Na voľnej nohe

July 12, 2021

You can now pre-order the Slovak edition of The Freelance Way from Absynt as Na voľnej nohe. Absynt is arguably the best non-fiction publisher in Slovakia. Its founders, J. Koudela and F. Ostrowski, both went freelance to pursue their calling:

“The story of Absynt is also a freelance one. In the beginning, we decided to leave our jobs in a big corporation and do something meaningful, something that interests, fulfills and entertains both of us. A small company run from our living rooms moved to the office, and the dream of creating a workplace for the two of us morphed into a small startup for which freelancing is quite natural — after all, the vast majority of our closest colleagues and collaborators are freelancers too. If we had read Robert's book a few years ago, we might have avoided many of the beginner's mistakes that cost us a lot of energy and nerves to correct. And even though Absynt has been around for several years, we can still draw inspiration and knowledge about the rules of business from it. We are very pleased to bring the book in a Slovak translation, based on a revised edition for the global market. Get advice from the best — as we had!”

The Freelance Way has also been recently acquired by HarperCollins to be published in India and the whole Indian subcontinent in January 2022.

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