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August 9


WikiHow’s guide on How to Start Freelancing, co-written by 52 contributors, has gathered over 350,000 views so far — that’s impressive!

Our take: The guide is rather short and simplistic, though not over-simplified. Many important elements are indeed missing (e.g. side gigs as the most common way to start freelancing), and the references are outdated, but to get a general idea (for absolute beginners), it is pretty useful.

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August 6


A fringe 2019 MasterCard paper titled The Global Gig Economy projected the volume of the global gig economy in 2023 to $455 billion.

Not bad for a bunch of freelancers, right?!

But as always, the devil is in the details: According to the paper, “88% of gig economy gross volume is generated from transportation-based services or asset-sharing platforms” — i.e. companies and platforms like Uber or Airbnb. In other words, the “gig economy” here has little to do with independent professionals. The recent Fiverr report came up with wholly different numbers.

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August 4


40 One-Sentence Email Tips article by Josh Spector has some really good points. For example:

  • Your inbox works for you — not the other way around.
  • People who say “email is dead” and “kids don’t use email” forget kids won’t always be kids.
  • You don’t need to sign your name at the end of your email — the recipient knows who it’s from.

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August 3


The Slovak edition of The Freelance Way translated as Na voľnej nohe has been published! The book is now available for purchase from Absynt publishers and all quality booksellers in Slovakia.

Overall, The Freelance Way has an outstanding rating of 4.5 (out of 5) on Goodreads — recommended by 9 out of 10 freelancers ;)

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August 2


Ever wondered how real artists work? The celebrated songwriter Nick Cave described it bluntly in his answer to fan mails:

“Like most people with a job, we just go to work. It never occurs to us not to work, there is never a moment when we don’t work because ‘we are not feeling it’ or ‘the vibes aren’t right’. We just do our hours… The most important undertaking of my day is to simply sit down at my desk and pick up my pen. Without this elementary act I could not call myself a songwriter, because songs come to me in intimations too slight to be perceived, unless I am primed and ready to receive them. They come not with a fanfare, but in whispers, and they come only when I am at work.”

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July 30


The truth about design titles is an entertaining ever-green article by the acclaimed creative designer Tobias van Schneider. Have fun reading it!

e.g. Art Director = Someone who has never opened Photoshop or any design tools in their career but gets away with it. Tends to hover around people saying, “I’m not quite feeling that color.”

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July 29


Locus Publishing has acquired the Bulgarian translation rights for The Freelance Way. Locus is a well-established publisher of quality non-fiction books for business, management, personal growth and related topics. The Bulgarian edition is expected to be published in 2022.

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July 29


By all means, LastPass is a great cloud-based password manager. It enables you to protect and access all your passwords with one master password (plus 2FA) in your mobile app or browser extension.

Note: If you are afraid to store your more important passwords in LassPass’ cloud, you can keep them locally in KeePass Password Safe, a popular open-source password manager available for every OS.

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July 27


When it comes to self-education, The Great Courses are a real jewel. Produced by The Teaching Company, they bring over 500 courses from the world’s best English-speaking lecturers — scientists, academics, businessmen, and other experts — into your smartphone.

Every course consists of individual lectures adopted for a popular audience. Each is 20-40 minutes long, which enables a gradual consumption of most complex subjects. You can purchase the courses on the official website and then listen to them using their apps, or you can save by purchasing them with occasional discounts as audiobooks on Amazon’s Audible (now in Summer Learning Sale all at $10 each).

Our 5 suggestions for great Great Courses:

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July 23


The simple online Gen-Z Guide to Freelancing has been written mostly for beginning creatives — by creatives at Continuum.

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