Jiri Urbasek

senior iOS app developer and mentor

Jiri Urbasek
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
Listed in: Development & Tech

I offer professional programming and app development for the Apple iOS platform — iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch’s watchOS, and macOS. As a contractor and freelance iOS developer since 2009, I have been a part of many projects big and small, sold my own apps, worked with corporate clients like SKODA as well as tiny tech-savvy startups.

I’m proficient in Apple’s Swift language and constantly update my knowledge about the latest Apple development technologies. In programming, I pay particular attention to creating a good code architecture and write very reliable code by extensively using unit tests. My code is a system with well-defined responsibilities and boundaries for each inner part. That way I can make sure my apps can be extended and updated efficiently and quickly for many years to come.

I am very customer/product centric and always think about the features I develop from the users’ perspective. I am not shy about voicing my concerns if I see something that does not make much sense, or if I think it can be done in an even better way.

To junior developers, I can also offer mentoring services and code reviews, making sure they deliver good code and grow faster in their careers.

I have a Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Technical University of Ostrava’s Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, as well as the experience of studying abroad at The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Selected references

Instashare iOS app suite Instashare app for MacOS Instashare iOS app Instashare iOS app Remote Assistant iOS app app for iPad SchoolLoop iPad app TRDR app screens TRDR app TRDR app TRDR app

Skills and technologies

  • Swift
  • SwiftUI
  • Objective-C
  • iOS Storyboards
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Unit Tests
  • Git Flow
  • Scrum
  • CI/CD Databases
  • Apple Siri
  • iOS App Extensions
  • OpenCV

Selected projects and references

  • Tangible Codes digital agency (since 2020) — The agency develops apps for various companies mostly from the IoT field. I worked on multiple smaller projects for Vodafone and DeLonghi. I did Siri features implementation for the DeLonghi Comfort app. I did custom SDKs related to the geo location services and carrier data services coverage on the Vodafone cell network.
  • My Skoda iOS app (2020) — I was part of a big project teaming up 10+ teams of 100+ team members. I developed an iOS app for the SKODA auto company. We used Scrum to manage our work, did code reviews, Community of Practice sessions and discussed various problems with many developers together. My tasks and responsibilities:
    • Dealing with a big legacy code base
    • Creating and adhering to the new code architecture principles
    • Daily stand-ups, calls, Scrum ceremonies
    • Maintaining a large code base consisting of ~20 custom repos and SDKs
    • Doing thorough code reviews and feedback sessions
    • Taking responsibility of the changes which influence 20+ other iOS developers
    • Used technologies: Swift, SnapKit (no Storyboards), ReactiveKit, Clean Architecture, Git Flow, Semantic versioning of custom SDKs, Test Driven Development
  • Caracontrol iOS app (2019-2020) — iOS app leveraging BLE technology to communicate with custom-made hardware powering smart Caravans. My responsibility was to take the old legacy code and make it better so that it’s possible to maintain and scale for the future.
  • Stock Options and Cryptocurrency Trading iOS apps (2014-2020) — As an iOS architect, I have developed multiple fin-tech apps focused on connecting brokerage or cryptocurrency accounts, displaying trading charts and stats, executing market orders, sending notifications and more. Unfortunately, some of them are either paused and not published yet or have already been pulled from the AppStore. One of the apps was Tradewise, it was beating Yahoo! Finance in its category in terms of app downloads, but it wasn't able to turn a profit.
  • Remote Assistant iOS app (2013-2014) — I was the Lead iOS developer in a small startup formed in a startup incubator. We developed an iPhone app which aimed to help blind people when they got into trouble. The app featured video streaming together with a position on the map. A blind person could make a call via this app to their friend and get some help. This startup failed to attract enough investors and closed down.
  • Instashare iOS app (2012-2015) — Together with friends of mine at TwoManShow, we developed the Instashare iPhone and iPad app as our indie project. The app allows users to share files from iOS to other iOS, Mac, Android or Windows devices over Bluetooth or local WiFi. In the beginning it was a very successful project, we had over a million users. When Apple added support for AirDrop from iOS to Mac, app sales dropped significantly.
  • SchoolLoop iPad app (2013-2014) — We worked with a team of two iOS developers to deliver a first-class iPad app for students and teachers. SchoolLoop is an educational app for the iPad, developed for a San Francisco based company, that helps kids and teachers to track and turn in assignments.
  • iPad app (2010) — In a team of two iOS developers we developed a newspaper publishing app for the iPad. This was done as a contracting work for the Mafra group, the biggest Czech newspaper publisher.
  • external iOS developer for Inmite, acquired by Avast Software (2010-2012)
Jiri Urbasek

Contact details

Jiri Urbasek
Charovska 60
794 01
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 604 156 985
VAT ID:CZ8808185386

Firsthand recommendations

We worked on multiple iOS apps with Jiri and it was always pleasure to meet him. I appreciate his proactive attitude and open communication. He isn’t afraid to learn new things whenever it’s necessary.

Michal Srajer CHO at Inmite s.r.o

I have been cooperating with Jiri Urbasek for many years on both client and personal projects. Jiri always produced good quality source code and had no problems with keeping deadlines. He is very responsive in communication and I am very satisfied with his outcomes.

Lukas Foldyna iStorage author, co-founder of TwoManShow

Jiri is a very friendly, helpful and open person. I've met him when preparing first edition of SmartDevCon conference last year. He gives useful tips, provides his contacts and supports the conference in many different ways. I certainly recommend cooperating with him.

Filip Klebczyk organizer of SmartDevCon
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