Day of the Freelancer in Brussels

August 9, 2022’s founder Robert Vlach will present the opening keynote at The Day of the Freelancer (or Dag van de Freelancer) conference in Brussels on October 6.

Some 200 Dutch and Belgian freelancers will gather to network and learn from each other. Robert’s talk will be titled The Freelance Way of Personal Finance. Here is the outline:

All established freelancers realize that financial self-management is incredibly important. It gives us the raw monetary strength and endurance to manage financial swings, to cover unexpected costs or losses, and to face anything and everything that life in business throws our way.

However, not all freelancers behave accordingly. Some are creative, artistic minds rightfully afraid of spreadsheet poisoning. Others believe they are financially safe, and overspend — until they are not. And nearly all of us have financial blind spots due to outdated presumptions, psychological biases, negligence, or lifestyle creep.

Robert’s talk will outline the most typical problems that freelancers usually face on their way to greater financial independence, as well as practical solutions to them.

From the first elementary steps of record-keeping, through improving financial reserves and cost-control, to more advanced topics of financial planning and wealth management, his keynote will present you with an upbeat comprehensive approach to building and improving your own system of personal finance as a freelancer. And it will work for you, not the other way around, leaving you stronger and more confident to face future challenges 💪

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