Martin Fabian Rusek

graphic designer and artistic painter

Martin Fabian Rusek
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
Listed in: Creative & Arts, Graphics & Design

I have been working as a freelance graphic designer and artistic painter since 1999.

As an independent professional, I work as a senior graphic designer and art director for a number of established companies and organizations, as well as on smaller one-off projects.

My paintings have been purchased by art collectors and displayed in renowned galleries all over Central Europe. Thanks to my twin expertise, I am able to enhance my designs with subtle artistic qualities on the one hand, and deliver complex artistic assignments on the other.

Portfolio highlights

Logo highlights, designed by Martin Fabian Rusek Beer bottle designs for Dejf Beer bottle sticker designs for Dejf brewery Beer bottle sticker design for Dejf brewery Moon Chéri beer sticker design for Dejf brewery Moon Chocolate bars packaging designs Vintage car drawings Vintage cars event poster design Flowering meadow in Beskydy Mountains Front garden at grandma’s place Blooming meadow full of bumblebees Flower bed Cherry tree in blossoms Meadow daisy Meadow after the rain Tulips Flowering meadow in the wind Poppies in a grain field Poppies on a blue background Yellow blooming meadow

Graphic design

As a graphic designer and independent art director, I have designed logos, visual identities and other graphics for a large number of clients. Thanks to my extensive professional experience since 1999, I am well-versed in complex graphic-design assignments, including:

  • product catalogs in several languages and up to several hundreds of pages long
  • modern websites with a responsive layout for smartphones and tablets
  • professional branding, logos, logotypes and visual identity designs
  • product designs and packaging that will engage your target audience
  • visual presentations and visualizations for business meetings and events
  • designing merchandise — posters, calendars, greeting cards, branded items, etc.
  • trade-fair designs of stands and expositions of up to 500 m2
  • branded art — unique art pieces supporting brand visibility and distinctivity

Original paintings

I paint and sell original artistic paintings. Art lovers and collectors praise their positive, relaxing vibe and nonchalant attitude.

I paint with all my heart and full conviction, as well as fascination and immersion into the subject of the painting. My goal is to convey my perception of colors and the world's colorful aroma to other people. As a painter, I want to be clear, authentic and evoke positive emotions in people.

My art is profoundly influenced by my intimate relationship with nature, my positive and warm feelings towards her and her transformations over the seasons of the year. It all gives me the knowledge and inspiration to dream, as well as authenticity and veracity of the topics and ideas in my paintings. When I switch my perspective and look around through artistic eyes, I see inspiration everywhere. I find beauty in topics that have interested me over long periods of time as a part of being alive. Those are trees, blooming meadows, weeds, seasonal transformations of the countryside, or the effects of time. I am attracted to mysterious unkept gardens with old trees. I prefer a certain dynamism, spontaneity and expression in my painting technique.

I put a tremendous amount of energy and concentration into painting. My intention is to bring visual art closer to people who do not actively follow it or seek it out. I believe it shows in the resulting works and that a sensitive viewer is then able to draw on the energy for years. I wish that when someone asks the question of what a painting would look like that they really want to hang in their apartment, they would find the answer by looking at one of my paintings.

I paint my paintings in acrylic on canvas or wood. I have done a number of exhibitions and I am represented in private collections all over Central Europe.

You can view some of my paintings on my website. If you are interested in purchasing one, or have one painted to fit your interior design and preferences, I would be happy to take the assignment.

Martin Fabian Rusek

Contact details

Martin Fabian Rusek
Jiraskova 533
742 13
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 734 647 728
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