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Mark McGuinness
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Since 1996 I’ve been coaching talented, inspiring and ambitious creative professionals to fulfil their potential – creatively, personally, professionally and financially. I have written four books for creatives and contributed to two international best sellers published by 99U. I’m the host of The 21st Century Creative podcast, and a poetry podcast A Mouthful of Air.

Do you want to:

  • Create work that bears comparison with the very best in your creative field?
  • Reach the top of your creative profession?
  • Grow a thriving and fulfilling creative business?
  • Carve out a unique creative career?
  • Earn the true value of your work (not just the ‘going rate’)?
  • Create a fulfilling and abundant life for yourself (and your family)?
  • Make your mark on the world?
  • Stay true to your artistic vision – even under pressure, or surrounded by the temptations of success?
  • Suffer less, create more and enjoy life more?

Then I’m here to help you…


The 21st Century Creative podcast

Below are the podcast episodes of the five seasons released (as of September 2020). You can subscribe to The 21st Century Creative in iTunes, Spotify, Android, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, and TuneIn.

Mark McGuinness

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Mark McGuinness
Suite 521
179 Whiteladies Road
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United Kingdom

Firsthand recommendations

Mark helped me understand where I need to focus my time in order to become more successful as a creative. He challenged me on some of my assumptions, as well as the language I have been using. He helped me to acknowledge what my true aim as a dark fiction author is, and where I was falling too far into the Shadow Career. Mark’s unique skill is being able to empathize as a creative professional, but also challenge as an ambitious entrepreneur.

J. F. Penn New York Times & USA Today bestselling author

I heard about Mark from a poet friend and thought he sounded like exactly what I needed. I had had coaching before, but was struggling with the balance of my ‘portfolio life’ and wanted support from someone who was an expert in this area. Mark has been superb. He has been sensitive, thoughtful, wise and asked the right questions at the right time. I now feel much more confident about where to focus my energies in the next few years, and what to cut out. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Christina Patterson Writer and Broadcaster, Author of The Art of Not Falling Apart

In my experience, the great challenge for the wild & creative is to interface with the ordinary & practical. Ideas need to meet action. The spirit needs grounding in the material. Mark McGuiness’s practice offers a seasoned, empathic and clear-headed approach to the marriage of these disparate realms — and it’s an essential service.

Joshua Wolf Shenk Writer
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