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Magdalena Cevelova, MBA — marketing witch: business mentor and marketing consultant for freelancers and small business owners


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Freelancing is like a decathlon. There are a thousand other things you need to master besides your field, and good advice is worth its weight in gold. The pieces of advice I got from Madla were a great fit and I should have taken advantage of her services much sooner.

Markéta Miková
real estate PR & communications

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I have been consulting with Madla for many years. Either for a specific project or at the beginning of the year when I do a regular review of my services and especially go over my pricing. What I like about Madla is that she gets straight to the point. At the same time, she's gotten to know my business pretty well over the years and her advice is all the more effective for it.

Martin Perlík
authorized civil engineer and expert consultant for the reconstruction of houses and apartments

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Madla helped us analyze our pricing errors and suggested specific, understandable steps to address the issue. Her main advantage is that, unlike other marketing specialists, she does not fill us with empty phrases, but provides very concrete and feasible solutions. I especially appreciate the logic, clarity and practicality with which she explains the issues.

Zuzana Bartůšková
tax advisor and accounting specialist

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Madla has insight and vast experience. With one well-aimed question, she will give you a whole new perspective on the situation you are in and maybe even on yourself. During the consultation, we talked about my ideal client, pricing, and what my website says and doesn't say. I can wholeheartedly recommend Madla.

Kateřina Merleová
social media advertising specialist and marketing consultant

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