Embrace your badassery

April 24, 2023

Freelance copywriter and creative coach Julie Cortés is a proponent of what she calls “freelance badassery”, which she describes in a recent article titled Embrace Your Badassery:

“For some reason, some clients—and prospective clients—will try to dictate the rules. Here’s the secret: Don’t let them. It all starts with you. You’ve got to be your own little badass. You’ve got to stop accepting this disrespectful behavior. So often we let fear and anxiety take over. We accept poor treatment because we don’t know any better … or we’re desperate for money. And we get in our own way when we don’t have good policies (read: boundaries) in place. Understand that being self-employed does NOT give others the right to walk all over you. As a freelance business owner, you are well within your right to determine your own policies, what’s negotiable, and what’s a dealbreaker.”

The bold and insightful article goes on to explain basic strategies for dealing with clients who try to impose their will on independent professionals, disrespecting the equal standing of both business parties.

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