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Elina Jutelyte — senior event manager and consultant


Robert Vlach

Elina Jutelyte is a freelance angel. As a guest speaker, I participated in Freelance Masterclasses and Freelance Business Month 2020 she held for freelancers from all over the world. Besides being friendly, authentic and welcoming, she is also perfectly organized, professional, and skilled in using modern technologies in event production. If you need a guide and expert advice for your transition to online or hybrid events, look no further — Elina has all the hands-on experience and expertise you need.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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Elina has always shown a high level of professionalism and very good organisational skills. Her overall attitude is very constructive and it has always been a pleasure to work with her.

Klaus Ahrend
Head of the Central Learning & Development Unit at the European Commission

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Elina is a hard-working professional committed to quality results. She is brave, loyal and uses her considerable experience in conference management and fundraising to create win-win situations for all parties. My most recent encounter with her services was in LISA Chengdu (China). Due to very complex logistic requirements and poorly organized local services (not so uncommon in China) Elina took it upon herself to come to Chengdu three weeks prior to the conference. Her uncompromising commitment to excellence coupled with Elina's strong organizational skills saved the day. As usual, the conference was a success!

Peter Stumpf
General Manager at STAR Software (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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Elina was a fantastic person to work with. She is a proactive and detail-oriented colleague. Achievement-oriented, careful and wise person, has the ability to make good, sometimes bold decisions. Thanks to her interpersonal skills, she has great relations with both company clients and potential customers.

Alex Lam
Technology Advisor & Entrepreneur

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Elina’s freelance business platform was a great opportunity to meet people from totally different sectors that we usually don’t come across often enough. The platform also created a space for the exchange of ideas in all areas and from different profiles of freelancers. New concepts to think about and further exploration. Thank you for organising this event.

Marie Peeters, PhD
Coach, Trainer & Mediator

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I have had the pleasure of working with Elina many times over the last 10 years, as an exhibitor and presenter at LISA conferences that she has helped to manage. I have always found Elina to be extremely professional and accommodating. She has a true sense of business partnership and will go to the extra mile to ensure satisfaction. I give Elina my highest recommendation… any organisation would be lucky to employ her.

Dan Dube
CEO and Co-Founder of Compass Innovative Behavior Strategies

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I have known Elina for the past three years through Globalaw, the network of independent business law firms. Elina managed or worked as part of the events team at the Globalaw meetings I attended. I found her to be extremely welcoming, well-organised, committed to perfection and highly motivated. It was a pleasure getting to know her and she will be very much missed at our meetings in future.

Scherzade Burden
Consultant for the Oldham, Li & Nie Law Firm

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Elina is a very professional lady and I do recommend her to future employers!

Michael Xynos
President & CEO of Intertranslations S.A., Honorary Consul of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in Greece

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I have had the pleasure to get to know – and work with – Elina in the context of the organization of an international lawyers’ meeting. Since the first moment, I was impressed by her efficiency and rapidity in solving problems. She has a client-oriented approach, resourcefulness and positive attitude. She is passion-driven and has a real interest in different fields. Elina can certainly bring added value to any working environment.

Chiara Ronzi
Senior Legal Counsel Antitrust, Competition and Regulatory

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Elina worked successfully and efficiently in organizing the Globalaw Conferences world wide. Her personal touch and attention for detail makes her a valuable asset to the team. Language skills are well and she is a pleasure to work with. I fully recommend Elina and consider myself happy to have worked with her on several occassions during a timeperiod of several years.

Ayolt M. Zoer
advocaat, attorney at law, mediator at

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Elina was a pleasure to work with and a hard-worker. The conferences she organized were all perfectly organized.

Niklas Mirbach
Huth Dietrich Hahn

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Elina is a great professional and working with her is always a real pleasure. She has high qualities. I may recommend her without any reserve.

Ségolène Dugué
General Manager of a Parisian law firm

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Elina was a great help to us in planning and delivering meetings for our trade association. And was fun to work with throughout the process.

Jeff Van Winkle
Member at McDonald Hopkins LLC, Advisor to US and international businesses, Chicago and West Michigan

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I have been in contact with Elina for many years, both at conferences she was organising and at which our company was participating and exhibiting, and even more often to decide on marketing and sponsorship opportunities for my company within LISA. Elina has always been of great help, giving valuable advice on the available options that I never regretted to have followed. She is very efficient, well-organised, supportive and completely reliable, and also a friendly and charming person - an absolute pleasure to work with!

Michael Kemmann
Expert Language Services for the MedTech, Life Sciences and Technology/IT Sectors

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Elina has always impressed me by her professionalism and dedication.

Arturo Quintero

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Elina is a professional in every sense of the word. I attended several events she managed for LISA, all of which were very well planned, organized and executed. Her customer service and communications skills are excellent so I am sure she would be an asset to any team.

Barbara Ready-Väkevä
Language Services Business Development Expert

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Elina led the coordination of several conferences I attended for LISA. China is a difficult place to do business, especially for an "outsider", but she did a great job at ensuring all details were covered and clearly communicated, and that problems were quickly resolved. All with a pleasant smile and attitude.

Sarah Bajc
Teacher, IB Business Management at International School of Panama

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Elina is a dedicated, highly-professional, likable and organized manager. Elina performs her position to the highest professionalism, with enthusiasm and a strong desire to meet her customer's needs. Elina has a proven track record of successful event organization and event marketing experience.

Rick Woyde
CTO and CMO at Pairaphrase

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Elina is a dedicated and motivated sales person who is tenacious yet gracious. When I worked with her she was uniformly recognized as a highly capable contribution to our team, both internally and by outside partners. She is not afraid to push others to gain the resources she needs, but is gracious and friendly at the same time. She is also a self-motivator, unafraid to work with the resources she has at hand in pursuit of goals. She would be a most credible contributor to any team that needs a salesperson or an events coordinator.

Arle Lommel
Senior Analyst at CSA Research

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Elina is a self-motivated, loyal and hard working professional. I highly recommend her for fundraising and conference management activities.

Michael Anobile
Director at LISA

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