Our 3rd anniversary

May 9, 2023

May 9th marks the 3rd anniversary of as well as Europe Day, celebrating peace and unity in Europe 🕊

If you're new to this project, here's a quick summary of what we do and stand for:

  • We support freelancers as independent professionals and solopreneurs by sharing best business practices and maintaining an open directory where anyone can contact our members directly.
  • We promote international cooperation of freelancers as well as freelance communities across Europe. The EU lags behind the US in this regard, with most non-tech freelancers focusing on their national markets rather than exploring opportunities elsewhere.
  • As content curators, we monitor literally hundreds of sources on freelancing worldwide, including news outlets, platforms, books, podcasts, newsletters, and personal blogs. From the noise, we select the quality content and share it through individual news items on our website and social media.
  • Once a month, we send out a freelance newsletter packed with the best freelance content we've discovered around the world — with love, a touch of European perspective, and an exclusive, subscriber-only editorial. Surprisingly, many of our subscribers are based outside of Europe. We're much more global than we expected.
  • The Freelance Way, published by HarperCollins as an international bestseller in 2022 including Kindle and Audible editions, distills all the essential freelance business know-how into one readable volume accessible to anyone worldwide.
  • We're in for the long game — working in a small, highly dedicated team while being open to collaborating with others.

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