am also skilled in tarot reading and rituals.

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I’m the marketing witch

I’ll help you find yourself through entrepreneurship

I’m based in Prague, Czech Republic. I work with freelancers and entrepreneurs who do business with their heart, use their intuition and see their business as part of their personal development. They are often classified as multi-talented and/or highly sensitive. I help them sort out their thoughts, make the right decisions and regain their energy and appetite for business.

I studied psychology and pedagogy at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts in Prague. I earned an MBA in marketing from the University of Economics and Management in Prague. In addition, I have a therapeutic background: a training in Gestalt psychotherapy, long-term courses in systemic constellations, and EFT certified training.

I have been freelancing since 2003. Before that I spent another 9 years in the public relations, media and marketing field. I have been working with tarot cards for over 30 years. For me, tarot is not a tool of divination, but of self-discovery. I read mainly on topics related to business, career, and money.

What can I do for you

I offer practical and workable solutions that require some work but deliver long-term results. Together, we’ll reconfigure your marketing so that it’s fun and easy to manage.

First, I’ll help you figure out what’s wrong. I use coaching questions, tarot cards and other methods to do this. Then, together, we’ll figure out a new strategy and the specific steps you need to take.

For example: adjust your services and products, make it more expensive or cheaper, change the brand or tonality of communication, target a different group of customers, or perform a ritual.

How I work

Consultations and mentoring take place online via the Zoom app. I value your time, so I won’t waste it. Our first meeting is a paid consultation and we’ll be working right from the start. The time I spend with your business before the meeting is included in the consultation fee.

If it becomes apparent during the consultation that I am not the right fit for you, we will stop the meeting after 15 minutes and I will not charge you anything. I do not send any written output from the consultation. If you don’t want to take notes, you can record the entire session.

Learn more about my services, fees, and availability

My advice will move you the furthest when:

  • You feel like you’re stuck in business and don’t know which way to go.
  • You’re not earning as much as you’d like.
  • Your clients are mainly people you don’t want to work with.
  • You’re overwhelmed, you’re not keeping up and you don’t even have time for yourself, let alone for business development.
  • You want to get more expensive, but you’re afraid of losing customers.
  • Your website doesn’t sell or simply doesn’t do what you expect it to do.
  • You’re paying for expensive advertising, but the right clients still aren’t coming.
  • The tools you use either don’t work or drive you crazy.

I’m probably not the right one:

  • When you’re looking for someone to do the annoying marketing for you, or to create a miracle ad that will bring you clients quickly, cheaply and effortlessly.
  • If you need to write copy, create advertising or deal with the technical setup of tools such as PPC, SEO or Facebook advertising.
  • When you are at the very beginning and you don’t know exactly what you want to sell and to whom.
Magdalena Cevelova, MBA

Contact details

Magdalena Cevelova, MBA
Zaluske 23
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 603 866 242
VAT ID:CZ7553160230

Firsthand recommendations

Freelancing is like a decathlon. There are a thousand other things you need to master besides your field, and good advice is worth its weight in gold. The pieces of advice I got from Madla were a great fit and I should have taken advantage of her services much sooner.

Markéta Miková real estate PR & communications

I have been consulting with Madla for many years. Either for a specific project or at the beginning of the year when I do a regular review of my services and especially go over my pricing. What I like about Madla is that she gets straight to the point. At the same time, she's gotten to know my business pretty well over the years and her advice is all the more effective for it.

Martin Perlík authorized civil engineer and expert consultant for the reconstruction of houses and apartments

Madla helped us analyze our pricing errors and suggested specific, understandable steps to address the issue. Her main advantage is that, unlike other marketing specialists, she does not fill us with empty phrases, but provides very concrete and feasible solutions. I especially appreciate the logic, clarity and practicality with which she explains the issues.

Zuzana Bartůšková tax advisor and accounting specialist
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