Freelancer vs Employee

May 5, 2022

Skynova surveyed 397 freelancers and 508 traditional employees to compare and contrast their work lives. On Big Five Personality Test, freelancers tend to be more extroverted, open, agreeable, and less neurotic than employees. You can read the highlights in their report Top Personality Traits of the Most Successful Freelancers — or Elaine Pofeldt’s summary on Forbes.

“The two most attractive aspects of freelance work were deemed to be autonomy and flexibility. Freelancers work for who they want and where they want, which is a huge perk for many. A lot tended to work weekends too and didn't really mind — a more relaxed work environment presents itself when a significant portion of the world is out of the office.”

Our take: Countless successful freelancers are quite introverted, so take this finding with a grain of salt. The business universe is so diverse, and there are such vast differences between industries that being an extrovert is no guarantee for success. Other things usually matter more: competence, business know-how and contacts, diligence, work ethics, hard work, professionalism, or luck.

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