Our 4th anniversary

May 2

May 9, Europe Day, will also mark the 4th anniversary of — our pan-European freelance community and the evolving project of supporting European freelancers as entrepreneurs.

As the founder, I am often asked about my motivation to keep developing further, alongside my numerous other projects and ventures. My answer, perhaps a bit surprising, is that I realize how hard freelancing is—or can be. Freelancers truly need any and every form of support in order to succeed over the long-term.

That is why we adapt our activities and research to the needs of freelancers we meet all over Europe. We started the Freelancers On the Road series of international freelance meetups. We keep talking to industry insiders and leaders of other freelance communities. We research tons of content to pick out the bits you might find helpful.

And we’ll keep evolving according to what we find to be the most promising way of helping individual freelancers with their core business priorities. Apart from our open directory of European freelancers and organizing in-person freelance meetups (see below), we’re also considering new ways to share in-depth business know-how. Last but not least, I’ve been working on a new book inspired by freelance entrepreneurs I’ve met over my lifetime.

A lot of breakthrough things have happened since we launched in 2020 and The Freelance Way has been published. The world and its markets, including the freelance one, went through one of the most turbulent times we’ve seen in decades: covid, wars, inflation, AI… However, as independent professionals, we still need to take a deep breath and produce our best work for the clients as well as ourselves as business owners.

This is what I meant by responding that freelancing is hard. We’re free agents riding the wild sea of free markets. We’re not as protected as employees. We’re fully responsible for what we do. And we need to see behind two corners at least to prevent risks that would put our independent business in danger. No matter how advanced we are, we’re still exposed more than is comfortable sometimes. Keeping the company is therefore crucial.

With, we envision a future where European freelancers are far more connected and much less dependent on swings in their local or national markets. A future where voices and experiences of the most accomplished professionals are heard and shared, and where freelancing is a part of universal education.

Thanks for the journey so far, it’s been a joyride — and see you around! ✌

Robert Vlach

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