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Jan Romportl, PhD — senior AI consultant


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What I appreciate about Jan, is that he can apply his superb knowledge of AI to business practice. At O2, Jan — among other things — built a credit-scoring model that has had a major financial impact. Moreover, working with him is very rewarding and pleasant.

Tomas Kouril
CFO and Vice-Chairman of the Board at O2 Czech Republic

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I am extremely happy that Jan became one of the first Inspirators — people who are experts and at the same time great professionals in their field. Jan leads the Artificial and Natural Intelligence workshop for our participants.

Marie Froulikova
CEO at KudyKampus, SDG Specialist

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To be honest, I have not met many people like Jan who can cover specific topics from various angles, starting from AI algorithms, through the business value of AI, and ending with the ethics and philosophy of AI. In short, Jan’s deep insight into AI, profound research experience, proven history of successful AI team building, and openness to sharing all of his knowledge in a clear and accessible way are definitely worth your time and money.

Petr Holecek
Innovation and Telecommunication professional

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For almost 4 years, Jan Romportl organized a workshop for our employees on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in the Natural World, where he introduced AI to people from other fields. The feedback from the participants was: “A top-notch course with the latest scientific knowledge in the field of AI." as well as "Excellent lecturer! It is very rare to meet someone who combines detailed knowledge of the subject matter with a very broad general overview at such a level. Thanks for the superb concept and clarity!"

Lucie Dudova
Learning & Development Partner at O2 Czech Republic

Robert Vlach

Jan Romportl has an excellent background to become your general consultant for all things AI. We haven’t worked together on any specific project yet, but from our conversations, I’ve become convinced that he understands the AI field like few others and I have no hesitation in recommending him as an expert. In fact, he has been involved in AI for a long time at the level of academic research and public outreach, which is great in itself, but he is also putting the technology into practice as an entrepreneur and senior executive. He is therefore perfectly placed to bring this extremely challenging and wide-ranging topic to other entrepreneurs, managers, or investors while covering its many technical and theoretical aspects. Moreover, he is a very friendly and communicative person with whom you will probably get along very well.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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