Likeable freelancers

August 8, 2022

It’s a hot, humid day in Hong Kong circa 2015. Freelance copywriter Kim Hobson drives to a meeting with a prospect. She doesn’t get the gig and is told later by her recruiter that she came across as “cold and arrogant” during the interview. Kim got her hard-learned lesson:

Likable freelancers win clients and get better deals more often than those who are, well, less likable.

This, and other hard truths about “why freelancers need to be likable” are described in Kim’s useful article titled 10 Ways Freelancers Can Leverage Likeability Techniques To Win More Work. These are her main points, all explained in the article:

  1. How to make a likeable first impression as a freelancer (small-talk; like them first; enthusiasm)
  2. Likeability is about being fully present
  3. Be uber-likeable by letting the client do the talking
  4. Deliver high value and always deliver ROI on a client’s attention
  5. Freelancers that express appreciation and gratitude are more likeable
  6. It’s OK to be human and vulnerable
  7. Be incredibly easy to work with
  8. Likeable freelancers are passionate about their work
  9. Match your client’s energy
  10. Remaining likeable when dealing with difficult freelance clients

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