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Antonin Bures — digital product designer and Webflow expert


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Tony provides excellent cooperation and a professional approach. At Notino, we always want the best collaborators and Tony fulfills this requirement exactly. He is always very helpful, creative and communicative. We are working together on a shift planning product for our logistics centers and Tony mainly contributes to the implementation of our UI requirements. We also consult with him about other requests for modifications in the application and UI.

Libor Malach
Product Owner at Notino

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Working with Tony on our project - designing the mobile app and website - was great from start to finish. Tony managed the project excellently from his position as a contractor, including setting up communication channels, keeping an eye on deadlines, and was very proactive and flexible. I really appreciate that he identified with the project very quickly, which is clearly reflected in the outcome. Although we didn't always agree on everything (which is quite common with a project like this), the communication was always positive, factual, and solution-oriented. What I find crucial is that Tony had thought through all his proposals and was always able to explain and offer arguments, including for example references to A/B tests etc. This is what I think a designer's job should look like. I can really recommend Tony 100% and I myself believe that we haven't worked together for the last time.

Tibor Kucera

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Tony and I are collaborating on the WORKSPACE15 project. I needed someone who can build a fairly large site on Webflow, but also has a good sense of design and can take care of the site as a whole. I truly appreciate the great communication he provides and his ability to always get assignments done quickly and correctly.

Veronika Vimmerova
Co-founder of WORKSPACE15

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We were lucky that Antonín Bureš (thanks to his surname) was the first on the list of designers and UX specialists :-) We have found a professional who has helped us with all our projects. And above all, he's very nice to work with.

Jiří Novosad
co-founder of Golferis and Tycko

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