Michal Vintr, PhD

independent consultant and expert on product reliability, safety, and RAMS/LCC

Michal Vintr, PhD
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For over 20 years, I have been providing professional analyses, documentation processing, and consulting on the reliability and safety of mechanical, electromechanical, electrical, and electronic products. I also specialize in RAMS/LCC — i.e. Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety, and Life Cycle Costs of railway applications and products.

I have worked on systems for high-speed TGV and Pendolino trains; city subways in London and Delhi; trams in Milan, Toronto and Strasbourg; and global train manufacturers Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, and Hyundai-Rotem, as well as on the reliability of EV-55 Outback aircraft.

I hold a university degree in mechanical engineering and quality management from the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic, where I now teach a course on Transport Machines and Equipment Dependability. I have written over 80 expert papers and co-written textbooks for university students. I am also a public speaker at conferences and seminars. Some other highlights:

  • I am a Vice-chair of the Reliability Expertise Center within the Czech Society for Quality (a member of the European Organization for Quality).
  • I was a speaker at the 12th World Congress in Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM) and the European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL).
  • I co-organized a seminar on RAMS of Railway Applications: Current Approaches, News and Experience, attended by 34 experts from 14 companies and 5 universities.
  • I was a member of the international maintenance team for the revision of the standard IEC 60300-3-3 (Dependability management — Life cycle costing)
  • I was a reviewer of the international journal Reliability Engineering & System Safety.


I offer services in the field of product reliability, safety, and RAMS/LCC — from a small calculation, a single document or straightforward advice, to a complex analysis of your product, processing complete project documentation and long-term consulting support.

  • Consulting over email, phone, video calls, or in-person where applicable
  • Processing support for the required analyses and documentation of reliability, safety, or RAMS/LCC (methodological guidance, reviews, supervision, delivery of selected documents)
  • External processing of documentation (full or partial) and analyses of reliability, safety, or RAMS/LCC


  • Reliability and safety plan / RAMS plan
  • Analysis of customer’s specifications and requirements
  • Reliability / RAM analyses, modeling, calculations and assessment
  • Safety and risk assessment
  • RAMS documentation
  • Reliability prediction
  • Reliability testing
  • Operational reliability and FRACAS
  • Life cycle costs (LCC) analysis and optimization
  • RAMS of railway applications (EN 50126, EN 50128 and EN 50129)
  • Functional safety and safety integrity level (SIL) in the railway industry
  • Methods — PHA, FMECA, RBD, FTA, O&SHA…

Selected references

I have excellent references from prominent companies in the railway, aviation, defense and energy industries. As an expert on safety, I have worked and consulted on (among others) systems for high-speed TGV and Pendolino trains; city subways in London and Delhi; trams in Milan, Toronto and Strasbourg; and global train manufacturers Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, and Hyundai-Rotem. I have also been working on the safety of the EV-55 Outback aircraft, the VERA-NG passive surveillance system, and an LNG terminal in Gibraltar.

Here are some details and more references:

  • Faiveley Transport Czech (Wabtec Corporation), Czech Republic — RAMS/LCC analysis, creation of documentation and consultancy for systems for railway applications (e.g. pantographs, master controllers, HV switches)
  • Stadler, Czech Republic — consultancy and processing support of RAM/LCC analyses and documentation for project of tram TANGO NF3 for Sarajevo, RAM/LCC consultancy for other projects
  • EH Batterien AG, Switzerland — RAMS/LCC analysis of power systems for railway applications
  • Elektroline, Czech Republic — RAMS/LCC analysis of overhead line systems and consultancy for RAMS and functional safety of railway signaling systems
  • Cegelec (VINCI Energies), Czech Republic — reliability calculations for traction converters
  • Evektor, Czech Republic — Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) for safety and reliability of the EV-55 Outback twin-engine turboprop aircraft.
  • ERA, Czech Republic — consultancy for the reliability of the VERA-NG passive surveillance system for NATO
  • Chart Ferox, Czech Republic — RAM study of the LNG terminal in Gibraltar (UK/Spain)
Michal Vintr, PhD

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