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Michal Lysek — PPC performance marketing specialist for online stores


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Michal drew up an independent audit of our PPC campaigns for us. His knowledgeability and the level of detail included in his analysis came as a welcome surprise, giving us a better idea of how to approach PPC campaigns in general. What I appreciated the most, however, was probably his professionalism and erudition and his ability to meet all the targets and deadlines. I’m happy to recommend him and I look forward to collaborating with him again.

Libor Zubek
Head of Marketing at FastCentrik

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Michal took over the management of PPC campaigns for our eshops in five language varieties. He had our priorities figured out in no time, and his work was quick to show results. What we really appreciate about collaborating with him is that he uses comprehensive tools to communicate with clients and to demonstrate his results. Information about the costs of the campaigns in individual countries and the sales they brought us is available at all times. Michal is a fast, independent professional, able to swiftly understand your needs without asking unnecessary questions. As a company we find that quite convenient, since it gives us the freedom to focus on developing our eshops in other ways, leaving the PPC campaigns in his capable hands.

David Vacek

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With Mr. Lysek as our guide, we restarted our PPC ad campaign on Google, requesting him to stay within our designated PNO. For almost half a year now, he has managed to do just that. He’s undeniably a highly qualified professional and the results he delivers have often exceeded our expectations. I really appreciate how well-versed he is in marketing in general. We get concise, comprehensive reports every month and our communication is always to the point as well. Mr. Lysek readily offers suggestions for improvements and always gives us tips that help us fine tune our optimization and metrics.

Roman Pitucha

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I’m very happy about our collaboration. I really appreciate that Michal always tries to come up with new ways to get our ISmolik out to as many people as possible, and that he keeps track of all the latest marketing trends, both in PPC that he’s in charge of himself, and in other areas like social media and SEO.

Marek Javorsky

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At first, Mr. Lysek only managed our Google Ads and Sklik ads. Our sales kept growing though, and so we eventually agreed to let him take care of, too. Mr. Lysek is very professional, and he allows us to check how our marketing campaigns are doing for ourselves via DataStudio, which I’m really grateful for.

Mario Lipovsky

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I’m happy to give Michal Lysek my warmest recommendation. He’s a professional through and through and has a broad knowledge of the entire online field of commerce, which helps our hotel projects grow more than ever. It’s now been over a year since Michal took over our PPC campaigns on Google Ads, measuring their impact via Google Analytics. We’ve been so happy with his work so far that I’ve now given him free rein over other marketing activities as well.

Vera Frantisakova
Mosaic House

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We approached Michal with a request for help with the setup and management of our PPC campaigns. We also asked him to optimize them. Our main objective was that we wanted our content to reach a bigger audience. Michal gave us concrete tips that improved our campaigns’ performance. Thanks to him, we realized that things like responsiveness, loading speed of the web and technical issues factor into our success as well. And we started adjusting our website accordingly. The quality of our PPC ads has been rising ever since. Since speed, flexibility and quality really matter to us, we’re grateful to be able to gradually shift from ads that were a waste of money with no real impact to more profitable Google Ads and Sklik.

Lukas Duda
Tepelna cerpadla Morava

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