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David Kaplan, M.Eng. — web application and ecommerce developer


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I was lucky enough to work with David on an exciting project for Bulovka Hospital development in React.js. We had a developer leave the company and I'm very pleased that David was able to replace him quickly, find his way around and finish the project. David is communicative and thinks up the individual concepts of the project himself with an emphasis on UX, which is a significant bonus. For this reason, we also brought David on board for other sub-projects.

Petr Havlicek

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I can recommend cooperation with Mr. Kaplan. He is a caring person who does not shy away from potential difficulties, is willing to look for new solutions, and comes with enough information to help move the project to the goal. Collaboration on the Staropramen brewery e-shop at

Dominika Bacovska
project manager at Brainz Disruptive

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We worked with David to fine-tune our e-shop with Sweet Dreams graphic prints. We use one of the Shopify templates but wanted to customize it to our needs and add a few features. The collaboration was great from the beginning, David is a very nice person and a great professional to rely on. He promptly worked on all the agreed tasks and helped us beyond our original agreement. I am happy to recommend his services and look forward to further cooperation.

Jakub Jahn

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We originally intended to hire David to sketch the website, but ended up hiring him as a consultant. Why? Because, taking into account the advice David gave us, we adjusted the scope of the project, saving a significant amount of money. The correspondence was always completely professional on David's part. In addition, he was not reluctant to join in several video calls to add clarification to the information we provided and to add additional recommendations. David is very meticulous and always takes the time necessary to the task at hand to ensure the best result that can be achieved. I would hire him again without hesitation!

Paul Gerald

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Although I was often unable to provide David with feedback on certain aspects of the project due to the workload on earlier engagements, David not only managed to deliver exactly what I asked for but even improved the project in some respects. If you are looking for someone who can think critically while doing the highest level of quality work, I highly recommend working with David.

Bradley Thompson

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Everything was fine. Thanks for the quick action and we recommend it.

Darktay Consulting

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One of the best freelancers I've worked with. Very clean code and he did everything he could to do a quality job. Very professional and I would highly recommend him.

Ryan A.

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