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Jaroslav Baron — 3D designer and Rhino modeler


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I’ve been working with Ing. Baron since 2001, when he finished his studies at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering. He’s been helping the company Strasky, Husty and Partners with various projects and competitions in Czech Republic and abroad. He also collaborates on developmental projects of Institute of concrete and masonry structures at Faculty of Civil Engineering and on projects of bridges, I’m currently working on in the USA and Canada. I highly value his technical expertise combined with aesthetic sense. Ing. Baron does not only visualisations and 3D geometry of complex structures and construction details, but also co-creates their architectural and construction design. He looks for new solutions and his work is of high quality.

prof. Ing. Jiří Stráský, DSc
Strasky, Husty and Partners

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Excellent quality of 3D models, attention to detail and quality of results, with focus on demands of the customer and needs of the end user.

Martin Moš
LD seating

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I’ve been collaborating with Ing. Jaroslav Baron for almost 10 years. During my career as a civil engineer I’ve worked with many graphic designers and I can say without any doubt, that Jaroslav is a “superstar” of this profession. His visualisations helped me create a few dozens of construction projects. Jaroslav’s talent partook in projects of such significant structures as the City overpass in Považská Bystrica (nominated for the FIB awards congress in India), dozens of bridges on D1 highway (PPP project), the bridge system in capital city of Azerbaijan (Baku), renewed Old bridge over the river Danube in Bratislava or the newest bridge over Danube on D4 motorway near Bratislava. Jaroslav Baron isn’t only a creator of visualisations of bridges, but also co-creator of the actual project design. His perfectly realistic depiction of the future creation helps the designer adjust the design from the concept phase until completion of final details. Another important thing I’d like to mention is the speed and flexibility with which is Jaroslav able to react to even short deadline assignments. I’m looking forward to further cooperation and I wish him professional challenges worthy of his talents.

Ing. Miroslav Maťaščík
Alfa 04

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It’s my pleasure to give you feedback on Grasshopper training course. In our company we participate in lots of different training courses and your course was excellent. Not only you’re a good company and easy to communicate with as a person, but when it comes to the content of your course and experience shared, it was amazingly useful. I’ve already started a project, that I’d like to send you and consult with you. On behalf of all participants thank you again.

Filip Tomsa
Carl Stahl

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Grasshopper training course is a huge benefit for us. In only two weeks we created several scripts, that are going to make our work so much easier. (We make wooden, steel, and combined staircases.) Ing. Baron’s lecturing style is engaging and can make you excited about the subject of script writing in Grasshopper. YouTube tutorials are great, but I would personally recommend the course to start with – it helps you to understand the principles of this program and opens the way for creating your own scripts.

Petr Kudrnáč
SWN Moravia

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