Martin Zahuta

product designer and consultant

Martin Zahuta
Based in: Czech Republic Czechia Working area: global
Status: at your service Languages: English, Czech
Listed in: Development & Tech, Graphics & Design

Hire me, if you want to understand your digital products’ users, purpose and context, and successfully implement and sell new digital products & services.

Since 2011, I have been working as a product designer and consultant specialised in designing, analysing, implementing and testing digital products and systems – e.g. websites, applications, cloud systems, online catalogues, order management systems for e-commerce, etc. I have come up with profitable solutions for numerous Czech, Slovak and American companies, online businesses, and freelancers.

In addition, I offer training and consulting services as well as project management.

Firstly, I get to know your users’ needs (analysis), then I describe and draw what needs to be developed (draft, wireframe, diagrams, etc.), I supervise the whole process and, in the end, test and optimise the final product (optimisation). As a result, your products will gain the visibility, accessibility, clarity and language elements necessary to succeed.

  • Website & application analysis and design – I will evaluate existing or planned products, carry out a user survey, draw up an optimal solution, test it together with users and continuously improve it.
  • Technical supervision and project management – I will prepare all technical specifications for your development team, supervise the procedures and monitor the output quality. I will maintain project documentation and make sure deadlines are met.
  • Digitization for businesses – To move your business online, I will transform, automate and optimise your internal processes, choose the best cloud solution and provide your staff with the necessary training.
  • Consulting and training – I offer an initial consultation to detect and avoid pitfalls, and measure the overall profitability of your investment. I can also deliver specialised training for your employees or clients so as to successfully implement internal systems and new digital tools.

In 2014, I graduated in Computer Graphics and Image Processing from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, where I learnt the basics of software engineering, programming and algorithmization. Additionally, I have attended many training courses, workshops and mentor programmes in strategic web design, UX and UI design, led by top experts (Jan Kvasnicka, Jan Rezac, etc.).

Currently based in Ostrava, Czech Republic, I work remotely for clients throughout the world. You can hire me as an independent specialist, or as a member of your product and development team.

I am a native Czech speaker and am able to communicate fluently in English (C2) — I hold a Certificate in Advanced English.

Portfolio highlights

Print My Threads — a graphic design for T-shirt customization Print My Threads — a graphic design for custom-made T-shirts website Print My Threads — a graphic design for customizing T-shirts Print My Threads — a graphic design for T-shirt customization web app EUCS — graphic design of an internal information system ShopVOX — an advanced wireframe with comments ADVALO — graphic design of a feature to pay out commissions Poradna poškozeného — a successful website redesign EUCS — a web presentation of the company vision EUCS — a primary website navigation design EUCS — an application design of a system for rapid print designs Figma — the design tool that I spend most of my days with

How I work

  1. Introduction and initial evaluation – At the beginning, I frequently detect and fix hidden weak points and thus save you time and money. Quite often my clients do NOT need what they think they need.
  2. User survey – By talking and listening to your customers and users directly, I can help you undercover their real interests and needs.
  3. Testing and optimisation – With the help of analytics, A/B testing, inquiries and statistics, I get the necessary data, find out what works and what doesn’t and further enhance the processes.
  4. Technical supervision – I monitor the implementation process, reply to all inquiries of your development team and check their outputs.
  5. Evaluation – I conduct the ultimate analyses of the new product to detect possible flaws and suggest final modifications, improvements.

My outputs

I create timeless designs, regardless of fleeting trends. My sketches, wireframes, prototypes and graphic designs feature clarity and functionality. I always place a great amount of emphasis on clear navigation, readability and usability according to the principles of UX and UI design.

  • sketch
  • wireframe
  • clickable prototype
  • draft
  • technical specification
  • flowchart
  • sequence diagram
  • workshop
  • training
  • consultation

Career highlights & important clients

  • shopVOX – I prepared 463 screens for the American shop management platform, covering 100+ functions of their SaaS application.
  • EUCS (European Compensation Services) – I am in charge of managing and developing the internal information system. Thousands of legal cases can now be proceeded online thanks to the integration of Slack, Basecamp and Airtable.
  • Poradna poškozeného – website redesign
  • ADVALO – As a product manager, I have been helping to develop a breakthrough service for financial consultants.
  • Shopsys – creating a career website and online magazine EXEC
  • Print My Threads – designing a tailored-made order management system for an American client


My standard rate: 1.200 CZK / 50 USD / 50 EUR per hour.

Martin Zahuta

Contact details

Martin Zahuta
Na Pradle 3389/8b
702 00
Czech Republic, European Union
Mobile:+420 776 278 463
VAT ID:CZ9207275990

Firsthand recommendation

I’ve been burned by smooth talking freelancers before. And yes, I had been a part of projects with talented designers in the past. But I hadn’t worked directly with a UX designer before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. So initially I was wondering… would I like the design? Would this be a good investment? But after the first week of working with Martin, he erased all my fears. His first pass at the design for our app was 5× better than anything we’d been able to come up with ourselves. He saved our front end dev hours and hours of time, which obviously saved me quite a bit of money. And he was always mindful of our budget, which I really appreciated. Martin’s design for our custom eCommerce app was super clean, modern, and super easy to use. Our checkout flow has a lot more moving pieces than the average site. But in testing, our end customers didn’t have any trouble placing their orders and gave us great feedback about the new design. One of the biggest things for me was Martin’s professionalism. The process of working with him was so smooth. There was no babysitting like I’ve had to do with other freelancers in the past. Every meeting with him, he took detailed notes on what we discussed. At the end of the meeting, he’d confirm exactly what he was going to work on. And then like magic, a couple days later I’d get an email stating that everything was done and ready to review. I’d definitely recommend working with Martin if you want a top notch designer that delivers on what he promises. I know I’ll be contacting Martin about the design for our next project.

Bryant Gillespie Creator of Ink Sauce
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