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Mónica Fidalgo — online Spanish teacher and language coach


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Highly recommend Monica to anyone who enjoys autonomous online learning. What a brilliant and fun way to learn espanol ;-) This kind of learning gives me the power to regulate and control my own learning activities. And Monica does a great job … she is extremely patient and tailors resources to where I need the most attention. My Spanish has improved massively since taking the first class in August. Monica is an enthusiastic, friendly and well-prepared tutor. She provides heaps of material to go through the study period, you can work at it at your own pace without pressure on your schedule. Monica creates various resources (with focus on all 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking) with awesome exercises where learning and practising feels natural and fun. I love this type of learning as it allows me to use various resources simultaneously — I can read, look things up, watch videos, and listen to different versions of accents while I study.

Andrea Hernández
a student from Australia

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Mónica is a teacher with a capital T. She is always prepared for her lessons – we use video and audio materials, and games. The time I spend with her is very entertaining, and I get to learn a lot of new things. I have been studying Spanish for only a short time, but Mónica has already done a great job preparing me for my trip to Barcelona, where I did not have any difficulties with my everyday needs (hotel, restaurants, etc.). If you want to learn Spanish, you have to study with Mónica. She is the best teacher!

Karolina Kratka

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I have known Moni since I was 12 years old. At first, I needed some help when I was studying French, and even then she was great at explaining everything to me. She no longer teaches French, but my mom – who was taking Italian lessons with her (don’t be afraid to ask her about similarities to other languages, Moni will be happy to answer all your queries :D) – asked me if I wanted to study Spanish as well. I didn’t say no. I am 18 now, I have been studying Spanish for more than four years, and when, for the first time, I met someone who spoke only Spanish, I had almost no difficulty making myself understood. Lessons with Moni are great fun, her teaching approach is comprehensive and during the conversations you get the most important thing – practical skills. Without them, you could not communicate in everyday life situations. In short, if you want to speak good Spanish, take classes with her!

David Drlik

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When I started, I used to go to a Czech teacher, but with a native speaker it’s an authentic experience :-). What’s more, Mónica is observant; she is aware of what my mistakes are and prepares exercises to help me correct them. She really knows her stuff and is communicative, so we always have things to talk about.

Jan Havlik

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I thought it was no longer worth it to try to learn a foreign language at my age. But with Mónica I am not just making progress, I am learning a lot of new things as well. It’s great that we cover topics that interest me and that, while doing that, I can learn new vocabulary and grammar. I am having a great time.

Michael Richter

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Dear Mónica, I would like to thank you a lot for the past year. I believe I have learned a lot, thanks to you, and I enjoyed our classes a lot. A year ago, I didn’t know any Spanish at all. Now, I can speak a little with you and with other people from Spain. And that is a big deal! I hope you enjoyed our classes – and see you soon!! Take care! Thanks a lot!

Mark Kremnitzky

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Mónica is a great teacher, her lessons are always thoroughly prepared and engaging. I welcome the possibility to have classes via Skype; everything works, it is simple, class notes are automatically saved and I can easily find them later when I need to. Classes with Mónica are great, I always look forward to them… :-)

Petra Kralova

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Some years ago, I started to learn Spanish, starting from scratch. I had classes with Mónica once a week. A year later, I was able to make myself understood; after my second year, I was already able to communicate in Spanish; and, after my third year, I was speaking Spanish while travelling around South America and in my job. The lessons were always excellently prepared and tailored to me. And so that I would be able to make myself understood in the different regions of the Hispanic world, Mónica would prepare materials for me that helped me understand the language differences and the customs in the various Spanish-speaking countries.

Milos Mach

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He who is not willing seeks reasons; he who is willing seeks ways :-) The engaging brunette with large black eyes next to me is Moni. Mónica, that is. She is Spanish. Mónica has been living in Prague. For 10 years already, I believe. Mónica is married. Her husband, Ondra, also a nice person, is a translator. Moni has a perfect command of several languages. She is amiable, bright, empathetic, extremely hardworking, thorough, and punctual (the latter can’t be said about me). She is always perfectly prepared for each and every lesson. She is always perfectly prepared for every one of our classes! I met Mónica about three years ago, having come to the conclusion that I might as well expand my rich vocabulary worthy of a two-year old child and learn Spanish, considering that I was spending so much time in the country. At that time, I was working a lot, travelling a lot, and exercising a lot… And I was looking for an effective way to do that, one that would not involve trying to talk myself into doing “teach-yourself” lessons (I knew that I would not get farther than the preface) or having to make long drives to and from Spanish classes and, consequently, having to cancel classes repeatedly because of my trips abroad. Other good excuses would have been: “I have a little kid and no one to babysit him”, “I have to walk my dog” and so on and so forth… In short: for the last three years, I have seen Mónica about twice in person, but that has not prevented us from meeting twice a week for two hours and wrestling, successfully, with the irregular conjugations of Spanish verbs. During this time, we have come to learn a lot about each other; we like each other and look forward to our meetings. I dare say we treat each other like friends – but she is also the best teacher I have ever had. I feel like I have known her for ages, in spite of the fact that we only meet “virtually”. Long live Skype, Zoom and other such applications! Long live the internet! And great thanks to Mónica, who always tries to find a way :-) Where there is a will, there is a way. The main thing is not to be afraid :-)

Lucie Krajna

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Mrs. Mónica is simply marvelous! I really liked the fact that she had every class perfectly prepared and that we did exactly what I needed – after all, I am a 12-year-old girl and she does not usually give classes to children. It was great that we were actually playing games all the time and I learned a lot of things by doing that. Also, Mónica is really upbeat and cheerful, so not only did I learn a lot in every class but I also had a good time just because of the way she is. Thanks a lot!

Eliska Sidlova

Robert Vlach

I can highly recommend Monica as a Spanish language teacher. I have enjoyed our conversation lessons immensely, and they were both enlightening and fun. She is one of the best language tutors I have ever worked with.

Robert Vlach
business consultant and founder of

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