Elina Jutelyte

senior event manager and consultant

Elina Jutelyte
Based in: Belgium Belgium Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, French, Dutch, Russian
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If you happened to be anywhere near the event industry lately, you must have seen it being transformed into a digital one virtually overnight. As an organizer of Freelance Business Month, 2020’s largest online event for freelancers in the world, I’ve been there myself. Now, I am helping other businesses to make the transition with their events, both live and digital, to embrace the potential of technologies to connect people, communicate and enjoy each other’s presence.

I am a senior event marketing and operations executive with almost 20 years of experience in B2B and association event management. I’m a former president of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) in Belgium, the largest meeting and event industry association worldwide, and an event marketing and technology consultant at Endo-Exo, a virtual event agency helping organizations with event strategies, operations and marketing in the digital space.

I have done 200+ global association and corporate event projects in more than 40 countries involving diverse (often remote) teams and managed events with 1000+ attendees and 6-figure budgets. I’m fond of technologies and have spent years working for tech companies and startups, which helped me to transition quickly to the world of virtual events. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic from March to December 2020, I have produced more than 50 events, including a month-long Freelance Business Month with star speakers from all around the world for the Freelance Business Community, which I run as a side-business.

When I am not busy running events and online communities myself, I enjoy being a public speaker and contributor to the event industry’s media resources such as MPI, EventLIVE, Bizzabo, Content Marketing Institute, and Forbes. Finally, I indulge in hobbies such as photography, sports, and outdoor activities to balance the thrill I get from all those great events.

If you have an important event in mind that needs special treatment or would like to consult the transition of your operations into a new, fully digital era, it would be my pleasure to be your guide and advisor. And if I am available, I am always ready for hands-on participation in the production and management of your event as well.


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Digital event services

  • Planning and execution of digital events
  • Recommendation of tools and optimization of the digital event experience
  • Helping with the creation of the concept, stakeholders mapping and formulating event objectives and key performance indicators
  • Event digital marketing and social media marketing
  • Provision of technical hosts and live streaming services
  • Development of the programme, research of topics and speakers, coordination for the smooth running of the event
  • Team management
  • Post-event analytics and reports

Live event services

  • Location and venue selection
  • Project management
  • Event concepts
  • Programme development and research
  • Technology selection and recommendation
  • Speakers and sponsor management
  • Event marketing (digital and social media)
  • Post-event analytics and reports

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Elina Jutelyte

Contact details

Elina Jutelyte
Leuvensesteenweg 772
Belgium, European Union
Mobile:+32 489 218 534

Firsthand recommendations

Elina Jutelyte is a freelance angel. As a guest speaker, I participated in Freelance Masterclasses and Freelance Business Month 2020 she held for freelancers from all over the world. Besides being friendly, authentic and welcoming, she is also perfectly organized, professional, and skilled in using modern technologies in event production. If you need a guide and expert advice for your transition to online or hybrid events, look no further — Elina has all the hands-on experience and expertise you need.

Robert Vlach
Robert Vlach business consultant and founder of

Elina has always shown a high level of professionalism and very good organisational skills. Her overall attitude is very constructive and it has always been a pleasure to work with her.

Klaus Ahrend Head of the Central Learning & Development Unit at the European Commission
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